10 best WordPress free themes for blogs

Welcome to Coresumo Technology today we’re going to talk about the 10 best WordPress free themes for blogs picked for you. So, let’s not waste time and began with it.



Although we primarily vend Shapely as a theme for businesses, innumerous WordPress bloggers have turned Shapely into a blog theme. It’s commodity we ’ve noted in the attestation ourselves. A theme as protean as Shapely is easy to configure for particular requirements. With an unmatched design, we know that Shapely is one of the most advanced themes on the free request. And figures don’t lie, with WordPress reporting further than 20,000 active installs. We know the number is much advanced than this, as the maturity of our theme downloads. Be in our own Theme’s section of Colorlib. This includes him in the list of best WordPress free themes for blogs.

The divisible homepage rudiments of Shapely are easy to move around. Enabling you to revamp the homepage into a particular blog style. Numerous bloggers have recreated their spots by putting business aspects on the homepage. For illustration, Wellness Mama used to be a blog-only website. Whereas now the proprietor has put a lot of deals/ business rudiments on the homepage. And the blog is dislocated to the Blog section of the point. So, given that illustration, you can use Shapely to achieve the same result. 



All of our free themes started sluggishly. But the WordPress community has come to embrace our alertness to detail and perfection over the times. And Activello a simple multipurpose theme is a high illustration of a simple theme can attract hundreds of thousands of druggies. Professional bloggers, trip pens and fashion contrivers are just a sprinkle of people who use Activello for their blog. This minimum yet refreshingly clean theme is everything you ’d need to produce a trending content blog. With an aesthetic arrangement of factors, the Activello can help individualities like you produce a particular brand from your blog. This includes him in the list of best WordPress free themes for blogs.

As avaricious WordPress druggies ourselves, we know that a theme needs to make it complete. And one of the most important effects for a theme is comity with external plugins. The Activello theme is suitable with plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast, Jetpack, Cache Plugins, and Graveness Forms. You know, the usual suspects of the stylish WordPress plugins for a blog. Likewise, Activello uses Schema Markup for posts and runners. So you can get a decent SEO boost as soon as you start using this theme. Utmost of all, our communication channels are always open. And we ’re pleased to hear from druggies who would want to see new featured added to this formerly important theme.



It’s been fantastic to watch Sparkling rise to the top as conceivably the stylish WordPress theme ever erected! Would we exaggerate a claim like this for our benefit? For several months now, Sparkling theme sees anywhere from 500 to diurnal downloads. The clean and ultramodern nature of Sparkling has truly plant its “ spark” in the community. The Sparkling theme is a responsive and minimum WordPress template for bloggers in all niches. Health experts, marketing professionals. And trip bloggers are just a many of the people who calculate on Sparkling for stylish content performance. With a important Bootstrap integration, the Sparkling can handle anything a cyber surfer would ever throw at it.

Structured to include the least quantum of junk, Sparkling manages to give a sprinkle of important features. For illustration, once you go through downloading and cranking the template, you can start to dig into the juicy features. One of our pets has to be the advanced menu. For the menu, we use Nav Walker a dynamic Bootstrap menu point to add custom styling and fountain icons. The sense of using fountain icons in a placement like a menu is different from what you ’d generally see on a blog. This includes him in the list of best WordPress free themes for blogs.  


best WordPress free themes for blogs.

Hueman by Press Customizr introduced a new blog design conception. Which eventually led the Hueman theme to attract well over druggies. And if you know anything about selling a product in a impregnated request. Also you know a number as high is no small feat. But, Press Customizr deserves the success, as proven by their fidelity to constantly ameliorate Hueman. To be the stylish blogging and review theme that it can be. The high- resolution design welcomes retina-friendly bias, while responsive functionality welcomes mobile compendiums with a high- description display.

One thing’s for certain, Hueman readdressed the way bloggers look at two-sidebar templates. Maybe you allowed two sidebars were a big “ no-no” in the history. But Hueman will make you reevaluate your decision as it did for me. And although it may feel like Hueman theme is hiding behind a ton of customization. It doesn’t fail to impress when you look at performance grades. Same goes for SEO, with clear luxury and instructions for hunt machines to understand your content in the stylish way possible.  Inside Theme Design, you’ll be working with a sophisticated dashboard of settings for runner and post designs. This includes him in the list of best WordPress free themes for blogs.


best WordPress free themes for blogs.

Still, take a look at Tracks, If you ’re looking for a different aesthetic from utmost themes supposed clean and ultramodern. Substantially darker than utmost of the other themes on our list, Tracks still does a great job of keeping the visual focus on your content while furnishing an volition, more contemporary vibe for your blog.

Tracks puts dynamic emphasis on featured images. It also enables you to configure how those featured images are displayed, and what happens when there isn’t one. While you won’t find any typography or color customization options in the WordPress Customizer, you can add your own CSS rules there to stamp or add to its being rules. This includes him in the list of best WordPress free themes for blogs.

The Tracks theme adds multitudinous other configuration options that put happy control exactly in your hands as the blogger and point proprietor. You can set options for the word count to display in post extracts, display textbook for your “ read more” link, enable a drone-in effect on image hang, display of an author word box after post content, and more.

