Groovy Bot for Discord Command and setting Guide

We’re going to talk about Groovy Bot for Discord Command and setting. So, let’s not waste time and began with it. The trendy bot allows the disharmony druggies to add the songs on the music channel of the disharmony garçon. Also the trendy bot offers functionality similar as adding songs in a line, adding playlists from platforms similar as youtube or Spotify,etc. 

The trendy bot offers numerous features analogous to music players and Groovy Bot for Discord Guide indeed more similar as pause, capsule, play, line, next, back, clear, jump, equivocation, etc and all this can be done on your disharmony garçon.

Groovy Bot for Discord Command and setting

How to add Groovy Bot on your garçon?

Adding a trendy bot is a simple task. Follow the way mentioned below

STEP 1 Go to the sanctioned website of Groovy Bot. You can either search for “ trendy bot” on google or you can go directly to their sanctioned website which is –

STEP 2 When you’re on the sanctioned website of Groovy Bot, also Groovy Bot for Discord Guide you can click on the pink button that says “ Add to Discord” or you can also click on “ Add to Discord” on the upper left corner. This Groovy Bot for Discord Guide will also invite the trendy bot on your garçon.

STEP 3 So when you click on the “ Add to Discord”, also it’ll ask you to subscribe in to your disharmony account. When you have inked in or you’re formerly inked in to the disharmony also you’ll have to elect the disharmony garçon to which you want to add the trendy bot.

STEP 4 After you have named the garçon to which you want to add the trendy bot also it’ll ask you for authorization access. It’ll automatically have director access, you can untick the director access if you do n’t want the bot to have complete access to your garçon. Also elect the Authorize button.


Groovy Bot for Discord Command and setting

The trendy bot is added successfully to your disharmony garçon!! You’ll be also suitable to see the trendy bot evidence communication on the right sidebar.
To use the trendy bot you’ll bear to have created a voice channel on the disharmony garçon, if you formerly have one also you can directly use the command of the trendy bot.
You can produce the voice channel from the “” button over the other tab which will pop up the produce channel dashboard. Elect the voice channel on also clicks on it to produce the channel. If you want to produce voice channel also follow this companion,

How to make a Disharmony Garçon.

Now, when you have the voice channel you can use colorful commands of the trendy bot.
What Happed to Groovy Bot? Is Trendy Bot Shutting Down?
Trendy Bot authors have entered check and desist letter from YouTube. Trendy Bot also was utilising YouTube API to play songs for its millions of druggies. Still, this practice doesn’t hold concurrence with YouTube API inventor programs. Thus Groovy has to shut down its bot on August 30th, 2021 and the bot has come offline from that date onwards. In the Groovy Community Garçon, You can find this communication.

It’s with a heavy heart moment that I advertise Groovy is shutting down. The platoon has been milling over this decision for a while now and, unfortunately, there’s no path forward that includes Groovy. Any Premium druggies who paid for service beyond this date will admit a refund over the coming many weeks. These were some important FAQs in the Trendy Garçon that has been answered by@ravy.

Groovy source law?

Groovy Bot for Discord Command and setting

We don’t plan on open-sourcing Groovy. There have formerly been cases of brand possessors attacking open-source depositories, and we don’t want to be involved in that. Can’t you just use a different platform?
That’s delaying the ineluctable. This has shown us that what we’re doing is an issue, and other platforms will presumably follow suit with youtube. What can I do to help? Just stay then & follow the news – while Groovy isn’t going to then be for long, the people behind it are. We’ll be working on other cool things.

Will groovy be deleted?

No, it’ll most probably be offline. It’s tête-à-tête disheartening for me to see Groovy go, as Groovy has been one of the stylish music bot of disharmony.

How to remove groovy from garçon?

You can fluently remove trendy bot from the garçon with the help of kick option. To remove the trendy bot from Discord garçon follow the given way

STEP 1 Login to your Disharmony account and choose the garçon.

STEP 2 Right-click on the Trendy bot totem or name that you can find in the right sidebar of that specific garçon. Also if you has interacted with the bot in any channel also you can right click on the totem or name from that channel.

STEP 3 You’ll see an option of remonstrating. Click on it and the bot will automatically demur from your garçon.
If you want to get relieve of its authorization group also go into your places menu and cancel the bot part
Note You need to have warrants and boons advanced than the bot to protest it.

What are the druthers of Groovy Bot?

Groovy Bot for Discord Guide

There are chances that the other music bot can follow the same consequences as the Trendy Bot. The Rythm bot has officially said that it has not plans of shutting the bot and is the alternate stylish music bot after Groovy. I’ve mentioned some great druthers of trendy bot and will modernize the list, until also you can try the below listed music bots.

Rythm Bot-It’s the second-largest music bot after Groovy. It has all features of play, pause, capsule, circle, line,etc. and work same as the Trendy Bot. You can surely try it as an volition for the Groovy.

Hydra Bot – Hydra is also a great music bot. It’ll connect to the voice channel and play music same as other music bots. The stylish thing about Hydra Bot is that you can control the songs and line with the help of emotes that are present beneath the song thumbnail.

