Top 5 best hosting WordPress for High Traffic

Welcome to Coresumo Technology, today we’re going to discuss on Top 5 best hosting WordPress for High Traffic. So, let’s began with it.

5.A2 Hosting


Although A2 Hosting was originally launched as a hobbyhorse. Right from the start it was apparent that this side gig was fated to grow into the main bone. In 2001, they were enwrapping a two- room office in Ann Arbor and offering just participated hosting results. Currently they employ hundreds of “ hand- picked” experts. And manage data centers around the globe while offering a whole range of web hosting products. Including participated, reseller, VPS, and devoted garçon hosting. This includes him in the list of best hosting WordPress.

Although some effects have changed for A2 Hosting. The position of their head office has stayed the same, in Ann Arbor, a megacity that also inspired the name of the company. One of their US- grounded data centers is located in Michigan as well, and the other bone is in Arizona. Besides this, they also offer data center locales in Singapore and Amsterdam.

A2 Hosting’s functionary point benefits from its clear- cut design and while it doesn’t look too old-fashioned. It has a specially nostalgic feeling about it. Everything you need to know about the company and its products before giving them a shot. You’ll find within a many clicks. A2 Hosting’s point features a blog and at first regard. Everything looks done by the book a lot of easy-to- read papers covering a whole variety of hosting- related motifs. From being smart on website security to setting up your own Minecraft garçon by using VPS.

Still, you can find A2 Hosting on Facebook, Twitter, If you ’re kindly hooked on social networking spots. Indeed if you’re not, be sure to check out their YouTube account since it offers some enough helpful how-tos.


Choosing “ Support” on the point’s navigation menu will take you to A2 Hosting’s knowledge base. Below which you’ll notice a FAQ section and stressed how-to attendants that are divided into three main orders. A2 Hosting’s knowledge base is searchable via hunt box and it contains a lot of support accouterments. Utmost of them including screenshots that are easy to understand and follow.

Still, you can retrace your way to A2 Hosting’s blog. Which is everything a blog should be, If you don’t find these tone help options sufficient.

The competition

Whether you’re a freshman or a webmaster. Both Bluehost and A2 Hosting will come up with further than a many results to fit your requirements. Still, to get the stylish bargain with either of them, you ’ll have to commit for the entire three times.

HostGator is another host you’re likely to consider, since it offers a myriad of hosting options and features. And all at an seductive price. Like Bluehost, HostGator provides free sphere enrollment for new druggies. That are willing to commit for one time at a minimum. On the other hand, like A2 Hosting. It offers its own drag-and- drop website builder free-of charge with all of its hosting packages.

SiteGround and A2 Hosting offer analogous products including participated, pall, reseller, and devoted garçon hosting. Still, with A2 Hosting you can also get VPS hosting packages, but not with A2 Hosting. Both offer a plutocrat- reverse guarantee. Which means you can try them without any threat before coming to a final conclusion.

4.WP Engine

best hosting WordPress

Nearly every web hosting company offers WordPress. The content operation system that powers over a third of all websites in 2021. Still, managed WordPress hosting, similar as the services handed by WP Engine, takes WordPress hosting to the coming position.

WP Engine uses its own hiding system. Content delivery system and your choice of data centers in North America, Europe, or Asia. Your websites are hosted on the fast Google Cloud Platform. This all means your WordPress website should load snappily for your callers, perfecting the client experience. This includes him in the list of best hosting WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting not only helps your WordPress point perform well. But it makes the day-to-day handling of your point easier. WP Engine includes features like automatic plugin updates, malware discovery, and automated backups. So managing a WordPress point becomes lower of a chore.


A managed WordPress service should offer redundant value through its support, and WP Engine delivers. The support point includes vids and papers of a quality you’d anticipate from a paid training course. With help on deeper WordPress functionality that numerous WordPress hosts don’t go into.

There’s 24/7 live converse support and a ticket system, too. In our testing, the response was quick and the agent knowledgeable. For all plans except for single-point plans, there’s telephone support, too.

The competition

Still, Liquid Web frequently tops client satisfaction pates. If it’s the advanced position of client support you value in a managed WordPress host. It has a focus on high- end products like virtual private waiters and devoted waiters. So if your requirements extend beyond a high-performance WordPress point into other software results, we recommend checking it out.

TsoHost is another managed web hosting provider we recommend. The price can ramp up, with indeed the most introductory VPS options starting at $52 per month. But you get a position of on- hands client support that’s nearly unexampled.


best hosting WordPress

Launched in 2011 in Malta, Cloudways stands among the settlers of pall hosting. With an emphasis on “ performance, simplicity, and freedom of choice” it provides managed pall- grounded hosting services. While letting its druggies elect between five data center providers Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Service, and Google Cloud. All of which are elephants of the pall computing assiduity.

