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best WordPress plugin for SEO SEM Optimization

In this article, if you read the complete article you will get the best result to your site, here we are going to discuss WordPress plugin and tools that are essential for the website. here we are going to discuss best wordpress plugin for seo optimization

Type of essential plugin in WordPress?

  1. Theme
  2. Site build
  3. Security
  4. Backups
  5. Form or Contact us form
  6. SEO
  7. Image optimize
  8. Performance
  9. Cookies and cache policy
  10. Chatbot
  11. Analytic and monitoring
  12. Keyword Analysis tools
  13. Sitemap


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Let’s Get started:

1. Theme – Best WordPress Theme:

To Build a great website first thing we require to choose to pick the best WordPress theme. There are a few qualities we need to see while selecting a theme. Those are below:

  1. Lightweight
  2. SEO friend optimize
  3. Good Community support
  4. Faster performance

Below is a list of best WordPress theme, I’m used many themes and in this article, I’m mentioning only best:

1. Astra (Comes with Free and premium)

astra theme coresumo

Fastest Growing Theme of All Time

Join 600,000+ users who build awesome websites with Astra

2. Divi Theme (Comes with 30 days trial)

divi theme coresumo

The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World And The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder

2. Site Builder – Pick best WordPress Site builder

In terms of picking up WordPress’s best site builder plugin, I don’t think any site builder can defeat Elementor. Elementor comes with a free version as well premium version.

elementor coresumo

Below is the reason, why Elementor is the best WordPress site builder?

  1. Elementor is a super easy site builder
  2. User-friendly
  3. Elementor has very huge community support and tones of Youtube tutorials
  4. Elementor is free and also it comes with premium great features
  5. Super cool widgets support
  6. The mobile responsive score is very good


3. Security – How to provide Security to a WordPress site?

I have used many plugins that provide security to WordPress and the best plugin that provides security to WordPress is Wordfence Security

WordPress-Wordfence coresumo

What are the cool security features of the Wordfence security plugin?

1. Change admin URL feature:

Once you login to WordPress, it comes with default settings like

Wordfence security plugin allows chancing URL to any eg

2. Block IP features

3. Block username

This feature is one of my favorite features, it allows to block username that we want.

For eg. Most of the time username is admin or administrator and chance of getting have of high because of this. Using Wordfence security feature to block username like admin. If anyone tries to login with admin username that will be blocked for set time period

3. Adjust time to block a user

4. Check site health

5. Scan site virus

Wordfence security have the tone of feature, for more feature have a look on this – Click here


4. Backups – Best plugin for WordPress site backup

There is no doubt for best plugin to backup WordPress website is all in one wp migration

All-in-One-WP-Migration coresumo

This plugin allows you to export and import in multiple formats.

But it’s current version Maximum upload file size WordPress is 2 MB (Import).
Here is a link you can increase import size is 131,072 TB which is super cool How to Increase Maximum upload file size WordPress 2 MB to TB


5. Form or Contact us form – Best plugin to build a form or build contact us form

There are 2 plugins that I’m considering the best form builder

1. Caldera Forms


Simple drag and drop features and comes with tones of integration features

2. Contact form 7

contact form 7 coresumo technologies

Litle coding require, comes with a lot of features
NOTE: If you form submission email is not working, test your email that your WordPress email is working or not – click here to test email on WordPress


6. SEO – Best SEO plugin for WordPress

Everyone is interested that their looks good like this check below:


To make your Website like this took a lot of effort and you need to optimize the SEO properly. This requires structured content, traffic, etc.

Best SEO plugin for WordPress, there is no doubt Yoast SEO plugin is the best WordPress SEO optimize plugin. There are tones of SEO plugin out there but this is Coresumo Technologies recommendation

Yoast seo coresumo technologies

Features: Site optimizes, Proper indexing on google, Sitemap, Enable social media, write focus keyword, Meta title, meta description, etc.


7. Image optimize – Best image optimize or image compressor plugin for WordPress

There are many good plugins are there, like Imagify, short pixels, etc. But our recommendation to go for anyone’s best premium version. Because all plugins come with a limitation. And there another way you can compress/optimize image first and then add to the site.

imagify core sumo

shortpixels coresumo


8. Performance – Best performance plugin for WordPress

NOTE: Before using those plugin, make sure you backup your site

1. Autoptimize

Autoptimize coresumo

Features: optimize the website, lazy load, delete cache, image optimize, minify HTML, CSS, Javascript.

2. GZIP compression

Enable Gzip, To check its working click here

3. Image compression

tinypng-logo coresumo

Help you to optimize image, there are like Imagify, short pixels, etc

4. Redirection

redirection coresumo

All you to forward 404, 301 pages to giving URL.

5. Add expire header

add expire header coresumo

We add can manually expire header 7 days or 30 days etc


9. Cookies and cache policy

The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin will assist you in making your website GDPR compliant. It comes with a host of features some of which are listed below.

Basically, it will add popup permission to show our cookies policy.


10. Chatbot – Best WordPress for the chatbot

There are multiple plugins out there such as ChatBot for WordPress WPBot or Acobot AI Chatbot

chatbot coresumo

ai chatbot coresumo


11. Analytic and monitoring

There two super cool and free Analytic and monitoring tools plugin for WordPress are

  1. Google Analytics (Free)

  2. Hitstep (Free and premium)

    hitstep coresumo technologies


12. Keyword Analysis tools: Best keyword analysis tool

  1. Neil Patel (Free)

    neil-patel ubersuggest coresumo
  2. Semrush

    semrush coresumo
  3. Ahref

    ahref coresumo


13. Sitemap – Best Sitemap builder for websites

  1. Attracta

    attracta coresumo
  2. Yoast SEO

    Yoast seo coresumo technologies
  3. XML Sitemap

    xmlsitemaps-coresumo technologies



There is a super cool plugin we have mentioned above to help you to optimize the website.

All plugin that we mention flow vise. You guys can comment below and share your thoughts on that.

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