Best motor vehicle stock to buy now in USA

Here we discuss, Best motor vehicle stock to buy now in USA. Hello readers, curious about the best motor vehicle stock to buy now in USA? Don’t worry you have landed at just the right place. In this article, evidently we would be looking into some of the facts and details regarding the same, to help you track down your best chances at investment.

Also note that, the facts and figures shared might change with time. But it will give you enough idea whether you can invest in it or not. (The following list does not follow any order, due to the dynamic nature of the market.)

Best motor vehicle stocks

Here are some of the best motor vehicle stock to buy now in USA:


Best motor vehicle stocks

Co-founded by the very famous Elon Musk in 2003, the company is well known for designing, manufacturing and selling electric vehicles and their batteries. Although they’re the new kid on the block amongst the automakers, Tesla Inc. has managed to establish a special bond with its customers. Their luxury electric vehicles include the Model S sedan, Model X SUV and Model 3 entry-level sedan. Tesla Roadster electric sports car was their first launch in 2008. The vehicles are capable of being operated through electric power supply only.

The company has also come up with Autopilot features that allow the cars to Parallel Park and provide lane control without the need of much human guidance. Fascinating, isn’t it!. Tesla says its Autopilot-equipped vehicles are nearly fourfold less likely to be involved in a fatal accident than automobiles overall. They also make the Power pack, aimed at businesses and utility companies for energy storage, and the Power wall home battery for their consumers, which can be charged via solar panels and can power the home at night or be used as a backup power supply in the event of a loss of electricity. Tesla is predicated in Palo Alto, California.

Price: $1172.00

Return Data:         (+)176.48%  ( 1 year )  & (+)44.29%     (5 years)


Ford Motor Co.

Best motor vehicle stocks

Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, the Dearborn, Michigan-based company also produces service parts and accessories. In April 2018, the company announces that they will be cutting down to two namely, Mustang and New Focus Active crossover. Evidently the market of the Taurus and Fusion would be hitting hard, and nearly all Fords will be pickups like F-150 and SUVs like the Explorer. Ford’s Lincoln brand includes the Navigator SUV and the MKZ sedan. The automotive segment of the company operates in four regional divisions: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and Africa. Ford Motor Co. also provides with facilities like vehicle financing, leasing and insurance under the segment called Ford Credit.

Price: $18.01

Returns Data:       (+)128.55%  (1 year )  &  (+)14.37%  ( 5 years )


Tata Motors Ltd

Jaguar, A Tata Product.

Tata Motors Ltd. founded on September 1, 1945 by J.R.D Tata, is an Indian automobile manufacturer company, which produce and manufacture range of cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses, and defense vehicles. It operates through the Automotive and Others segments. The Automotive segment comprises of all the activities related to the design, development, assembly manufacture, and sale of vehicles including vehicle financing, as well as the sale of related parts and accessories. It also includes sub-segments, such as, Tata Commercial Vehicles, Tata Passenger Vehicles, the very famous Jaguar ( Land Rover, and Vehicle Financing. The others segment includes information technology and insurance broking services. The company’s headquarter is located in Mumbai, India.

Price: $31.77

Returns Data:     (+)241.98%  ( 1 year )   &  (-)3.41%  ( 5 years )                        


Lucid Group Inc.

They manufacture electric vehicles (EV). The Company’s car, Lucid Air, is a sedan. It has several exquisite features such as interior space in a mid-size exterior footprint. It uses electric vehicle technology for each type of car it builds. Their EV cars come with 1080 horsepower, and can ideally cover upto 500 miles per charge. Furthermore the Company’s Lucid application provides with an in-car experience. For example: Air Dream Edition, Air Grand Touring, Air Touring and Air Pure are some of the exclusive features provided by them. Their studios and service centers are located across New York City, Massachusetts, Washington, California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, Canada, Virginia, Texas and Colorado.

Price: $41.80

Daily Change: (+)12.61%

Returns Data: (+)262.54%  (1 year)     


Dragan Fly Inc.

Dragan Fly Inc. founded by Zenon Dragan and Christine Dragan in 1998 are the manufacturers and sellers of commercial unmanned aerial vehicle systems and software serving the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, security, mapping, and surveying markets. Furthermore they come with a variety of designs covering various domain aerial vehicles, including quad-copters, fixed wing aircrafts, ground based robots, hand held controllers, and software used for tracking, live streaming, and data collection. Moreover, they also offer custom engineering, training, simulation consulting, as well as data and flight training services. The company’s headquarter is in Saskatoon, Canada.

Price: $3.43

Daily Change: (-)5.25%

Returns Data: (+)763.96%  (1 year)            


 Arcimoto Inc

Best motor vehicle stocks


Founded by Mark D. Frohnmayer on November 21, 2007 the company develops and manufactures electric vehicles with the motto of helping the world shift to a transportation system. For instance the company’s vehicle products comprise of Fun Utility Vehicles, Rapid Responder, Deliverator, Cameo and Arcimoto Roadster. Moreover their vehicles cover a variety of consumer domains, and counter several issues. The product Fun Utility Vehicle is for everyday consumer trips. After that, there is also a vehicle, Rapid Responder that is for emergency services and security. Another such vehicle is Deliverator serving last-mile delivery and general fleet utility. Furthermore the Cameo is for film, sports and influencers; and the Arcimoto Roadster is an unparalleled pure-electric on-road thrill machine. The company’s headquarter is in Eugene, OR.

Price: $12.07

Daily Change: (-)2.66%

Returns Data: (+)115.40%  (1 year)                  

XPeng Inc – ADR

Sports Sedan

XPeng is a group that focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing, smart electric vehicles. Indeed the best part about them is that, they produce environmental friendly vehicles, namely an SUV (the G3), and a four-door sports sedan (the P7). Also Xiao Peng He, Heng Xia, and Tao are the founders of the company in 2015 and it’s headquarter is in Guangzhou, China.

Price: $46.39

Daily Change: (-)3.03%

Returns Data: (+)111.17%  (1 year)          


REV Group Inc.

REV Group is an American company that engages in the manufacture, distribution, and design of specialty vehicles that include buses, ambulances, fire trucks, recreational vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services. It is a holding company that operates through the following segments: Fire and Emergency; Commercial; and Recreation. So the Fire and Emergency segment provides with the fire apparatus, and ambulance products. Then comes the Commercial segment includes transit and shuttle buses, type A school buses, mobility vans, sweepers, and terminal trucks. Lastly, the Recreation segment includes motorized recreational vehicle and application trailers. In addition to these the company was found in August 2010 and the Headquarter is located in Brookfield, WI.

Price: $16.95

Daily Change: (+)1.68%

Returns Data: (+)85.18%  (1 year)                  

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