Difference between Python and Node.js.

Today we’re going to discuss the difference between Python and Node.js. There are a lot of controversies out there for which is best among Python and Node.js. Python and Node.js are both the most popular technologies for back-end development.

I’d say that there are no better or bad programming languages it just depends on your needs. One can find python more helpful for him and others might feel python good for him.

Difference between Python and Node.js.

So, it fully depends on the developer’s preference. So, today I’m going to tell you both the pros and cons of Python and Node.js. And also will show you the difference between them. Stick with me till the end to find out which one would be best for you no matter you’re a beginner or an expert

Let me give you a brief introduction to Python and Node.js and then show you the differences between them.




Python is an open-sourced programming language. It is build by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It is the most popular programming language in 2021 and it is use by most developers.

 Advantages of Python.

 Well among the reasons python is going to primary language for many developers, business owners, and employees. It has fast development and deployment which allows developers to write complicated code quickly. The simple syntax provides describing complex concepts in a few code lines. It has a large ecosystem as it is a result of it’s ability to respond to multiple development challenges. Among the most popular packages in python, the ecosystem is machine learning and deep learning resources which include libraries like script-learn, torch, and TensorFlow language processing which includes frameworks like Django and flask. And the last point is a large community. It might seem like an insignificant advantage at first. But you’ll find that having a strong community makes professional growth and experience exchange easier.

The disadvantage of Python.

The first one is the lower performance speed. It is great at handling intensive operations but they take more time to process. If you need to run multiple concurrent requests Node.js is a better option. The second drawback is the low-performance quality of the mobile version. Here the low-speed performance question is even more of a problem than on a desktop. and another problem with adapting python code to mobile is that it doesn’t mix well with native components.



Node.js is not a programming language rather than you can say it’s an open-source environment for javascript. It is develop by Ryan Dhal in 2009. It is a runtime environment that’s based on the javascript language. Node.js is the most popular development framework worldwide and most of all developers use it for their projects.

Advantages of Node.js

The first is fast performance. It is the result of the nonblocking input and output. The second benefit is full-stack development which became a popular trend. Many enterprises switch to Node.js to use javascript both on the front end and backend. It provides better mutual understanding in the development team saving time and resources by reusing code and access to a large talent pool. The third pro is that Node.js is great for microservice development. Well, its ecosystem has many packages that make it easier to modularize its architecture and migrate from monoliths.

Disadvantages of Node.js

Node.js is poor at processing large data volumes because it uses a single-thread event to process requests. If it’s computation Node.js will take a while to get the result the thread will be block and other operations won’t go through. The other reason is Node.js versus javascript problem. Javascript is essentially build for a front-end language contributes to Node.js. If you have low CPU handling capacities then it will not communicate smoothly with the hardware and processing units. You can consider messy syntax as a second disadvantage because well Node.js has multiple inconsistent models it often lacks semantic standardization and always has frequent changes.


Difference between Python and Node.js

1. Architecture


Node.js is build in such a way it event-driven which enable asynchronous input or output. It is too fast because no process blocks the thread in it. It is perfectly suitable for the development of chat applications and web games.


It loses this race as it is not design in such away. You can be build asynchronous and event-driven app with help of itspecial tool. Asynchronous code be can written in it with the help of the modules like asyncio. But you would not find this library built-in in most frameworks so you have to get it.

2. Speed


When it comes to speed Node.js has made a great performance. You can say that it is just build for speed. Also as it executes the code outside the web browser so the app is out of the load and can give you better performance and experience. You can also get an additional feature like TCP sockets which you cannot use in the browser. Your code execution will accelerate as you can process several processes at the same time due to its architecture. Also, Node.js comes with single caching which will reduce load time and will not make you frustrating.


Node.js beat Python in the field of speed. It is generally slower than any other compiled languages such as java and all. It is a single flow and can process requests much slower due to its single flow. So if you want tech with speed then it cannot be the right choice for you due to its slow performance.

3. Syntax


When it comes to syntax it is a part that depends on personal preference. In this, I cannot say that one is best and the other is worst because you might find one helpful for you which I’m not finding helpful for me. Also, Node.js syntax is similar to javascript. If you’re great experience with javascript then you would not find any difficulties in using Node.js


It has the great advantages in this field. But the developer would have to write fewer lines of code than compared to Node.js. Also, it is quite easy to use.

