Benefits of java Programming language

Benefits of java Programming language as Backend

In this article we will discuss Benefits of java Programming language as Backend. Java was introduced in 1995, making it one of the oldest and most common programming languages, and it still receives daily updates.

Firstly Sun Microsystems engineer James Gosling, who developed Java, had not anticipated its widespread application in the Internet economy. Java is used in some way by over 3 billion devices, and also Oracle reports that it is the most common runtime framework used by businesses.

Who is using Java? What are great Products made of Java?

  • Twitter (Before on Rails but now on Java)
The Twitter more
  • Mincraft
  • Starling Bank – Almost all Banking Application written on Java
Starling Bank
  • AirBnb
  • Uber
Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021
  • Facebook (Some part)
Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021
  • Spotify
Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021
  • Netflix
Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021
  • Amazon
Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021
  • Google
Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021

However, if you are not foreign to the programming environment, you are already aware that Java web creation is at the top of the list. Java has continued to stay relevant in the development industry for more than two decades. Java is the “king of programming languages.”

In reality, several business leaders use Java; LinkedIn, Google, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, NASA, and also Intel are just a few examples.

Currently, Where is Java used in Real World?

There are almost every where Java is using like on Software, Old applcation that we are using on PC, Websites, Mobile, games etc.

Below is list – Where is Java used in Real World?:

  • Android Apps
  • Server Apps (Backend)
  • Machine Learning
  • Java Web applications
  • Software Tools
  • Trading Application
  • Mobile App (Native Apps)
  • Embedded System
  • Scientific Applications

Why is Java used for backend infrastructure?

Benefits of java Programming language as Backend

1. Adaptability

Java is very scalable. Consider the example of Java EE. Assuming proper preparation and also usage of the appropriate application server, Java EE will transparently cluster instances. It also enables several instances to serve requests at the same time.

Separation problems in Java make for improved scaling. As the amount of processing or Input-Output (IO) grows, you can simply introduce services and redistribute the load. The app will see this because of the separation of interests.

Java modules are widely accessible, making it simple to scale massive web applications. The language is adaptable, and also less intrusive coding is needed to increase scalability

2. The Unstoppable Expansion

Java has been in existence for 24 years, believe it or not. Since its inception, the language has developed and updated to meet the most recent industry developments.

It has also raised the market for Indian offshore developers. Simply because the offshore Applications production movement is currently sweeping the software industry.

Furthermore, as more capabilities are added to each version, businesses are getting more involved in using Java not just for backend creation but also for enterprise applications.

3. Excellent Performance

The Java compiler creates with success in mind. The code is convert-ed to byte code before being optimise by the Java compiler. The code is pass via the Java Virtual Machine before being converted to machine-level code.

4. Coding Simplicity

The simplicity of coding determines how clear a programming language is. This is also valid for Java. Since the grammar language is less vague. Anyone who understands the basic concepts of computing will get start right away with Java. 

5. Language of Programming

As an Object Oriented Programming Language, it has a number of definitions that are related. Java has evolved into a more user-friendly language that is scalable, system modular, and customizable.

Data Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Overloading, and also Inheritance are all concepts support by Java. Backend web developers claim that this allows the language as strong as C++.

6. Independent of Platform

Flutter comes to mind as soon as we hear this word. Since it is a cross-platform application for smartphone applications, it is a direct competitor to native apps. As a result, it’s clear to see why businesses are eager to recruit Flutter developers.

However, when it comes to creating scalable web applications and cross-platform support, Java is unrivalled. 

The tagline “write once, run anywhere” began to garner a lot of interest. This functionality continues to attract companies with limited resources. Since the vast majority of Java applications are bu-ilt in the Windows framework and operate on the UNIX platform.

7. Durability

Durability equals dependability, and no other language guarantees this but Java. In truth, it is the most widely use, durable, and scalable programming language. Furthermore, the automated memory protection and garbage collection functionality enable it to run on a variety of platforms.

8. Multi-Threading 

It is capable of multithreading. This ensures that you can build extremely immersive and also also intuitive applications by combining many parallel threads of activity. Concurrent operation of two or more portions of a programme for optimum CPU use simplifies everything.

