In this article Best 5 Steps Increase MOZ domain authority.

Best 5 Steps to Increase MOZ domain authority

Domain Authority (DA) In this article Best 5 Steps Increase MOZ domain authority. DA is a data point that helps to predict how well a website will rank in search results. A Domain Authority score varies from 1 to 100, with higher scores leading to the top ranking. Instead of thinking of DA as a measure of your SEO effort, think of it as a competitive metric against other websites. 

How can we 5 Steps to Increase MOZ domain authority? What are the steps to increase?

Domain Authority consists of 40 ranking signals and some of them are listed below:

  • Backlinks
  • Page Speed
  • User Experience
  • Content Freshness

This means if you want to grow your website traffic, you should get quality backlinks, keep your content updated and fresh, use HTTPS security and make sure it is mobile responsive with fast loading speed. 

How to check Domain Authority

You can check domain authority using Moz official website or some other website those using MOZ api on there website. Mozbar or in the Serp Analysis section of keyword explorer. Domain authority over 60 is considered excellent.

Best 5 Steps Increase MOZ domain authority

1. Do Internal Linking

Internal linking is an On-page SEO strategy that connects one page of your site to another, making your site navigable to your visitors and improving its ranking in search engines. It plays a major role to keep users active for a long time on your website. Link building is crucial to raise domain authority and push target keywords. 

2. Make website mobile-friendly

The use of websites that encompasses both desktop and mobile has now become an excellent factor to increase domain authority. Responsive websites make online sharing simple. A mobile friendly website increases your visibility. Having a mobile-friendly website means it is easy for customers to contact you. Over 53% of website traffic is from mobile. 

3. Work on your Off-page SEO

 Off page SEO is about work on a website but not on a website that does not happen directly on your website. Enhance your domain authority with best SEO practices. You can improve your SEO through guest blogging, adding newsletter subscription, building a strong social media presence. A strong clean profile gets a more domain authority score. A strong link profile consists of unique domains and incoming links. 

4. Improve your page speed

Page speed can be described as loading time of your page or time required to reach first byte. The longer the load time that means the user will get bored he will definitely close the tab then the higher the bounce rate we can say 100%. 

Ways to improve your page speed.

  1. Leverage a CDN.
  2. Reduce your redirects.
  3. Enable browser caching.
  4. Compress and optimize image.
  5. High-performance hosting.
  6. Minify HTML and JavaScript.
  7. Check you site speed

5. Be the Authority

As be the authotity Provide valuable content on the website that is genuinely useful to people searching out information on your topic. Finally when it comes down to it, what gives you domain authority is quite simply, being an authority over your topic. Create quality content that drives engagement. Remove spammy backlins. Check and work on Google penalities. 

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