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5 Steps to become software engineer within 4 Months

In the current state of a country like India (2nd largest population country), the most successful career path is to become a software engineer or software developer. Picking the right career path after higher education is quite difficult for those whose family is from no educational background. 

Several branches/courses come under engineers like Civil, Chemical, electronic, computer, etc. But compared with other courses computer engineering having much more scope and package than another branch.

Those students who are interested in choosing computer science wants to become a software engineer or developer need to know what kind of jobs comes under computer science, the list is below.

Salary of different Programming language:

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

List of jobs comes under computer science:

  • Software engineer
  • Quality assurance or Tester
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Technical Business Development

Once you decide what are the jobs and responsibilities of the above roles, and want to move forward to software engineer, you need to go to complete many processes step by step.

How to become software engineer or developer?

1. Complete your Engineer or diploma or another degree like BCA/MCA

Become a software developer is not always complete by drop out of university like Mark Zuckerberg did. This is a very rare case when it happens like a person becomes successful after college drops out. So the first step is to complete your degree.

2. Never pick an easy way to learn programming languages

In colleges in India, they taught programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, etc.
Moreover, 60-70% of students don’t understand the language because the system asks every student to learn all languages in 5-6 months which is not necessary and students get confused and confuse about what to learn.

After this, they start searching from the internet what to learn which is IT thing having more scope in the future? In answer to Google, they found Big data, IoT, Blockchain, etc. After seeing this result students get more confused. They start learning the same and waste there most valuable time. After this, they start crash courses like learn Big Data in 7 days!!!
So if you want to become a software engineer don’t go for anything but pick one good programming language like Java or C# or Python or PHP (NOTE: Only one) and become a master on in To save money you can try Online courses like Udemy etc.

3. Stick with one language only

For example, if you decided you want to learn Python than learn python only until you become a master and don’t start to learn other languages in the middle.

4. Have patience while learning and be consistent

To become a software engineer require knowledge, techniques and to learn to things have patience and be consistent. This requires time if you are trying to build an application or any software for the first time it requires time.
Evening a good programmer requires time to build a project.

5. Start to build a few projects for the interview, believe me, it helps!!!!

Once you follow all the above 4 steps, no one can stop you to become a software engineer or developer. Whatever you learn make few small projects and upload on to GitHub (Learn Github too) and that will help the interviewer to judge you.
That aptitude test is just for filtering out the candidates when Campus drive comes, So don’t be upset if you get reject on first-round belief in your self and focus on learning.

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FAQ: 5 Steps to become software engineer within 4 Months

1. Where I can learn the Programming language course?
A. You can attend class on CDAC some popular cities have those institutes.
B. Learn online from Udemy

2. How much time it takes to become a software engineer?
3-6 Months to learn programming language 1-2 months for a few small projects if you study or work 6-8 hours spend on this.

Conclusion: On Become software engineer

Anyone can be a software developer even a non-technical background person too. All they need to be the focus on point 4 which is Have patience while learning and be consistent then you can become good software. Just from small stuff!!!!

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