Cheapest Cloud Hosting for Website

Welcome to Coresumo Technology today we’re going to talk about the Cheapest Cloud Hosting for Website picked for you. So, let’s not waste time and began with it.


cloud hosting for website

BlueHost is one of our favorite companies when it comes to pall and WordPress hosting. They’re on the top shelf of WordPress’s recommended hosting enterprises as well. With such an excellent character company watch all of its guests and offers pall plan just at $6.95/ month which generally starts at $9.99/ month.

Still, also don’t worry about automated migration you’ll be suitable to shift to the newer package within no time, If you formerly have a participated hosting account with them and want to enjoy the pall hosting. They offer completely managed pall hosting, which means you don’t have to worry about security patches, updates, harborage access and the issues like that.


They’re always ruling the assiduity in the support services and offers 24/7 support on Phone, Live Chat, and Tickets. They also punctuate the main motifs like WordPress, disciplines, account and control panel, etc. so that if you have a problem related to these, also you can fluently plant your answer. Videotape tutorials are a great way of literacy, and BlueHost also offers a knowledge base and a stock of videotape tutorials.

The Starter plan includes 1 website that you can host, 1 free sphere, 100 GB storehouse, Unmetered Bandwidth, 2 GB Ram and 2 core processor. They also include $50 for marketing and original hiding services. You can snare all this at $6.95/ month. But we’d recommend you to elect “Performance” plan which bring $8.95/ month but you have plenitude of features in return. Performance plan includes the following distinctive features Unlimited websites to host, unlimited storehouse, 4 GB RAM, 4 core CPU and $200 marketing credit. This includes him in the list of cloud hosting for website.

With BlueHost do n’t worry about data loss they copy your data on other 3 waiters so that in the case of any issue the other dupe will automatically start working without any interruption. BlueHost also offers the scaling option that enables you to increase the coffers without rebooting. Automated Failover point shifts your point to another garcon in case of tackle failure automatically. Either all this, BH offers 30 days plutocrat back guarantee.


cloud hosting for website

HostGator is always seeking to give the cheap hosting for WordPress and they fairly offer dependable pall services with low- cost plans. We also used their participated hosting plans, which really surprised us. But we’ve the issues with the Live Converse support services. The company should ameliorate it and respond to the client on a precedence base. On the other hand, the company maintains a support center, which comprises Phone support along with Ticket system, Live Converse, videotape tutorials, and Forums.

Overall the company is good and always eye- catching due to its seductive abatements. Presently, three pall hosting plans named as Hatchling, Baby and Business are available. Hatchling plan can be seized just at $4.95 per month and one sphere is allowed with 2 GB of RAM and 2 core processor. You can host unlimited disciplines on the Baby and Business plan. There’s no limit on the operation of storehouse and bandwidth but you should use wisely.


Easy scalability allows you to increase the coffers by hitting a many clicks without any time-out as your business grows. They polished the dashboard well and made it relatively simple. You can fluently cover the operation, download speed, content trends that people substantially see on your point and other statistics.

HostGator offers an intertwined shield caching tool that helps to load the static content briskly than normal. Also, each plan includes cPanel and Data Reflecting. Data Reflecting is a fashion that distributes three clones of your data to colorful bias located at different locales for safety. So, If a whole data center goes down due to some serious issue like fire also still you can pierce your data from other waiters located at a different position. This includes him in the list of cloud hosting for website.

You can not take the benefits of devoted IP address on the hatchling plan. For Devoted IP, you have to shift to the Baby plan and buy it for a fresh $4/ month. Google is sluggishly making it necessary for peoples to use SSL instrument to make their spots more secure. All HostGator plans include participated SSL for free while the business plan holds Private SSL. HostGator is an excellent and budget friendly hosting provider, and you can buy cheap pall hosting with great features.


cloud hosting for website

Cloudways is a managed cheap pall hosting provider. You can start with them by spending just $10/ month. Their hosting plan supports all the operations related toe-commerce, bloggers, contrivers, digital agencies, and inventors. Presently, they’re offering the free trial so don’t desolate time and snare the trial account as soon as possible.

Like numerous other companies, Cloudways also gave precedences to support services. They give the asked results via converse and tickets. Also, a store of knowledge is available on different motifs including FAQ. All the support services are handed without the time restrictions so that you can communicate with the specialized platoon anytime.

One thing, which you need to know is that they’re using Digital Ocean, Amazon, Google, Vultr and KYUP structure to serve their guests. It means they’ve plenitude of data centers as the company itself claim of having 25+ data centers. Cloning was no way easy ahead; Cloudways offer one-click cloning point. Cloning makes the dupe of your content which you can use for restoring purpose. This includes him in the list of cloud hosting for website.


Still, also don’t worry CloudWays made a platoon control board, which includes the different places with access restrictions, If you have a platoon but don’t want them to see the point pivotal information or don’t want to give them full control over the coffers.

Some companies like GoDaddy don’t indeed offer the dereliction firewall, But Cloudways automatically make up a firewall and cover the waiters for any vicious to keep you secure. Also, the company claims that they keep up to date waiters with security protocols and patches themselves.

The company offered its own machined tech named as Thunder Stack. It’s a hiding tool that works on NGINX, Apache, and Memcached, etc. Also, they offer Git development tackle, SSH & SSF and 1-click installation of SSL. We didn’t test the SSL installation, but we’re enough sure it’s simple and easy. You can start with them because they offer a pack of features like Cron Job, Project grouping, HTTP/ 2 and a long list of features.

The plan prices are fantastic; you can snare the cool and useful features within just $10, which includes 1 GB RAM, 1 core CPU, 25 GB web space and 1 TB bandwidth. They also do point migration for you without any cost.


