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Best Java Technology Stack for Enterprise Application

Firslty, We will talk about Best Java Technology Stack for Enterprise Application, Before building the right product, we need to decide the best java technology stack. Also In this article, we will go to discuss java technology stack which will help you to create your enterprise application like ERP etc. There are other applications that are also good to build an enterprise application for your product.

Why I’m considering Java Technology Stack for enterprise application development instead of other programming languages such as Python, Nodejs, PHP, C#, etc.?

Here – What are benefit of picking Java language for tech stack?


There are lots of factors that I consider to chose java technology stack for enterprise application such as:

  • Firstly, J2EE java technologies is a very powerful language compare to others, I’m not against Python or C++, this just points that I’m considering.
  • It is considered as a most secure language all time
  • It has huge community support.
  • Java uses for almost all banking applications.
  • Java has a very huge library support
  • Have prebuilt API and also open source projects already in the market.
  • Very well suitable for microservices architecture so java technology stack for enterprise application.

What is the best Java Tech stack for an Enterprise application?

To build java technologies the product we require a lot of things like to pick server-side technology, Client site technology, automation tools, other tools, etc, So let’s get started to one by one. Setup java technology stack

Server Side Technology Stack

1- Choose Programming Language: Java
java-technology-stack Java_logo_icon

2- Choose the backend Framework: Spring Boot Framework
ava Technology Stack spring-boot-logo

3- Choose Database storage: PostgreSQL Database
java-technology-stack postgresql-logo

4- Choose Right Key-value storage: Redis
java technology stack redis logo

5- Choose Web server: Apache Tomcat
java technology stack tomcat logo

6- Choose Right Hosting provider: Amazon web service (AWS)
java technology stack Amazon_Web_Services_logo_AWS

7- Choose API testing tool: Postman tool
java technology stack postman-logo

8- Choose Web application Server: Java Servlet
java technology stack servlet

Client-Side Technology Stack

1- Choose Frontend Programming Language: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
java technology stack html css javascript js

2- Choose the Frontend Framework: Angular
java technology stack html angular js

3- Choose Automation Framework: Jasmine + Karma


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Java Technology Stack for Enterprise Application
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Conclusion: Java, Python is counting almost the most usable language today time. Both are currently open source as well. But compare with Python J2EE java technologies offer a better application in terms of security, scalability, stability, etc. Coresumo recommends using Java technology stack for developing enterprise applications.

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