20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

We will discuss How to Increase traffic to Website 20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs. Blog traffic is the Heartbeat of a blog. Without people coming to your site, you can’t grow a tribe of royal followers who will increase traffic to your site. Blogging isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and a strategy to Increase traffic on your blogs.  

Evaluating essential changes and being strategic about your blog helps to bring positive results. Some ways to enhance football to your site can be quick and easy to implement but other techniques will take much longer to see results although it will be worth the try. 

Why is your blog not getting enough traffic? 

 Not getting enough traffic to your blog after all of your hard work? Well, there are many reasons for this. Here are some reasons for it.

  • Your topic is too competitive.
  •  Didn’t use the right keywords
  •  Your blog is too short.
  •  Your blog is difficult to read.

Best Blogging Platforms – How to Increase traffic to Website Blogs 20 Ways

Check out a few simple strategies that you must implement in order to guarantee your blog growth.

20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

1. Email marketing

Email Marketing Campaign

  If you Build your email list when starting your blog you can always email the subscriber and notify them when you have released a new post. Use an Email pop-up obtin in your block. Unlike your Instagram account, you actually own your email marketing block/subscription list meaning it can’t just be taken away from you at the click of a button. If you have amazing content your users will look forward to their Emails from you and be more likely to share it around. Your email list is the free website traffic generator. Engage with your followers will network and grow your list.

2. Google SEO

  It is basically the only way to drive National organic traffic to your blogs. Once you learn how to work within the rules of your traffic will boom. Include keywords in your post and get backlinks to rank higher in Google search results. SEO will help you that Google is your blog and you will get more visitors. Use your keywords in the alt text of your images this will also help you rank higher on Google. the better you optimize your blog post in SEO the higher your webpages will appear in SERP. Start writing your blog while keeping SEO techniques in mind. Google SEO Algorithm Top 10 Hacks

3. Social media

Create a social media account and create a post. Link to your website directly in your post or in your profile. Social media is an essential part of any blogger.  Looking at demographics of different social media platforms will help you grasp a basic understanding of where your blog lies. Create a clickbait and keep sharing and attract a new audience.

4. Build Backlinks

Backlink shows the trust and popularity of your website. Build backlinks from authorities sites. Backlinks help to find trust and authority from search engines to get more traffic. Google also values the site having many quality links.  Google bots work all the time 24/7. Backlinks provide various benefits such as

This website you can write guest post and build backlinks
DA: 60
DR: 45

  •  Increases Domain authority. 
  •  Boosts organic ranking.
  •  Boosts indexing.
  •  Gets referral traffic

5. Target Audience

If you have a greater understanding about the type of people who made your work, you can use this to your advantage and tailor your writing making it more powerful and interesting for your reader. Finding your idle audience can be tricky especially if you do not know where to start. If you are a little on this, then create yourself a reader persona. This is all the double use who what, when, where, why.  This will help you visualise who your audience is and also help you to get your blog writing around this. 

6. Evergreen Content

Once your SEO is mastered, take advantage of Evergreen content. This is where the content will not become irrelevant and will remain fresh for readers. Finding evergreen topics usually entails steering clear of trending topics as this will often become irrelevant within a few months/weeks. Finding a consistent topic will help to get eyes on your blog as there will be constant search volumes for it, helping you get more targeted traffic. You can make your content interesting through visual aids and make sure that the contents are easy to read.

7. Support Blogging Community

Being supportive and kind to others within your niche will more often than not be reciprocated. Nurturing good relationships with other bloggers is a great way to increase your blog traffic. Do not just engage for the sake of engaging though! Ensure it is for genuine relationship building and leave thoughtful comments.  sharing others’ work may also gain you a mention. This will instantly make your own brand awareness and puts you in front of more eyes. 

8. Social Sharing

Social sharing buttons in correct shares by giving your readers the ability to share your post in one click. Without social sharing, there are less chances of blogs to be even shared or saved. So, it is an excellent strategy for the bloggers in order to increase traffic for their blogs. Join several login groups and share your blog post and eventually drive some traffic to your blog. 

