Difference between Java and Javascript.

Difference between Java and Javascript.

There are a lot of controversies out there debating on which is best Java or Javascript. So, let me break it down and take you to the difference between Java and Javascript.
Both languages have their advantage and features. We can’t say that this one is worse or the other one is best. It depends on the user for what niche he is using these languages.

Depending on the niche he has to found which one will be best for him in terms of a learning curve, expense, ease, and a lot more others. So, to help you with that I’ll be writing all of their features, similarities, advantages and disadvantages, and also the difference between Java and Javascript.
So, today I’m going to talk about the between Java and Javascript. First, off are they similar? No, I know it’s hard to believe. But, they are not similar at all the only similarity they have is in the name.

The fact that only thing similar between them is Java in both of their names. But, why do they both have java in their names? Well, that’s the first thing so, we’re going to talking about is their history.

Their history is what intertwines them. The most what else I’m going to talk about is Defining each language that will be mostly syntax so that you get an idea about which one is best for you. Also, I’ll be talking about is what you could build the language. And which one do most of the clients prefer to hire more?

Why did I choose to compare the difference between Java and Javascript?

The main reason I’m covering this topic today is that people are confuse between Java and Javascript. As Java is itself in the name Javascript. This is only the reason no other hidden reason out there.
In this video, I’ll mainly compare Java and Javascript. Java and Javascript both are programming languages. But, they are not in the same category of programming languages. Though in the recent year’s the things you could build with them have been converging. Especially with javascript’s recent breakout framework Node.js.
They are vastly different.
So, let take you to the similarities first.

Similarities and history between Java and Javascript


Difference between Java and Javascript.

The only similarity between them is their history. First, let’s start with Java. Sun Microsystem for the first time released the public implementation of Java in 1996. Java was originally designe for interactive television which is pretty good. But, it was later then turn into advanced for digital cable television.

However it eventually it’s a spot in dominating the world of server-side programming. In a nutshell, server-side programming is part of the application. Human doesn’t directly interact with for instance the part of it keeps the track of your running balance and calculates her new balance when you are a stingy friend who finally pays.


Difference between Java and Javascript.

Javascript was create-d by Netscape. The company was responsible for the first popular web browser in 1995. As it wa-s written in a total of nine days. It was originally first named Mocha and later then renamed a LiveScript and finally took the name Javascript. It was to be a simple language that would be directly embedde in the HTML of a website just like CSS.

But, CSS added some formatting and color to website javascript added some much-needed dynamics interaction. HTML CSS and Javascript made up the web.

They powered websites HTML being the structure CSS being the decoration and Javascript being the interaction. For the first few years of its existence, Netscape reigns supreme in the world of web browsers. Nut when the Seattle juggernaut software company Microsoft released its version of browser internet explorer.

Netscape got a little scared the reason behind that was because the Internet Explorer was super popular. This mark the beginning of what’s refer to in internet history. It would be putting it lightly to say that the Netscape people were freaking out. So, what they did is they approach the sun microsystem people.

The people who created java and hash out a deal where they would change the name of the language they’d be developing for the web browser called mocha to javascript under a license agreement in exchange for collaborating with the sun to incorporate Sun’S programming language Java to run inside the web browser Netscape.

Netscape did this because it needed to throw it could at Microsoft to stop. So, Java seemed to everyone like the new hot thing down the flip side of the deal and it was true. Sun Microsoft agrees because it solved the internet in web browsers.

As a potential future platform for Java apps next
Now let’s talk about the features of Java and Javascript.

Features of Java and Javascript

Difference between Java and Javascript.

Java is a statically type language. Javascript is a dynamically type language. When you boil that tech lingo down it means that declaring variables in Java is much more rigid than the script. In Java you have to specify the types of values you are going to be saving to a specific variable. Not only once that once but, once you declare that a variable is a particular type of data for example a string.

It must remain a string for its entire lifetime for instance. Now compare that to Javascript which is a dynamically type language you do not have to specify the types of data you are saving to a variable.

