10 Best Discord Bots server you must have

We’re going to talk about 10 Best Discord Bots server you must have. So, let’s not waste time and began with it.

There’s important to like about Discord, the go-to converse garçon for communities. It’s free to use and manage, has VOIP support, and thanks to support for bots, it’s enough customizable too.
Do note that if you ’re looking for music-grounded bots. In recent times numerous of the most popular bones – like Trendy and Rythm – have been getting shut down due to check-and-desists from Google (they reckoned on YouTube vids to play music through Discord). Do n’t be too surprised to see other music bots go the same way in the near future.


Good Disharmony bots are a vital tool for every top Discord garçon. The stylish Disharmony bots can add thousands of new features to your platform – mod functions, music, games, pates, prizes. And more! If you want to make one of the top or most popular waiters. Also you need to add the stylish Disharmony bots.
Still, with so numerous different garçon bots, it can be delicate to decide which Discord bots to add. With this in mind, we’ve collected a list of. The 10 stylish Disharmony bots that anyone can use on any garçon.

You can lookup all Discord bots on an online bot list similar as top gg or directly on their website. Also, you can add Discord bots by inviting them to your garçon. A Disharmony bot invite works the same as a normal garçon invite. So formerly you invite the bot to Discord, it’ll appear in your garçon. Once you add Discord bots, you can use bot commands right from your garçon. All of these stylish bots for Discord are free to use, but some include paid upgradeable features.

Let’s go over the instigative features of each of the stylish bots to add to Discord!

Disharmony, if you ’re ignorant, is presently one of the most popular converse platforms among the gaming community. It’s really intuitive and has been espoused. By gamers across the globe, thanks to its robust and customizablenature. However, you formerly know that it’s largely customizable. If you ’ve ever got your hands on Discord and set up your own garçon. The stylish part is that you can add bots to your Disharmony garçon to enhance the functionalities of your garçon. They can both help you better manage your garçon while bringing fun add-on features in hitch. So, we ’ve collected a list of the 23 stylish Disharmony bots that will enhance your garçon in 2022.
Top Disharmony Bots to Enhance Your Garçon (2022)
There are a lot of amazing and useful Disharmony bots out there, and in this composition. I’m participating the 23 coolest Disharmony bots you can use. As always, there’s a table of contents below that you can use to fluently move to any specific bot you’re interested in checking out.

10.GAwesome Bot

10 Best Discord Bots server you must have

Still, GAwesome is a perfect choice, If you ’re looking to add a multipurpose bot to your Disharmony garçon. It’s a largely customizable and important bot, which isn’t just impeccably good at temperance. The exchanges but also brings a ton of fun features to increase stoner exertion on your garçon. It can protest, ban or award member ranks but can also be used to conduct pates, comps, induce sick memes. And much further.
The highlight of this bot will, still, have to be the fact that it features a robust extension system. This means you can ask GAwesome Bot to show results from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube or indeed Reddit. You indeed have the option to organize your own in- converse custom RSS feeds.


10 Best Discord Bots server you must have

Tatsumaki is an extremely able Disharmony bot, which numerous online game pennants swear by. It extends you a ton of commands for temperance, setting welcome dispatches, announcements, and several other features.
The bot isn’t just confined to Discord but allows you to change the bot’s settings from a devoted dashboard. It also allows you to search the web, stay up to date with an RSS feed and more right within Disharmony.
The most notable point of Tatsumaki is its important talked about incitement system. Which pushes druggies on waiters to be more active by letting them earn XP and Situations. Your standing in a Discord garçon is shown in the form of a visually pleasing card. Which pushes you to interact with druggies more frequently. You can use real plutocrat to customize the appearance of your cards.

8.Moist Memer

As the name suggests, the bot is each about memes. With this bot, you can produce memes within seconds, manipulate images, do gambling with memes and yes, there are specialized meme commands as well. You can induce further than 100 kinds of memes in real- time with prefix commands while you manage your Disharmony Garçon. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.
Other than that, Dank Memer has its own currency system which is really funny and also satisfying at the same. As I said over, there’s robbery, gambling, and bank robbing which you can customize within the garçon.
Farther, Moist Memer also offers a depth temperance system where you can set up keywords. And image exemplifications for banning and muting unruly druggies in the garçon. All by each, if you love memes also Dank Memer is a must- have Bot for your Disharmony Garçon.


10 Best Discord Bots server you must have

FreeStuff is one of the most useful Disharmony bots out there. The bot does principally what the name suggests — it sends you updates and dispatches for games that are available for free. It’s enough much the stylish Disharmony bot for deals that you can use. Once you have added the bot to your garçon, it’ll shoot you dispatches whenever a paid game is available for free. The stylish part is that FreeStuff does n’t bother you with dispatches for games that are free to play by dereliction. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.


10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server

Mudae is another top Discord Bot that you should surely add to your garçon. More so, if you’re an Anime addict or a hardcore gamer who loves gaming characters. Mudae is a Disharmony Bot full of anime and gaming characters where you can customize your profile and fight against other similar characters. It has a depository of further than characters like waifu, husbando from Manga and images and GIFs from the community. You can also take part in multiplayer games like waifu arena, catch pokémon and several other word- grounded games within your garçon. Further, there’s a devoted option for Anime quotes bus- generation which you can set up in multiple waiters. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.
Not to mention, Mudae also allows you to produce and set commands just like Dank Memer for furnishing some degree of temperance.