Java’s multithreaded environment also provides users with quicker reaction times, less conflicts, multiple activities, higher efficiency, and faster concurrent access.

9. API for Rich Programming

The Java API provides all that a good application requires, whether it is input/output handling, networking, services, question handling, database connection, XML parsing, data and time handling, or everything else that is need.

Did you realise there are over a thousand Java open-source libraries? That is right. Any of them are Apache Commons, Spring MVC, and Hibernate. Another explanation that it is prefer for backend programming is because of this.

10. Tools for Free Development

The expense of software resources influences the appeal of a programming language. If the software are free to use, expert engineers would gladly make use of them.

Since Java is an open-source language, nearly all programming resources are freely accessible for download. This encourages developers to code in the Integrat-ed Development Environment, particularly if they are use to coding in DOS or notepad.

Eclipse and NetBeans are two very capable programming platforms. They provide a plethora of helpful features to help accelerate growth, such as code completion, testing, editing, refactoring, test server deployment, code management, and the list goes on. In IDEs, searching, debugging, refactoring, reading, and writing code is a breeze.

11. Effective Memory Management

Memory is splitt into stack and heap in programming terms. Java will assign stack memory per thread, and also heap memory is where individual items are store. Each JVM has one heap memory. The stack and also heap sizes are determine by the JVM.

12. Environment of a Diverse Ecosystem

In the Java ecosystem, there are a few notable tools and frameworks, such as Eclipse IDE, Maven, Spring Framework which make Java extremely useful and easy to use for backend developers.

What is the best Java Tech stack for an Enterprise application?

To build the product we require a lot of things like to pick server-side technology, Client site technology, automation tools, other tools, etc, So let’s get start to one by one. Setup java technology stack

Server Side Technology Stack

1- Choose Programming LanguageJava

Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021

2- Choose the backend FrameworkSpring Boot Framework

Spring Boot Framework

3- Choose Database storagePostgreSQL Database


4- Choose Right Key-value storageRedis

Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021

5- Choose Web serverApache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat

6- Choose Right Hosting providerAmazon web service (AWS)

Amazon Web Services

7- Choose API testing toolPostman tool


8- Choose Web application ServerJava Servlet

Java Servlet

Client-Side Technology Stack

1- Choose Frontend Programming LanguageHTML, CSS, JavaScript

Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021

2- Choose the Frontend FrameworkAngular

Benefits of Using Java for Web Development 2021

3- Choose Automation FrameworkJasmine Karma

Angular Jasmine Karma
What are the benefits of Java?

– Java is simple and secure language
– As software development it has very high demand on both career and salary
– Performance is very good
– Security, most of banking and healthcare application made using java
– Network-centric Programming
– It is Dynamic, Extensible Programs
– Programmer Efficiency and Time-to-Market.

What is Java advantages and disadvantages?

– Java is super fast language
– You can make web, Mobile as well as desktop application
– Security level of java is very high
– Network-centric Programming

Disadvantages of Java
– It quite hard to learn compare to modern language
– System and memory requirement is little high
– Rumors are Java will no longer open source programming languages
– Complex language

What is Java most used for?

– No doubt Java is using mainly to make Native mobile apps
– Enterprise Web application for Banking, Healthcare, Ecommerce sector
– Making Desktop applications
– Making IOT devices
– Machine learning
– Big data analytics
– Making games not as much as C++ but yes, java is using making games

Why should I learn Java?

– Firstly Java is very interesting programming language we can say kind of cool one
– We can make Desktop, Web applications, Mobile application, Games, Big data work, Iot, as well we machine learning
– Salary is quite higher than other languages such as PHP, C# etc.
– Most big company like Mastercard, other banking pay very high salary
– High future demand, Java is mostly recommend languages to learn for Future.

Is Java easier than C++, Python, C#, Rust, Go?

– Python is easier than Java
– C# and Java both are similar to learn
– Rust is very hard language to learn. So Java is easier then Rust
– Java is easier then Golang

Can I use Java on Microservices architecture?

– Yes, Java is most recommended programming language for microservice architecture

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