7 ways of lead generation for Software company Real Estate or Digital marketing?

7 ways of lead generation for Software company Real Estate or Digital marketing?

Here we will discuss 7 ways of lead generation for Software company Real Estate or Digital marketing? how we can find leads for software companies or real estate businesses or digital marketing agencies. Lead generation definitely requires patience, experience, skills, Luck.

Below are the ways where you can do lead generations:

1. Cold call

Firstly, Cold is is most effective and outdated way of lead generation. In this way you will get a list of customer/client or you need to do research of customer number and start calling them. The reason I’m say its an outdated way because people hate this so much.

Its definitely is faster way to get lead, but problem is client’s or customer don’t like it much so they put them on blacklist.

2. Email marketing

It is most easiest way to get lead, and all you need is client/customer email/name details. And all together you can send time at one time using email marketing software such as Sendinblue, Mailchimp etc.

The only negative point on email marketing, if you don’t have much knowledge on this, you gonna lose your domain reputation and your email land on spam folder. But now these days email warmup tool is available such as lemlist etc. So will help on email delivery better.

3. Social media

Other method to generate lead is social media. There are many way way to generate lead from social media such as post on social media, check post of other people, add content on social media related to you service/product.

Now these days adding viral video content is kind of fashion these days eg. “Mercedes interview in car”. Yes this one made by professionals but any can made good content on social media that attract the people.

4. LinkedIn (Social media)

Well Linkedin is only most popular way to generate lead these days. Where you can add filter such as Location, position, Industry etc.

Once you find the people you can add to connections and once person accept your request you can send message to them. Also you can see all professional details about that person.

For more deep research there is Sales Navigator that comes with more filter in it.

5. SEO website

Firstly, this process is for long term purpose only. You get lead after long period of time that so getting lead using seo require lots of patience.

So question is how to generate lead using SEO website. For that you need to focus on your customer location, find good keywords, then write selling purpose article so customer can read though your site organically through Google.

There are lot of factor matter to rank your article on google, Its not simple as it look like. Writing aritle and post on to your site doesn’t give you organic traffic. You need to keep writing articles and do internally linking in website.

Once you start receiving organic traffic from google start start your product/service related article like “Best software development agency in San Francisco” or “Buy flat in San Francisco” or “Best Digital marketing agency in New York” etc.

Example of way of writing SEO content:

Above example:
1 and 2 article – For Getting Digital marketing clients
3 and4 article – For Couching institute who are looking for students
5 article – For Software agency who are looking for Software project clients

6. SEM website

Similar to SEO this is paid service called SEM. Where you can rank your keyword by paying to Google or Bing. And also they will ranking you on top of page by ad. Note: ranking will depend on multiple factor like bidding, location etc.

Other way you can create text, image, Video ad and those ad will show only others website. Its also best way to spread awareness about your product or services. Eg. You can see ad on our site.

7. Video Advertisement

This is also very effective way to spread awareness of your serivce and product. Using those you can create video of feedback, How good your product/services and create video of them.

Once your videos are created you can posted on YouTube, Facebook etc. like site. Also you show ad of your video. Once people are watching videos on YouTube, they will see your ad.

Conclusion: 7 ways of lead generation for Software company Real Estate or Digital marketing?

This all about method defiantly help you to get client for you business like Real Estate, Software Agency, Digital marketing agency. And also one important factor is that, these about so some company don’t suit-well so before executing any of these do the proper research on that.

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