Easy scalability is the beauty of pall hosting and that what you get from Interserve. Suppose of that your website gains a huge quantum of business. So to handle similar type of callers, you need a scalable web hosting. The plan starts from $6/month. and includes 1 GB RAM, 25 GB web space and 1 TB bandwidth. You can also make a plan as per your conditions. This makes it a cost-effective choice.

By hosting your point on Interserve, you’ll get several advantages like SSD drives, 99.9% uptime guarantee, up to 16 Zilches options, etc. You can elect between Linux and Windows garçon. Then note that if you want cPanel, also you have to pay $10 fresh quantum. Also, the company has multiple data centers to insure the loftiest services vacuity with maximum speed. The runner cargo time is also satisfactory, but occasionally we see it takes nearly 765ms to load the runners. But this happed infrequently.


The support services are available 24/7. But the sad news is they don’t offer live converse. We suppose live converse is the stylish way to fix problems more snappily. So if you want quick support, also you can communicate them by phone. Also, there are dispatch and ticket systems available to help guests. Also, the company also maintain a community forum and tons of tips.

The waiters support multiple languages like PHP, Perl, and Python, etc. The other salient features include backup, shots, DNS director, IPV6 and much further. Also, they offer free migration services. They don’t offer any trial period we wish if they do also it’ll be great for the new druggies. By concluding, we can say Interserver doesn’t give any unique point, but their services are good to use when it comes to well- featured, but low prices web hosting. This includes him in the list of cloud hosting for website.


cloud hosting for website

A2Hosting earned massive character over the times, now serving thousands of guests worldwide. It has not only a 300 faster but high performance and ultra dependable structure to run your spots/ apps easily. They’re also one of the stylish SSD hosts to give blazing fast services. You can customize your plan as per your requirements, and this will help any redundant charges.

And of course support services, numerous cheap pall hosting doesn’t indeed offer the Live Converse option. A2Hosting fill this gap and provides 24/7 support services. They serve the guests via Live Converse, Phone, ticket and knowledge base. You should also visit their blog as they published different papers, which are really handy on different aspects. One thing we want to say, their support platoon is knowledgeable and friendly.

Through A2 QuickInstaller a stoner can fluently and snappily install any major CMS. Along with installing any CMS, you can set up web development tools similar asNode.js, etc. The advanced technology like nippy waiters and SSD’s for faster runner lading dramatically increase your point’s performance.


The $5 plan named as “ Entry”, which includes 512 MB DDR3 RAM, 2 TB bandwidth, 20 GB storehouse, 1 Core CPU, and CentOS 7 with Webuzo. You can also emplace add-ons at additionals cost.

Their Pall hosting is completely customized and you have control over the selection of Linux operating system. At the shopping runner, you can elect the interpretation of CentOS, Fedora, Debian, etc. The company also offer the stoner-friendly control panel where you can manage lines, databases and other vital features. And if you want cPanel also you’ll use it after getting the license at affordable rates.

Still, also Cloud Disaster Recovery is a great option for you, If you’re a inventor. As a inventor, you ’ll be apprehensive that writing canons is a complicated job and occasionally you may encounter crimes which will hard to descry or occasionally an error cause serious damage. So, before enforcing any changes in rendering, you should take a backup dupe which you can use to restore the former interpretation.

Also, A2Hosting offers 99.9% garcon uptime guarantee and High Vacuity Failover. The primary conception behind the pall technology is high vacuity. When a garcon fails also your point automatically shift to another functional garçon without any time-out, this is known as High Vacuity.


cloud hosting for website

Innovated back in 1995, Kamatera offers satisfactory pall hosting services along with flexible as well as scalable results. By knowing the fact that performance is a top precedence for every stoner Kamatera armed its structure with state of the art technologies similar as solid state drives, Intel Xeon E5 v4 processor and global points of presence.

Kamatera is a technical pall platform provider that offers a wide range of products under its name like cheap pall waiters, block storehouse, cargo balancers, managed pall hosting, and more. And utmost noteworthy part besides reasonable pricing, the company also offers a 30- day free trial account.

Speed is one of the major factors that play a significant part in perfecting not only your client experience but also search machine ranking. The reason why Kamatera might be an ideal choice for you is that they’ve 13 datacenters locales around the world, allowing you to store your point/ app content near your implicit druggies. So whether your followership belongs to America, Europe or Asia, you can fluently choose the nearest datacenter.

Pall structure is a perfect way to go if you want to make use of instant scalability. That means you’ll be handed with fresh coffers expeditiously and avoid any possible outage. After setting up an account on Kamatera, you can either install or uninstall or upgrade the Zilches. This includes him in the list of cloud hosting for website.

You’re allowed to make use of any interpretation of nearly every operating system like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, and OpenSUSE. Likewise, their garçon also supports all editions of MS Windows. 


When it comes to setting up a garçon Kamatera designed a simple process, you can elect the number of coffers like vCPU, RAM, storehouse, and datacenter position. Also, you can choose your favored operating system from a huge list.

The company also makes it a lot easier to add some voluntary services like cPanel and extended backups. Likewise, when your design starts growing, you won’t need to resettle anywhere differently as they house enough high specs structure. You can mileage up to 20 vCPU, 256 GB RAM, and storehouse in terabytes.

Kamatera maintains live converse, phone support, and dispatch system to take care of their client queries. Having the vacuity of multiple support channels is useful for newbies who are going to witness pall hosting for the first time. By concluding, we can say that Kamatera is really a dependable pall provider that not only present scalable result but also offer the rearmost structure backed services within affordable pricing range.

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