Best Blockchain Companies World 2021

Most Valuable Blockchain Companies in the World

In this article we will discuss Best Most Valuable Blockchain Companies in the World Technology. Blockchain is a technology bet for data management and security which can be implemented for signing contracts, voting in elections, and keeping and maintaining medical records.  Firstly is like a public book of records that no one can tamper with and this marked the technology very useful in many areas. 

Best Blockchain Technology Companies World 2021

Firstly It gives us the age of digital ownership.  It allow participants from accross the network to confirm their transaction without the need for the central authority. It is among the top tech skills in demand in 2021, and is redefining the way we deal and transact. 

Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Best Blockchain Technology Companies World 2021
  • High level of security
  • No need to pay to intermediaries 
  • Hacking threats reduced significantly
  • Accessibility
  • Easy to track transactions
  • Account Reconciliation Automation

Here comprises a list of Most Valuable Blockchain Companies in the World Technology

1. Heaptrace

heaptrace logo

Heaptrace Technology is a blockchain software company that solves real world problems with the Ethereum Blockchain. It was founded in 2011 as a software foundry to develop decentralized software services and also applications. It is actively involved in numerous projects and initiatives. The company is pioneering with Enterprise Ethereum to streamline financial markets, manage supply chains and also create new business models. 

Services Offered: Custom Blockchain, Software Development, mobile app, Enterprise Applications Support

2. Unicsoft

Blockchain Companies in the World

It is a trust worthy technology consulting firm, offering Artificial Intelligence and also Blockchain solutions to boost business results for startups and institutions. Its group has in-depth knowledge in: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics fields. They build custom blockchain solutions for companies of any size and also industry to help create and scale blockchain products effectively. 

Services Offered: Blockchain Development, Data Science Services and R & D

3. Altoros

Blockchain Companies in the World

It counts among the top blockchain firms located in Canada that helps firms and institutions to adopt the features of advanced technology and grow their business to a larger extent. They assist their global clients with the correct guidance and also offer methodology, custom training, and fully-managed services. It assist their customers to meet their business objectives through blockchain implementation and also AI integration. 

Services Offered: Private Permissioned Blockchain Solution, Devops and also Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

4. ScienceSoft

Blockchain Companies in the World

This company has 31 years of experience in software development. They are experienced with leading blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric. Its team drives digital transformation for businesses around the globe. It helps its clients to improve business performance, optimize customer service, and tap in digital transformation. It featured on the Clutch lists of Top IT Services Firms, and also Top Cloud Consultants. 

Services Offered: Telecoms, Healthcare, Insurance, Blockchain Solutions, TCO Calculation. 

5. Blockchangers

This company’s objective is to evaluate how to use blockchain for realization of the governments digitization strategy. They work to promote blockchain through cooperation with private and also public institutions to depict the future of blockchain. They are expert in providing workshops, counseling, and also development services to acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology to their clients.

Services Offered: Blockchain Development, Front-end Services and also Ethereum App Development

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Credit: Taniya Patyal

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