12 Best high performing types investment

12 Best high performing types investment

Here we discuss12 Best high performing types investment personal financial by How to learn investment. We see many opportunities all the time to invest even a small amount of money. I’m going to tell you a high performing investment that your finance manager takes charge of for you for consultation. I’ll also mention which investment can help you on tax saving.

All the investment plans are well researched and expert opinions, make sure before you do the investment on any do proper research on that. I’m saying this because let’s take one example: You invest in one mutual fund, before investing in proper mutual funds, you need to make sure where exactly you are investing in? Is there any lock period/time? How much do they charge/fee for us? Which companies do they invest in? How old is this mutual fund? How well this Mutual fund performs. 

Below is 12 Best high performing types investment

12. Mortgage-Backed Securities MBS

Investors invest on MBS that is managed by large banks. On the other hand, Those people who want to buy houses/properties can take a loan from the MBS and for the security bank take that property as security if a person fails to pay loans.

So MBS investment is quite a safe investment.

Mortgage backed security investment MBS is a good investment because it is an appropriate choice for bond investors seeking a higher yield than Treasuries, generally high credit ratings, monthly cash flow and geographic diversification.

11. Annuities or Money for Future/Retirement investment

Well, Annuities is kind of investment that can be made on a contract basis which is very flexible. This investment is quite good for those who are planning for retirement planning investment.

In this contract during retirement you can get fixed income or you can get a certain period of time. There are some pros and cons that we are not going to discuss so make sure you do your proper study on Annuities. For quick answer Annuities are 4 types immediate fixed, immediate variable, deferred fixed, and deferred variable annuities.

10. 401k Investment

If you are tax payer, looking for good different kind of investment, well 401k investment is quite good option for you.

In 401k the employer provide those investment to employee and its quite similar to Annuities as it offer the retirement plan offer to employees.

Basically, it help employees for tax, help on retirement by employer or company.

9. Cryptocurrency

This investment is quite famous these days after 2016. This looks similar to the stock market as buying shares but in cryptocurrency you can buy different types of currency such as Bitcoin, Etherium etc. If we talk about return, bitcoin gave a huge and shocking return to their investors and made them rich in one night.

Nowadays cryptocurrency is a day cryptocurrency kind of currency to buy stuff from the market. For eg. The Tesla owner said a few months ago you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. Some ecommerce platforms have Bitcoin as payment option as well. Nowadays bitcoin is very expensive.

8. Individual retirement account (IRA)

IRA stands for Individual retirement account that is provided by a finance institute in the United States for retirement plan.

Individual retirement account (IRA) provide tax advantage for long term investment for retirement

7. Digital gold investment

Well digital gold investment is similar to buy gold on classic way. In new generation having good in home is very risky. For that purpose this best option to investing money on gold by digital way. You can add any lum-sum value on gold and you can buy immediately on Apps or website.

There are lots of apps are offering to buy gold digitally such as Google Pay to buy gold in the United States.

6. REITs Investment

REITs stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, This option is most suitable for those who are interested to invest his money on Real Estate.

Just like Stock buy you can buy REITs. Well stocks pay dividends and on other hand REATs pay rent income to shareholders just like dividends.

In REITs with small amounts of money you can start investment on REITs, but if you direct real estate investment you require a huge amount $200,000+. REITS collect money from shareholders as a company and they invest on real estate like corporate buildings, offices and create assets from that. Whatever rent comes from asset pays dividend to shareholder

5. Gold investment

Investment in gold is the most secure method if there is any type of crisis most investments come down simultaneously. But only gold plays the opposite of that. If any crisis arrives, the value of gold increases. 

It’s an investment on metal and prices are increasing as time goes by. You can invest in Gold via Directly buy from Jeweller stores, Coins, Online stores like Amazon etc.

4. Stock market

Stock market is one of the easiest investments to start with. But the only factor is risk is quite high. If you buy wrong stocks you can face a bad pocket crisis.

Most companies start growing and they list their IPO on the stock market and make it public. Then investors can come and invest their money to buy stocks like Coke, General Motor, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla etc.

3. Real EStates and properties

12 Best high performing types investment

Buying properties, land, and homes count as real estate investment. This investment is quite expensive not everyone can do or afford.

Real Estate investment can help you create assets just by buying a land and building on that. Then you can find tenants for rent and this is how you can create assets from real estate.

If you are a taxpayer well real estate is a good option to save maximum tax through investment on properties, this is one of the best types of investment.

2. Mutual Funds investment

For high saving taxpayers most employees do investment in Mutual funds. Well why not a good mutual fund give you an average 11-25% return with a lock time period.

Mutual funds are funds that are a group of selected stocks and that create finance companies experts. Compared to investment on stocks, mutual funds are less risky because this selection of good stocks is done by the Finance experts. 

There are different types of mutual funds such as Growth, Tax saving Lock for some years, Dividends mutual fund. Finance experts create different types of funds with mixing up small cap, mid caps and large caps companies. So before investing money do proper research.

1. Certificate of Deposit (CD) in Bank or Fixed Deposit/Saving account in Bank

This investment is a highly secure investment and before investing money on that you know the end result of that.

Well CD certificates of deposit or fixed deposit both are the same and in this bank have some interest for that where investors can invest money for particular time periods and have interest at the end near 4 to 8%.

Saving bank accounts is a safe and liquid investment and you can earn very less interest but it’s a safe and most liquid investment. Well before doing that let me tell you one more thing: some countries take negative interest in that. Make sure you do research properly on that before investing money.

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