Considering that Cloudways acts as an conciliator between pall hosting providers and end- druggies. It does not have data centers as similar. This strategy has given them access to further data center worldwide locales than utmost hosting companies can conjure about. At this moment this network covers over 60 locales scattered across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. What’s further, rather than automatically assigning a data center to its druggies. Cloudways prompts them to choose the position themselves and make sure it’s as close to their target followership as they want it to be. This includes him in the list of best hosting WordPress.

Following the company’s aphorism, Cloudways’ sanctioned point also emphasizes simplicity making the stoner experience as straightforward as it gets. In addition to the English language, the point is also available in German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Although the point offers plenitude of information about the services on offer, it’s strangely uncommunicative about the company itself. Nonetheless, it’ll lead you to Cloudways’ sanctioned blog which is full of helpful hints about the ways of the pall.


Cloudways offers a 24/7 “ stylish-in- class” support system, but anything further than standard support will bring you redundant cash. “ Advanced” support add-on thresholds at $100 per month, while “ Premium” will set you back for $500 per month at a minimum. Still, if you ’re not ready to spend any fresh cash. You can use live converse, submit a ticket, or request a call from Cloudways’ support staff.

As for tone- support, you ’ll find utmost of the common questions cover in their FAQ section, while everything differently is answer in the knowledge base. Besides bristling with how-tos, the knowledgebase is remarkably freshman-friendly as it features a “ Getting Start” order as well as a collapsible section that explains all introductory specialize terms that are use throughout the attendants.

Cloudways also provides a system status runner where you can get inform about outages and listed conservation, and a community forum where utmost of the questions are answered by the workers. Unfortunately, the forum has seen better days in terms of exertion.

The competition

Cloudways seeks to simplify the pall hosting experience by offering a simple setup, 24/7 support, operation services, and lots of step-by- step attendants. Still, DreamHost goes a bit farther by offering sphere enrollments, dispatch, as well as participated, managed WordPress, VPS, and devoted garçon hosting results. Yes, DreamHost offers further options overall, but if you ’re looking for a pall, Cloudways comes a bit stronger and offers more comprehensive support.

While Cloudways specializes in managed pall services, InMotion Hosting offers a whole variety of hosting results attracting a wider followership. In addition to that, InMotion Hosting’s plans are more fund-friendly, richer with features, and come with a plutocrat- reverse guarantee, which will attract both individualities and small business possessors. On the other hand, Cloudways is more geared towards inventors and druggies with a lot of specialized know- style in general.

As is the case with hosts we ’ve mentioned so far, in comparison with Cloudways, HostGator offers a wider variety of results, neophyte-friendly features, and cheaper pricing. Still, Cloudways has superior garçon structure, a advanced position of garcon customization, and fully managed hosting services with all its plans, which is commodity you won’t get with HostGator.

Like with HostGator, Bluehost offers a full range of hosting results, but since all its data centers are position in the USA, you wo n’t get important inflexibility in terms of targeted followership. In discrepancy, with Cloudways you’re free to choose between further than 60 locales around the globe.

2.Liquid Web

best hosting WordPress

The story of Liquid Web begins with one man by the name of Jim Geiger and his dream to produce “ the most favored hosting provider in the world”. This dream is made into reality in 1997 when the company was innovated. Currently, it employs further than 500 on- point hosting professionals and serves over 45,000 guests in further than 150 countries across the world. Taking all this into account, it’s no surprise Liquid Web has enteredInc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies award for nine times in a row. This includes him in the list of best hosting WordPress.

As its author likes to emphasize, Liquid Web puts its focus on meeting the requirements of small andmid-size businesses while keeping the client at the center of its strategy. Specialized in completely managed VPS and devoted garçon results, it isn’t a company you would describe as a freshman-friendly bone. With Liquid Web you ’ll get your plutocrat’s worth, more so if you’re ready to pay freeheartedly.


Still, Liquid Web’s astral support staff can be reached 24/7 via telephone, live converse, If you find yourself demanding a helping hand. Liquid Web provides a 59-alternate support response guarantee with all of its plans, which means you’re not going to waste nearly any time staying for help. Indeed Liquid Web describes its in- house support platoon as “ the most helpful humans on hosting”, with which we can’t argue.

Still, Liquid Web has several options on offer, If for some reason you want to search for results on your own. The most egregious bone is the knowledgebase, to which we can’t do enough justice by describing it as simply comprehensive. It comprises over 1700 in- depth attendants covering everything from the most common to more complex issues, all of them described in detail and backed by suitable screenshots.

