Angular 10 vs angular 11 vs angular 9 performance difference release date and benchmark features

Angular 8 vs Angular 10 Angular 11 Angular 9 performance release date benchmark & features

Angular is the most popular javascript framework and also is the best Javascript frontend framework of javascript read here

The reason angular is famous is that is developed and supported by Google itself. Its first version name is AngularJS which is developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons.

Here you can find Angular 10 vs Angular 11 vs Angular 9 performance difference release date and benchmark

Features of Angular 10 vs Angular 11 vs Angular 9 vs Angular 8

  • The component-based architecture resembles MVC but makes components reusable, encapsulates code and makes it more productive.
  • Bidirectional data link that synchronizes the model with the visualization and eliminates the need to write excessive code.
  • Hierarchical dependency injection makes components reusable and easy to maintain.
  • Having great community support and prebuild components on Github.
  • Designed with the mobile approach first.
  • Fast performance. However, this largely depends on the quality of the code.
  • The syntax of the easy to write and read the template.
  • Components that guarantee easy unit testing.
  • Active and large community.
  • Suitable for iterative development.
  • It is suitable for all Small, mid as well as enterprise apps.


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Angular 9 features

  • In core some undecorated classes schematic added
  • ForContrlName accepts a number in the form
  • Convert all ngtsc diagnostics to ts.Diagnostics
  • Selector-less directives as base classes in View Engine in the compiler
  • Ivy compiler the default for NGC
  • Selector-less directives as base classes in Ivy

Angular 10 and 11 features

  • Much better support for all the platform
  • Speed and performance will better and come up with all fixes that we see on Angular 8 on the lighthouse
  • Support new extension and come up with better IDE support specially vscode
  • Syntex improvement that will be easy to understand

Which company using Angular?

Which company using Angular

Which company using Angular

Which company using Angular

Which company using Angular

What angular 10 release date?

Angular 10 release date is May 2020 

What angular 11 release date?

Angular 11 release date is 2021

What angular 9 release date?

Angular 9 release date is Oct 2019

What angular 8 release date?

Angular 8 release date is May 2018

Angular 8, Angular 10 and Angular 11 performance and Benchmark
Angular 10 and Angular 11 performance and Benchmark 9


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Google Lighthouse performance does not make sense it depends on your optimization which depends on the complexity of the project too.

Below is load performance and benchmark of Angular 9,  Angular 10 and Angular 11. For Angular 11 it just our assumption which may be true or may not. This will prove that loading speed or performance and benchmark of angular

Angular 10 and Angular 11 performance and Benchmark 9 8


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