The theme enables contrivance objectification in two main areas after each runner’s content and in the footer area. And speaking of the footer, you can also specify what textbook you ’d like to display there. You can also choose to display your social profile icons in the title, footer, or both.

5.Everly Lite

best WordPress free themes for blogs.

You ’ll get some Customizer options in Everly Lite to epitomize your blog. You ’ll be suitable to upload a favicon or cyber surfer icon image and crop that train as you like for display in tabs and mobile cyber surfers. Also, you can add and configure contraptions for several possible sidebar, footer, and title-conterminous displays. This includes him in the list of best WordPress free themes for blogs.

The theme also has its own Theme Options submenu under the Appearance menu in your WordPress Dashboard. There, you ’ll find options for typography display including easy access to multitudinous Google Web Sources, including fountain faces, size, and color options for all major textbook- grounded rudiments, from body textbook to heads. You can also change out the Everly’s Blog strip totem for your own lines then.

One other notable point of Everly Lite is the capability to change between a dereliction layout and a grid- grounded layout. The grid approach is great for magazine- style blogs, of course, and leads to a crisper display of multiple pieces of content at the same position of scale or significance on your point. Shutterbugs and other visually ferocious niches could make precious use of this layout.


best WordPress free themes for blogs.

Still, the Hemingway WordPress theme is a fantastic choice, If you ’re looking for commodity simple that speaks to the novelist in you. The eyes and minimalist and for good reason.

The intention of this theme is to put your words frontal and center. Rather, it acts as an elegant frame for your words and prints. This responsive, two- column theme was erected specifically with bloggers in mind but doesn’t shy down from high- quality plates support.

Hemingway can be streamlined and customized using Gutenberg or popular runner builder plugins. It supports a full- range title image that incontinently rolls callers in and it employs parallax scrolling for added interest. Add a custom totem, accentuation color, and add image contraptions for your accounts on Flickr, Instagram, or indeed Dribbble. Hemingway also comes with runner templates so you can further customize the look and sense of your point.

3.Olsen Light

best WordPress free themes for blogs.

Olsen Light is a crisp, starched white shirt of a WordPress theme. Fully blog-friendly, Olsen Light is full- range, clean, and visually stunning, drawing your callers’ eyes to your content.

Olsen Light lends itself well to a number of niches. You can choose between a right sidebar layout or a full- range template. This theme offers simple customization through the new and advanced WordPress Customizer. You can upload ensigns, a point favicon, customize and configure pagination styles, and more through the Customizer options. You can also apply a visually striking image carousel on your front runner, if you choose.

In addition, Olsen Light offers three custom contraptions an “ about the author” profile box, a social icons box, and a contrivance for customizing the display of your recent posts. You can configure and display social sharing options for your posts and runners straight from the theme, without the need for an fresh plugin. It also integrates with Instagram though you ’ll need a plugin to take advantage of this option.


best WordPress free themes for blogs.

Kale redefines the clean, minimalist approach to WordPress blog themes. Kale’s separate front runner layout is eye- catching and compelling, helping to convert callers to keep clicking and exploring your content in further depth.

Kale is erected for food bloggers but could also work beautifully for any number of consumer- acquainted niches, similar as health, life, fitness, and just about any type of cultural or creative work. Because it comes with native WooCommerce support, Kale is a perfect choice for any blogger who also needs an intertwined eCommerce section on their point.

Customization is fairly expansive. Kale also lets you configure your featured posts in addition to a large, prominently displayed stressed post area. You can choose to enable the display of a banner or post slider in your title section; drop-down menus for content, runners, posts, and social media links; multiple sidebar display options; and responsive YouTube videotape displays. Impressively, you can indeed configure the exact size of your sidebar display area, opting between the typical one-third size and a more compact one-fourth area. You can also customize the post slider in some intriguing ways.

Kale’s color choices are limited to the background color, and the typography isn’t configurable. Still, the native fountain choices are streamlined, largely readable, and give maximum impact for heads and heads, as well as your body textbook. You can also give your own supplemental CSS rules in the WordPress Customizer.


best WordPress free themes for blogs.

The Astra theme is a veritably popular and free theme that can be used for any type of website, blogs included. The theme works great with popular runner builder plugins so you can design your runners without any rendering knowledge. Astra is also easy to customize not only through the theme settings but also by taking advantage of the runner builder style options.

The theme comes with multitudinous starter spots that you can import with a single click and use as a starting point for your website. In addition to that, you can also produce custom blog runner layouts to stand out from other bloggers in your niche. The theme also integrates with some of the most popular WordPress plugins similar as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gutenberg Blocks, and more.

Astra is a fast and featherlight theme that’s suitable for a variety of use cases. This flexible foundation makes Astra a quality option to consider when erecting a blog. 

Numerous bloggers get by just fine with the limited customization options for backgrounds, typography, and distance within the free interpretation of Astra. But for several advanced features like bus- lading former posts, adding author sections, and removing featured image padding, you ’d need to conclude for the Pro or Agency plan.

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