You don’t have to use curly brackets in this. This will make your code much easier to read and debug. Also if you or your client have only some knowledge of technical background then also he will be able to understand and read the code. This makes iteasier to understand than Node.js.

4. Scalability


You don’t need to create a large monolithic core rather you can create a set of microservices and modules instead and they will run their process. Also, it is easy to add a microservice and module which will make your development process more flexible.

Also, you can now scale your Node.js easily whether you want to scale vertically or horizontally. You will be getting more options when it comes to typing as compared to other.


Multithreading needs to be enable when it comes to scaling. But it does not support multithreading which is here a major drawback. Instead of multithreading, it uses Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). This GIL does not allow to do multithreading although it affects the performance. It is because it is not thread-safe.

Also, when it comes to typing it is dynamically type. As dynamically typed language is suitable for a large project.

5. Extensibility


Node.js can be easily customize, integrated, and extended with various tools for developing HTTPS or DNS servers.

There are many tools you can get like Jasmine, Log.io, Migrate for unit testing, project monitoring, and troubleshooting, data migration respectively.

Also, Node.js can be extend using frameworks like express, justify,  Meteor and others.


Since the day it has been develop it has introduced many frameworks and tools.

One of them is Sublime Text which offers you editing features and syntax extension.

You also get powerful web development frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, CheeryPy, and others.

6. Libraries


In Node.js NPM (Node Package Manager) manages the libraries and packages. It is fast and easy to work and learn with.


In this PIP (Pip Installs Python) manages the libraries and packages. It is easy to use and reliable.

7. Universality


Node.js is usually use for the back-end development of web applications. Also not only you can develop web apps with it but also desktop and mobile apps.

You can reduce your project cost as you can create a single desktop app and it will work all on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


It can be use for both front-end and back-end development as it is a full-stack. Python comes with the cross-platform which means if you create a program on Mac will run on Linux. Mac and Linux come with Python pre-installed in it. Also, the popularity of Python is growing due to it.

So, in terms of universality, you can say both Node.js and Python are best.

8. Learning Curve


Node.js is easy to use and can be easily learn no matter you’re a beginner or advanced developer. It is simple and easy to install and reliable to use. If you’re familiar with Javascript then it’ll be easier for you to use Node.js.


If you’re not familiar with Javascript and are confuse to choose between it or Node.js then you must probably go with Python. It is much easier to learn because its syntax is easier to understand and compact.

So, when it comes to choosing a tech among Python and Node.js the most basic thing you should learn is to find out which one will be easier for you to use. Or if you are a beginner then you might have to find which one would be easier for you to learn

9. Community


Node.js comes with a large and active community. It has been 10 years since the launchand through these years developers have loved using Node.js. If you’re a business owner or agency and want a Node.js developer for you then it is to find a developer for you.


Python is older than Node.js and it has a large number of contributors both of intermediate and expert levels.

So, we can conclude that both Python and node.js have a good community.

10. The app is suitable for


It is suitable for creating for developing collaboration services or streaming platforms. It is usually use to make software that uses large CPU resources.


It can be use for 3d or 2d developments, software development, building games, and all.


How to choose between Python and Node.js?

As we discussed above the difference between Python and Node.js.Well, when one choose the tech stack usually should focus on the criteria such as what kind of project are we dealing with, what kind of product do we expect, what is the project’s reach, what resources currently you have, what is the situation on the market, what are your main performance criteria, etc. You should find what’s your need and then choose the one tech which is fulfilling all your needs.

Which tech among Python and Node.js did the user found the best?

While going through a top website we will find that Nod.js will become a leader because it fits well with the needs of large companies. Among Python use cases are data science, web development of complex platforms, 2d and 3d GUI scientific software, scrapers and parsing software, and testing and development. While Nod.js is use for streaming applications, collaboration platforms, single-page applications, real-time messenger, and enterprise applications.

So, let me know in the comments section guys which one you find the best and suitable for you and share with your friends who are confuse and trying to figure out which one they should go with. And also let me know how you liked my blog article Difference between Python and Node.js.

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