5.Jockie Music

10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server

Jockie Music is a popular music bot you can use onDiscord.However, Jockie Music is one of the stylish Disharmony bots that you can add to your garçon, If you ever wanted a bot devoted only to music. To play music using the bot, you should either class the keyword in the channel after the “m!play” prefix or directly bury the song link after the prefix to start the playback. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.

Specially, Jockie Music has four cases, and you can add a aggregate of 4 Jockie bots to the same garçon, making it perfect for contemporaneous listening sessions. In addition, you have the option to support the design on Patreon class to pierce fresh gratuities similar as24/7 access in the voice channel indeed when idle, exclusive decoration Jockie bots, andmore.However, you should add Jockie Music to keep the party going!, If you have a large Disharmony garçon.


10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server

Analogous to Tatsumaki and Dyno Bot, YAGPDB is another Disharmony bot for managing a range of tasks in the garçon. you can get a good idea about this bot. To be clear, YAGPDB is develop by the same inventor who have create MEE6, a extensively popular Disharmony Bot.
Still, the only difference between the two bots is that YAGPDB brings numerous new features that were lacking in MEE6. On top of that, the stability is gemstone-solid no matter how you’re configuring the bot to bear. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.

To give you a brief idea about the features, you can get feeds right on your garçon from multiple sources within a nanosecond. Other than that, you can produce tone- assigned places for different purposes response, temperance, banning, ignore and much further.
There’s also a important Automatic Prolocutor that allows you to set rules to mute, kick and ban after a series of violations of rules. Simply put, if you want a useful Disharmony bot that’s point-rich in every aspect also you should surely test out YAGPDB bot in your garçon. I’m enough sure you’ll not dissatisfy.


Still, you would find that Discord doesn’t have any kind of scheduling or timetable operation features available natively, If you look nearly. So in such a case, you can use the stylish timetable bot for Discord, Sesh. It’s a devoted bot for timetable operation, scheduling, monuments, event creation and further.
You can fluently produce events in no particular format because it doesn’t have any rigid formats to follow. Produce tasks and specify the time in your most comfortable and natural language. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.
Piecemeal from that, if you’re a gamer also I would largely recommend this bot as it can help you set the correct time while connecting with players from each over the world. It supports automatic timezone conversion and reminds you about a gaming event in your original time.
You can also integrate Google Timetable with Sesh so that’s super accessible. Likewise, you have support for pates to pick the stylish time, prologues, recreating events, and configurable timezones. Simply put, if you want a proper timetable bot for Discord also Sesh is the bone you should add to your garçon.

2.Dyno Bot

Still, Dyno should most probably be the veritably first bot you install on the same to upgrade its capabilities, If you ’ve just set up your Disharmony garçon. It’s a point-rich bot that gives you total control over its features using a devoted dashboard, including bus temperance with Mod log, timed dampers and bans. It has also been streamline to descry mass- citation or raid spam in your community exchanges. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.
Dyno is also useful for raising custom adverts, especially when someone joins, leaves or is banned from the garçon. It can also assign places to druggies and post AFK statuses on your behalf. Still, what I like indeed further is the fact that it comes with Cleverbot integration and is use to post Overwatch stats, Google results but most importantly sluice music from YouTube.


Grand RPG is presently one of the stylish Disharmony bots that allows you to play textbook- grounded RPG game and position over in an inconceivable battle. The highlight of this game isn’t just RPG, but you can also earn and vend armors and munitions to garçon members. It has further than 15 dungeons where you have to beat the dungeon heads to unleash new commands and features.
Still, simply type “ rpg launch” and the garçon will introduce all feathers of commands and gameplay rules, If you’re fully new to this game. You can check your profile, force and fulfill searches as you do on an interactive game. It also supports stalking and adventure which I’m sure numerous are looking for. This include him in the list of top 10 Best Discord Bots you must have on your server.

How to Add a Bot to Your Discord

When you choose the Discord bots you want to add to your garçon, adding them is really easy. You can use the links we have handed then, use a bot list liketop.gg, or just search on Google. Once you’ve plant the bot, just click the Invite or Add button and choose the garçon you want to add the bot to. You can only add Discord bots to waiters you have admin or mod rights on. Once it’s uploaded to your garçon, you should be suitable to use the bot right down.

Belting Up

Disharmony bots are a important way to position up your marketing, especially if you run a class or subscription- grounded business. You will be suitable to produce an engaging and delightful terrain for your members to keep them interested in your brand and what you have to say.
Constantly Asked Questions

What’s a Discord bot?

Discord bots are automated programs that run certain conditioning on your Disharmony garçon. This could be temperance, games, music, and a number of other effects.

Are Discord bots free?

Utmost Discord bots are free for introductory features. Numerous offer more robust features when you buy the decoration interpretation or support the creator via their Patreon, BMAC, or other subscription platforms.

Why should I add Discord bots to my discord?

Disharmony bots make temperance easy — a must if you plan on growing your discord bot while still maintaining a safe terrain for your members. Plus, you can add fun and instigative stuff that will keep your garçon members active and engaged.
Where do I find Discord bots?
We have participated a list of 22 Disharmony bots in this composition. You can also head to your favorite hunt machine and hunt” disharmony bots what you want to do”to find one. Or, check out a bot list like top.gg,discord bot list.com, discord.bots.gg, and others

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