Flutter not better than Ionic React native Why it no longer a Cross platform Framework

Flutter not better than Ionic React native Why it no longer a Cross platform Framework

We will discuss about flutter not better Ionic React native and Why Flutter is no longer a Cross platform Framework? If you want to invest in a smartphone app for your startup or move from a physical store to a digital marketplace, your only issue is finding the right choice for your venture.

When it comes to creating a hybrid design using the best cross-platform mobile app creation frameworks, the champions of the industry are React Native, Flutter, and Ionic. The hard part arises when deciding between these top three mobile app creation systems. Equating the benefits of each system to help you determine which is appropriate for the company’s needs.

Why is flutter not better Ionic React native? Why Flutter is no longer a Cross platform Framework?

Flutter and React Native are also specialize app development kits, But Flutter was create and is assist by Google, while React Native was create and is back by Facebook. Driffy Co. produced Ionic, one of the oldest programming languages.

React Native

flutter not better Ionic React native
  • React Native is an open source project that release in 2015 and is write in a variety of languages such as JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, C++, and Python.
  • Essentially, it offers all of the resources and resources needed to create high-end cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows that can deliver native-like output.
  • Once it comes to selecting a platform based on programming language, React Native could be the best choice of developers since it is based on JavaScript, which is currently amongst the most common and complex languages for creating hybrid applications.
  • Furthermore, this platform incorporates many of the benefits of JavaScript and React and is support by Facebook.
  • The feature of React Native that distinguishes it from other programming languages is the ability to write a few components in Swift, Objective-C, or Java when appropriate.
  • The fundamental theory of writing code with React Native is illustrate specifically for you: A single code base may be us to create several applications for different devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • This would allow developers to create quality apps in a shorter period of time.


Why Flutter no longer a Cross platform Framework
  • Flutter, which is operate by Google, brings a powerful dimension to the software development phase by assisting in the production of beautiful native-type applications.
  • It includes its own rendering engine, ready-to-use widgets, command-line controls, APIs, and other features that simplify the creation phase. Nevertheless, as opposed to React Native, it is already increasing in success, having just been release in 2018.
  • As Flutter is a Google product, it makes use of the Dart programming language, which allows you to create apps for Android, iOS, and the internet.
  • Dart is also a rare language as compared to JavaScript. Despite its youth, the language has the ability to revolutionise the sector in the coming years.
  • The most common explanation for Flutter’s growing success is that it offers a robust toolkit that allows developers to build modern apps with ready-to-use widgets, APIs, and its own rendering engine.
  • Developers will design stunning mobile experiences by utilising Flutter’s rich user experience.

Framework Ionic

IONIC app development better than flutter
  • The Ionic was launch in 2013 as an open source SDK for developing cross-platform smartphone apps.
  • Framework Ionic makes it possible to build cross-platform web apps since it utilises a variety of technology such as HTML5, CSS, and SaaS.
  • It develops and runs software using various technologies (including HTML5, CSS, and JS) and accesses the Cordova wrapper to use native platform controllers. When using Ionic, you can also use TypeScript to increase code consistency.
  • Its basic philosophy of “one code base, any platform” allows it to reuse the code base for many applications. Developers may create a highly immersive app in a short period of time by utilising the same code base.

Which one is the best? Is React Native is better than Flutter

When it comes to mutual interest for frameworks, there is no chance that React Native would quickly take the top spot.

As it’s built on the most important web development language, JavaScript, uses common React libraries, the developer community is rapidly expanding as compare to Flutter and Ionicframework.

Why is flutter not the strongest and no longer a cross-platform framework? 

Flutter is  in its early stages, and these libraries can not provide all of the features you need. This suggests that the developers will have to design them themselves, which might take a long time. Since Flutter is still in progress, CI systems such as Travis and Jenkins do not currently allow it. 

In order to accomplish automated construction, checking, and rollout, the production team must use and manage custom scripts.

The first and most significant drawback is the framework’s maturity. While Flutter was declare ready for production usage in May 2018, it still requires maturation.

No way to predict if the system would survive no way to predict where apps create with Flutter today will be five years.

Why Flutter no longer a cross-platform framework? 

Third-party assistance. Flutter already has an amazing set of framework-based resources and libraries.

However, several third-party providers payment platforms, tax automation tools, and even Apple and Android TV, are yet to help Flutter.

Most resources are already being create, and many more will be develop in the future,

But it will take some time before Flutter catches up to React Native in terms of tooling and package availability.

Other Points

  • Flutter apps are very broad since there is no bridge between the Flutter app and the user,
  • And all UI components belong to the framework directly.
  • The average Flutter programme is around 4.7 MB in size, which is significantly greater than most native apps. Android native apps, for example, launch at 1 MB. that is flutter not better Ionicframework React native.

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