9. Quora

20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

Quora is a platform where a number of users can ask and solve questions.  It is a platform used to find advice, ideas for effective explanations and answers to think you want to know about. Quora can be an amazing source to drive traffic for the long-term and it can improve your profile and social influence. If you want to drive more traffic to your blogs, then consider Quora for your blog post.

10. Add a Newsletter Sign-up Form 

Integrating a newsletter with your blog is an amazing tip to bring more traffic to your website. With the help of each newsletter, you can maintain a strong relationship with your customers. Offering your readers valuable content such as a newsletter is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise. 

11. Use engaging blog post title

Eg. Like this: Strong character in Naruto. The first thing people notice is your headline when your block appears on the search results. Make it catchy and on to the point. Add numbers, power words and emotions as it will also help to increase the CTR. Smart bloggers use this trick to increase your blog traffic. A simple clean and functional theme makes a good first impression and offers the best User experience. Keep the blog design simple, clean and clutter free. Make sure the header tells your promise or benefit that works the best. Headline with “how to” almost never miss their mark

12. Optimise blog images

 Optimising images is important as your blog also gets some traffic from Google images. Many amateur bloggers make the mistake of not optimising their images and ultimately use traffic coming from Google images. Visuals attract people including classy images and infographics in between to keep the audience engaged. If engagement is more Google will surely rank your blog. Keep your keywords in the image alt tags. Optimisation of images facilitates in improving the loading speed time of your blogs, boosts website SEO ranking and improves User experience.

13. Update your Blogs Regularly

Bloggers mostly lose many audiences per day if their blog has outdated content. Many bloggers make this mistake of not updating old content. Re- optimising content will help your content perform better so you can increase traffic to your website. You should look to update things like dates, statistics, outdated information and page structure. Blogs are exceptionally beneficial to your website. Search engines favour blogs that are up to date. 

14. Pinterest 

Your Pinterest audience is just waiting for you to post a helpful blog. Create a pin image with the title of your post and watch the traffic role in. Pinterest is a great option for any Niche. You can generate quality traffic from Pinterest by simply posting images on Pinterest. It is like Google but more visual.  so you are much more likely to get someone to click onto your link and read your blog post. Think like a Pinterest user not like an influencer . 

15. Optimise blog for Speed and mobile

Way to speed up, Your visitors will not wait around for your blog to load. If your website is low, then users will simply leave your blog before it even loads. To make sure that your blog loads fast, you need to optimize your blog performance. The average time to fully load a website on Google is 22 seconds from a mobile device but Google’s research also shows 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. 

16. Install Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is one of the most efficient strategies to get useful data about the number of your visitors. Google Analytics provides different valuable information like the most visiting visitor, where your huge traffic comes from, which website provides the high traffic.  

17. Guest Posting 

20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

Guest posting helps you to get additional traffic from other websites and helps to get more audience and free backlinks. Write guest posts for high traffic websites.  create valuable content for the guest post like how you will create for your own website. Write a guest post for your niche bloggers with good authority and traffic. Ask other bloggers to write a guest post for you. Your website will get traffic when they share the guest post with their audience. Pick up related blogs on the internet and write a valuable article for them this will help gain exposure in the long term. 

18. Easy Readability

 We can’t stress this enough that your blog must be easily readable. If it is so Bounce rate will drop and provide more quality reader pool. Use short sentences, transition words and an active voice to keep your edibility readers friendly. Add pictures and videos. Use legible fonts, now is not the time to use fancy fonts.  Write in shorter, smaller paragraphs. 

19. User Generated Content 

You can pick an audience from comments, testimonials, guest posts, user reviews and others. Adding these elements can make an enormous difference. User generated content includes comments, reviews, photos and others. They promote return visits to your blog and build trust between you and your audience.  It also gives you more ideas on what to blog about. 

20. Include high search volume keywords.

20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

 Keep the long tail keywords in the content body and use them naturally. do not stuff them, keep them minimal. You can use some tools to figure out the search volume like Google keyword planner, ubersuggest and others. Your blog should contain unique keywords. In order to find them you should use a Keyword planner to find keywords with low competition and a high search volume. Include your keywords in your paragraph which should be about 200-300 words long.

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Best How to Increase traffic 20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Blogs

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