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What is the Enyo (enjojs)? What the Enyo javascript features? How to install Enyo Javascript

Enyo is an object-oriented Javascript frontend framework, which is developed by Palm. Its current version is Enyo 2.7.0

Enyo javascript built a native cross-platform application using HTML5 which run almost all platform. It is developed by Palm but later it sells to HP.

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Who is using the Enyo Javascript framework?

What are the features of Enyo Javascript?

  • The major feature of Enyo is the cross-platform javascript framework.
  • It helps applications run on every platform almost everywhere.
  • It has a very solid core
  • Enyo product high-quality user interface
  • Developer effort is quite low
  • It allows reusability just like other frameworks and also it easily maintainable
  • Faster for native app development

How to install or setup Enyo javascript?

Step 1. Install Nodejs, visit this site for more details: click here

For Linux:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs

Step 2. Install enyo-dev

Sudo npm install -g enyo-dev
With permission: npm install -g enyo-dev

Step 3. Install on web browser and server

 Sudo npm install -g serve

Above step that will help you to setup Enyo javascript (enyojs), if you are still facing issue you can comment below or you can visit the official Enyojs site also you can us coresumo. This her link of github

Build the first app on Enyo:

Step 1. Create a enyo init project

 enyo init my-project
 If not work try sudo before


Now Enyo javascript ( EnyoJS ) consider as a very powerful framework of Javascript not because its a Javascript framework it also considers as one of the best cross-platform frameworks that allow the user a better mobile and other platform experience. Once the user tries this framework he started loving it. All installation and setup procedures we have have mentioned above. Apart from this, it is quite suitable for backend technology like Python, NodeJS and Java. To installation the guide of python please read this article: Python 3.9 vs 3.8, What is Python 3.9 benchmark and python 3.9 performance. And to install latest version of java follow this article: How to setup Java 14 and Java 14 features

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