Besides this, you can also check out their YouTube channel with over 300 vids, watch their webinars, download e-books, attendants, case studies, and more or return to Liquid Web’s ever-resourceful blog. This includes him in the list of best hosting WordPress.

The competition

Both HostGator and Liquid Web are among the most well- known web hosting providers out there. Still, while HostGator jewels its point-full participated hosting results with an seductive price label, Liquid Web is more focused on furnishing decoration managed hosting results with a full list of decoration features at an inversely ultra expensive price. Thus, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly hosting result, HostGator might be right up your alley.

Important like HostGator, Bluehost has managed to make a name for itself as an affordable yet well-rounded host, particularly in terms of introductory features and stoner- benevolence. Unlike Liquid Web, it’s ideal for bloggers, start-ups, and small business spots. In discrepancy, Liquid Web takes a luxury approach and supplies its druggies with everything demanded for a successful point, but for a small fortune as a price label.

Still, both SiteGround and Liquid Web will do the trick, If you’re in hunt of high- quality completely manage WordPress hosting. Still, if you have a budget to worry about, SiteGround might be the right choice. They indeed offer five- star participated hosting packages for a reasonable price.

Another excellent volition to Liquid Web is InMotion Hosting, a US- grounded host with results aimed at enough important everyone from bloggers to medium-sized businesses. That being said, all of InMotion Hosting’s data centers are located in North America, which makes them less accessible for guests encyclopedically. In addition to this, they don’t give waiters for Windows, so if that’s what you want, you ’ll have to go with Liquid Web.


best hosting WordPress

The tale of Kinsta began in 2013 when a platoon of WordPress experts who were unimpressed with the hosting results on the request decided to offer their own twist on this technology. They’re headquartered in Los Angeles and when it comes to WordPress, Kinsta moment remains one of the biggest players on the global request, as it serves guests from 128 countries around the world. The only mainland they haven’t reached yet, they claim, is Antarctica, but who knows what hereafter may bring.

Unlike numerous other web hosting providers, Kinsta doesn’t maintain its own data centers, but rather utilizes Google’s “ slice edge” pall data centers to house its WordPress platform. Because of this, Kinsta can offer a wide variety of data centers locales, 24 of which are global and spreading from eastern to western semicircle. This includes him in the list of best hosting WordPress.

Kinsta’s main website is ultramodern in style and functionality, easy-to- use and available in ten different languages, including English. In addition, although they tend to suppose encyclopedically, their client support platoon tends to be original, or so they claim. With that in mind, they hire remote support agents to cover all time zones and give support in 7 major languages.

From the main website, you can pierce Kinsta’s functionary blog. It’s easy on the eye and filled with a myriad of papers, utmost of which are related to WordPress. Among these, you can find a number of easy-to- follow attendants written in a scrupulous manner. In addition to this, Kinsta offers a fresh and videotape- packed YouTube channel and fairly active presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Kinsta countries that the client support is their number one precedence and that their entire support platoon is made of largely-professed WordPress inventors and Linux masterminds, which we find slightly hard to believe. Nonetheless, the support we got from Kinsta was nothing short of emotional.

There are further than a many tone- help option including rather regular knowledgebase, “ Learn WordPress”, free e-books, free webinars, a newsletter and a blog we mentioned ahead, and everything is devoted to bringing knowledge about WordPress to its druggies. In addition to this, Kinsta’s YouTube channel is filled with step-by- step attendants and the new bones are coming out on a week-to-week base at the veritably least.

The competition

Important like Kinsta, Flywheel is a fellow US- grounded host specialized in “ top-of-the- line” managed WordPress hosting results. Both of them strive to be freshman-friendly, offer well- rounded, point- packed packages and are on the high-priced side of the diapason. Still, Kinsta’s least precious result starts at a whopping $30, half as much as what’s offered by Flywheel. Thus, if the price is the crucial criterion for you, you could save some bucks by going with Flywheel.

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting options on the request moment, indeed when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. In comparison with Kinsta, Bluehost has a myriad of hosting types and options besides WordPress and its WordPress plans are well-structured and suitable for new comers. However, still, looking for decoration managed WordPress options, If you are.

DreamHost is a US- grounded provider supplying WordPress-optimized hosting results and related services, including a sphere enrollment, which is commodity you won’t get with Kinsta. Another thing they don’t give is a website builder and you ’ll have that as an option with DreamHost. What’s further, in addition to offering further hosting options, DreamHost has further fund-friendly plans, so you ’ll save some plutocrat as well.

Although HostGator doesn’t specialize in WordPress hosting, it has a many rather seductive results on the offer. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a decoration completely managed WordPress hosting Kinsta might be a better pick. However, HostGator is an excellent choice, If you would rather have commodity simpler and further on the affordable side.

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