How To Launch A Product In 3 Months or Less

12 Week – How To Launch A Product In 3 Months or Less

Here we discuss 12 Week – How To Launch A Product In 3 Months or Less. It is ideal for keeping at least six months when developing and launching a new product, and as the rule of thumb, most businesses follow at least a year of development and then try to activate and launch the product in the next six months. While this may be ideal, there may be several reasons why your company or business would want to launch their product in 3 months or less. There can be several challenges that come along the way, including procedural obstructions and difficulty in preparing a launch timeline.

Here’s How To Launch A Product In 3 Months or Less following a 12-week product launch schedule.

Let’s Start With The Basics

Like every other marketing strategy and launch, it is best to start with the basics of the 4 Ps (product, price, placement, and promotion) before creating a strategy. This helps in ascertaining a broad skeleton of what is being planned. You need to understand several other challenges when launching a product within three months or less, and there may be several processes that need to be planned out. They are mostly related to channel partners and planning out the post-launch parameters.

12 Week – How To Launch A Product In 3 Months or Less

The first two weeks

This might be one of the most grueling tasks, mainly because several things need to be done to prepare a broad fundamental for building the entire project delivery schedule. This involves evaluating the market landscape and determining the scale and target group. This phase includes several marketing research strategies, and it is essential to develop a website and an anticipated site map.

This is also when businesses should actively involve keyword research and layout any special packaging needs that may be interested in the product. This phase also needs several technical research, including name research, trademarking, and the search for a potential domain name.

Week 3: The Core of A Product

3rd week – This is when the core benefits and attributions of a product are ascertained. This is also the time to create a workshop that focuses on engaging several stakeholders in the entire process, including teams that focus on the product’s sales marketing and product management. This is when our business needs to define the value proposition of the product and understand the USP. You also need to focus on several brainstorming sessions to create helpful content and develop a marketing road map, including advertising endeavors.

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Week 4: Finalizing the Web Presence

This is the point where web and content development occurs, and both processes are started in full swing. This is where you need to insert the product positioning statement and personas. It is also important to identify several prospective advertising placements for the product and register for relevant trade shows. This is also the perfect time to finalize critical messages that need to be communicated to the customer.

Week 5: Starting Documentation

This is when a business has gone into a month of product development. Ideally, it is the perfect time to start with the documentation development process. This is when social media is also set up, and sales teams are aligned on how to launch and activate a particular product. This is when CRM is established, and SEO is planned. Ideally, this is when the purchase process layout is also created to allow efficient sales after launch.

Week 6: Waiting and Getting Other Things Ready

Most processes are in full swing; this is when the planning phase is over, and it is essential to review the sales process starting this week. Firstly, This is when packaging design should ideally be reviewed, and businesses must begin to get ready to launch the product. This is also the best time to design email templates and focus on building a rock-solid landing page.

Week 7: Finalizing Augmentations

This is when additional design elements for advertising and digital imagery should be finalize. This is when the website copy development should be start. Launching a product is often complicate, and this is the ideal time to begin developing a launch event plan for both internal and external stakeholders. Press release copies and communications should also be in the development phase.

Week 8: Reviewing and Testing

The product planning and purchase process is mainly do, and ideally, most businesses should start testing the sales and purchase process. This is also an excellent time to begin releasing teasers and develop an email list for prospective channel partners.

Week 9: Getting Ready For the Big Event

Getting into the final month of product launch is ideal for aligning sales process teams within CRM, developing FAQs, and finalizing other advertising placements and drives. This is the perfect time to implement and test several sales techniques and technologies that can be leverage to ensure a perfect product launch.

Week 10: Content Proofing

This is when the entire web design and content are do-ne. Businesses should start reviewing and proofing the copy that is going out on the web space, and content development progress must also be evaluate. Email campaigns should be create, and the design and packaging side of things must also be review.

Week 11: Campaigning and Pushing Promotions

Everything is se-t in the business going into the most critical phase of the product development process, which is LAUNCH DAY. This is the best time to finalize launch event details and send out emails or at least schedule them and finalize the email campaign. There should also be a signification amount of passion in pushing social media and public relations materials.

Week 12: Submission of Brand Copy and Preparing For Launch

In the final week of launch, everything should be review, and the entire arsenal of teams should start to get documentation finalize and take care of every nitty-gritty of the launch day. It is also advisable to make phone calls to critical publishers and stakeholders to remind them of the event to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Conclusion: 12 Week – How To Launch A Product In 3 Months or Less

Launching a product in 3 months or less is almost like a roller coaster ride where a plethora of activities and processes need to be take care of. With correct planning, execution is not as difficult as it seems!

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