Octave Bot – Octave Bot is maintained by the same platoon that’s running the Dank Memer Bot (one of the largest disharmony bot). Before, Dank Memer contained music point but latterly they decide to separate it into a separate music bot (octave bot).

Mee6 Bot – It’s a general purpose bot. Its a great temperance bot which can play music. You can also check the list of Stylish music disharmony bots in 2021 for detail comparisons of features and benefits.

How to Use Groovy Bot Commands in Discord

Play Command – You can play any song on the voice channel by just using the “- play” or “-p” command. For illustration, just type “- play Despacito” on the voice channel, the bot will automatically start to play the Despacito song while you’re inside the voice channel and when you exit the channel it’ll stop the song and will renew when you come back on the channel again.

play despacito
For illustration, you can class “- play link” and also at the place of the link you can add the playlist link from youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.
Queue Command – You can line the songs by adding them one after another with the “ play” command. For illustration, if you write commands “- play Despacito” and also “- play timber” also Despacito will start to play on the voice channel and timber will be put onto the line as the coming song to be played. You can fluently see the songs which are presently playing and which songs are in line with the “-q” or “- line” command. – line ⬐ current track 1) Luis Fonsi-Despacitoft. Daddy Yank … 428 left ⬑ current track 2) Pitbull- Timberft. Ke$ ha 335 This is the end of the line!
List of Basic Groovy Bot Commands Prefix
Join Command (- join/-j) This command allows trendy to join your voice channel.


Groovy Bot for Discord Command and setting

Disconnect Command (- dissociate/-dc/- leave/-reset) Contrary of Join Command. This command clears the songs in the line and dissociate the bot from the voice channel.

Next Command (-coming/-n/- skip) Skip the current song and play the coming song in the line.
Former Command(- prev/ former/-b) Contrary of Next Command. Skip the current song and play the former song in the line.
Pause Command (- pause) Break the playing music.

Resume Command (- capsule/-unpause) Contrary for pause command. Resume playing music of Queue before broke.

Clear Command (-clear) Remove all the songs that are present in the line.
Lyrics Command(- lyrics/- ly) Display the lyrics of the song if available.

Shuffle Command (- equivocation/-shuff/-shuf/-randomize/-randomise) plays arbitrary songs from the line.

Song Command (- song/-nowplaying/-np) Give the information about the specific song being played from the line.

Jump Command (- jump/-j/-goto) Skip the current song and Jump to the specific song in line.

For further commands – Trendy Bot Commands.
There are numerous features and commands that the trendy bot offers in the decoration interpretation similar as speed, pitch, volume, bass boost, audio goods, and numerous further.

How to remove a song from line trendy
( Trendy Bot-clear &- remove Command)
You can remove, cancel or clear either single, multiple, complete songs from the line. There are colorful system to do so.

You can fully cancel or clear the entire songs in the line with the help of the-clear command.

Also you can

You can remove a single song from the line with the help of the- remove command followed by the song name or number. In the picture illustration, I’ve used the name of the song. You can use the number in front of the song to remove that particular song from the line.

You can also remove multiple songs from the line by writing the starting and the end song number in the line after the- remove range command.
How to remove trendy from voice channel
( Trendy Bot- leave Command)
There are two styles through which you can remove the trendy from the garçon –

To remove groovy from the garçon you can simply class- leave command on the voice channel and the trendy bot will leave the channel.

You can right- click on the trendy bot icon and there you’ll find the option to dissociate the trendy bot.

If you want to remove the trendy bot similar that no bone can add the trendy bot again to the channel also you can right- click on the trendy bot and elect the block option from the menu. See the Image in the below illustration.

How to Use Trendy Bot with Other Platforms?

With the Trendy Bot, you can play the music by adding the name of the song or by adding a link to the song. The list of platform that the Trendy Bot support is –
YouTubeSpotifySoundcloudDeezerApple MusicTwitchTIDALVimeoClypMixerBandcampDirect audio fileMessage attachment
There are some platforms that don’t allow you to directly stream the songs. We’ll bandy how you can stream the song from any of the given platforms and for that we will use the illustration of Spotify which you can apply to any other platform.

System 1 Adding the track data
The trendy bot can play the music by adding the Spotify song link in the add command. The trendy bot can also descry the Spotify link and also the Spotify API can query Spotify for what’s behind the link.

System 2 Throwing all data in YouTube
While Spotify doesn’t allow to directly stream audio but YouTube allows to directly stream audio. The trendy bot uses YouTube’s metadata to find the closest original to the track that you entered.

System 3 Furnishing the Audio to Discord
You can give audio lines to the disharmony and disharmony will also hear to the audio lines that you handed and also the bot can play the train latterly on the voice channel.

How do I get my disharmony bot to work?

Occasionally the Trendy Bot might have issues, similar as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a complete disharmony garçon outage, if you face the issue check on the disharmony status runner.
Also, make sure that you have handed sufficient warrants to the trendy bot, it can be done in the setting tab.
Still, also make sure you didn’t change the trendy bot dereliction prefix, If the trendy bot doesn’t respond after applying the below way. That’s the end for Groovy Bot for Discord Guide.

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