Also, the Javascript variables can be reassign to values with different data types. Javascript is consider one of the prototype-ba-sed object-oriente-d programming languages. It means you are not bound to a code pattern like you are with Java meaning you have to jump through a lot of mess hoops in Javascript than you do with Java.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Java and Javascript.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that is just simple and easy to learn. It is a secure programming language. In today’s world, you know how important security is being.

Also, it is cheap and will not put too much load on your pocket as it is economical to maintain. It is a high-level programming language that can be use by all beginners, intermediate, and also advanced users. It has portability features and also provides you garbage collection management system.

It is slow and does not provide an attractive look also it has a poor performance system. It also does not have any backup facility. Also, it has complex code.


It is a very fast programming language and probably used by everyone mostly for web development. Also, it is simple to learn. So, you won’t have any learning curve on you. Also with easy to learn it comes with easy-to-implement. It can be use for a huge variety of applications.

It is sometimes interprete-d for different browsers and hence it becomes difficult to write cross-browser code.

Differences between Java and Javascript.



It is an object-oriented programming language. It has a virtual machine that allows the user to create a program that runs on every platform. As Java has promised, “Write one’s, and it will run anywhere”.
It is a typed language and it needs to declare the variable first. Then the Java checks the type of the variable at compile time. Its programs can run in any browser or say virtual machine. Mainly object in Java is classed based.

You can’t even make any program in Java without creating a class. It translates the source code into bytecode which is then executed by the virtual machine called JVM. also, it has the file extension of. Java
Java is a standalone programming language and it uses a lot of your memory. Also, Java has a thread-based approach and it supports multithreading.


It is a simple programming language that is use to make interactive web pages. You can insert dynamics text into HTML with the help of this. Javascript is mostly known for browsing language. Although it isn’t similar or related to Java. Both the languages have the C syntax in them. But, there are only a few similarities between Java and Javascript.
Coming on Javascript language. It’s a language that does not have more complex rules and syntax. It is an object-based scripting language. The code of Javascript was firstly use to run. only on the browser, but now you can run it on the server via Node.js which is a pretty good advantage. This language is usually prototype-bas-ed. As it has extension “.js”.

It can be interprete by a user but, cannot be compile. It usually requires less memory and hence, it can be use in building web pages. Also, it has an event-based approach and does not support multithreading.

What can you build with Java and Javascript?



The thing with Java is it never really came to dominate the desktop or web application fear. Though it can be used for both. Now it does dominate specific industries and specific technology verticals including the android sphere. Many massive industries out there requiring a very stable language mostly prefer to use Java. Like you can say banking, trading, automobile industry.

Java can also be used for scientific computing and it is also used as the language for just general-purpose programming of hardware like the internet of things like Raspberry Pi or Sonos speaker or a refrigerator that’s connected to the internet like things.


It was originally limited to the web browser. It was kind of seen as the easiest language ever seem to use, you can say like it was a toy language. In the beginning, it went hand in hand with HTML and CSS and these were just languages that were used to create websites.

Originally it was used to add a dynamic aspect otherwise very static and boring websites. It means that it was reserved for the front end of a website only. The part of the website that a human being interacts with you know their mouse or their trackpad and clicking on things and things would happen.

Now that being said after so many years of open source development there are huge and vast robust libraries out there that can extend the capabilities of Javascript including Node.js which will not only help the user but also will allow developers to finally use Javascript outside the environment of the web browser. And this has been the new hot thing for a startup these days like Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter things like this they all use this Node.js javascript framework to power their business and technologies.

Which one is more consider for hiring Java or Javascript?

In terms of hiring Java is preferred in the computer science in enterprise business community. But Javascript is the new and fresh thing for a startup business like Uber, Netflix, they are all making their massive push for javascript-based technologies but large enterprises that have been around for years.

Things like the banking and automotive industries Java is a kind of choice for that reason Java pays better than Javascript according to the website. Java requires more time to learn ins and outs of the language compared to Javascript that being said the technology world is paying attention to Javascript. Java pays more right now. But, the javascript developers won’t be demanding the same amount of pay that Java developers get shortly people say that.

So, I hope so my article did help you figure out which one is best for you, and also let me know in the comment section guys which one do you find the best language to prefer. Or if you are already using any of this language let the readers know their cons. And also share with your friends and help them figure out which language will be best for them. Don’t forget to put that like on.

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