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Is your hashtag generator for instagram game strong? 

We discuss Is your hashtag generator for instagram game strong? Hashtags can exponentially increase the number of people that will see your post. But you need to know how to find the right combination of hashtags. 

A hashtag is a label used on social media sites that makes it easier to find information with a theme or specific content. Hashtags encourage social media users to explore content that catches their eye. Associations can use hashtags to reach their target audience and to help members filter information.

The hashtag symbol # was known as the “pound” symbol.

It was Twitter that first introduced hashtags to the social media world in the year 2007, as a method of indexing keywords to help facilitate good search results for it. You can put hashtags anywhere you like in your social media post be it in the beginning, at the end or in between. When used properly, hashtags make it easier for users to find related content. Hashtags that spread quickly and get used by a lot of different users begin to trend.

How important is a hashtag to a social media campaign?

Hashtags are an essential part of social media strategy. They give your brand more exposure so you can spread the word about your product to a massive audience. Besides, when you use it multiple times on different channels, people will easily remember your hashtag.

Why do hashtags matter?

Think of hashtags as a way to connect social media content to a specific topic, event, theme or conversation. They also make it easier to discover posts around those specific topics, because hashtags aggregate all social media content with that same hashtag. … hashtag generator for instagram are effective on other social media platforms too.

How to use Hashtags on social media in ? 


No. Of Hashtags to use- 1-2 

Where to use it?

  • At the start for emphasis, the end for context, and the middle to highlight a keyword. 
  • In the comments when you retweet, in replies and in bio. 


No. Of Hashtags to use- 1-2 

Where to use it? 

  • In any part of a written Facebook post or in the comments. 
  • In private Facebook groups to group content by theme or topic. 


No. Of Hashtags to use- 5 to 10

Where to use it? 

  • In the comment section of your Instagram post. 
  • In your instagram stories upto 10 and in your profile bio. 


No. Of Hashtags to use- 2-3

Where to use it?

  • In your youtube video title or in video description.
  • Not more than 15 hashtags in your YouTube description. 


No. Of Hashtags to use- 2-3

Where to use it? 

  • Anywhere into your written Linkedin update and in a linkedin article. 
  • Get hashtag generator for instagram suggestion as you write your post. 


No. Of Hashtags to use- 2-5

Where to use it? 

  • Include when writing a pin description or in a written description when re-pinning. 
  • Not more than 20 hashtags in a pin description.

How do I do my hashtag research? 

Hashtag Research is KEY to gaining an audience on Instagram

This may be helpful for businesses who need some help with hashtag strategies and how they can actually do hashtag research. 

Step1- Check your insights on your posts and check which hashtags have Gained you the most reach. 

Step2- Research 5 hashtags for each category. Ideal audience would be searching, describing your product, location and the general ones relating to your niche. 

Make sure the hashtags aren’t banned and make sure you have a range of Small, medium and large hashtags. 

Step3-  Make a list of 30 hashtags in your notes to use for your posts

  • Small hashtags (10,000+)
  • Medium hashtags ( 50,000+)
  • Large hashtags ( 50,000+)

How do we use Hashtags effectively? 

  • No Emojis

Emojis in Hashtags are not plausible. They aren’t supported by Instagram API documentation. 

  • More Hashtags

          Very common myth

More Hashtags = less engagement

But the truth is < 25 hashtags decrease engagement. 

  • Easy to search Hashtags

Using hashtags to describe a post does not provide reach. Pick keywords from the post and search around to see what common hashtags around those are present. 

  • Different Hashtags

Using the same Hashtags in every post with no change creates a stagnant cycle and hence decreases the reach. 

  • Relevant Hashtags

Random hashtags do not help us reach our target audience. Read on what Hashtags will help your content and then create relevant Hashtags around it. 

  • Focus on your niche 

If you are clear about your niche, selecting hashtags could be a lot easier. You can also refer to the accounts similar to your niche and check out the hashtags on the top performing post. The most important thing is to make sure that the hostel is relevant to your post. 

Why are hashtag generator for instagram used? 

  • Bring communities together. (Business, events, locals) 
  • Attract like-minded people. 
  • Entering for promos and giveaways. 
  • Research competitors and other industries. 
  • Use them to promote your brand and attract a target audience. 
  • Hashtags improve your click through rate.
  • They help to increase the visibility of your messages and boost your social shares.
  • Using hashtags in your social media posts increase awareness and engagement.
  • Firstly Hashtags are a very effective way to build your brand via promotional material, announcing new products and generating interest for your business.
  • #Hashtags help to find your target audience.
  • And also Hashtags are great for research, they help to find great and relevant content.
  • Hashtags-boost your marketing campaign.

With the constant changing algorithm of Instagram + social media platforms, sometimes you’ll ask yourself, should I even hashtag? 

The answer is YES. Yes, you totally should. 

FACT: A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. 

I’ll admit, hashtags are tricky, but they can be essential for your social media/ business growth.

  • at least 30 hashtags per post
  • Use hashtags in your story
  • Use hashtags that have under 500 post
  • Research the hashtags you’re using. Hashtags will help you reach your target audience, so make sure they are relevant.
  • Use hashtag generators to find which ones are the most effective for your business / “niche”. 
  • Don’t always use the same ones in each post, mix it up based on the graphic or topic you’re posting about.

Should you post your hashtags in your comments or within your caption ? That’s up to you and your personal preference. There’s no difference on how the hashtags work.

Tip- Go to some of your favorite profiles & follow any hashtags they may be following, if it’s relevant to your business or profile.


Hashtags are a key way to increase

exposure! Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the next time you post.


Put yourself in the shoes of your audience.. what would they search to find your post??


 Your post will get lost among the millions of other posts under that tag.


 If you use the same hashtags for every post, Instagram might think it looks suspicious and flag your account.


Your hashtags should be relevant to your post, business, industry, and location.


You can use a tool like 1q Hashtag or simply just look up the hashtag here on 1G to see if any of your hashtags are banned.

What’s the point of hashtags?

Hashtags help your content get seen by new people. If you are a vegan dessert chef and someone types in #vegandessertrecipes to the Instagram search bar, you want your content to come up.

Just like Google, you want to fulfil the search query your potential follower types in, so you can help solve their problem then they’ll save or share your content and hopefully follow you for more of the same. 

Other people looking at hashtags on Instagram are those in your niche wanting to network and connect with people who share similar content.

Which hashtag generator for instagram should you


Many  think that using the hashtags with the highest number of posts was the right thing to do. That means it’s the most popular hashtag so more people will see it, right? Wrong.

You actually want to do the opposite and use niche hashtags (those that have been used around 20 50k times) so that your content isn’t immediately pushed down the hashtag page by bigger accounts, and so you’re fulfilling more specific search queries that your potential followers and customers are typing in. You can also mix in some of those high volume tags too.

Your hashtags should be: niche: used between 20 50k times something people are searching for: e.g. instagramtipsforbusiness rather than #instagram relevant to your content: don’t just use the hashtags you see others using if they have nothing to do with your post. 

Why should your hashtag sets be unique to you?

First, what is a hashtag set? It’s a group of hashtags you save somewhere (like your notes app) that you use on different posts. You might have one set for your outfit posts, and another for your tutorial videos for example. Add or remove hashtags for each post as you’ll have some more generic ones, e.g. #instagramtipstorbusiness and some specitic hashtags e.g. #networkingoninstagram Your content might be very similar to someone else’s, but unless you’ve stolen it, there will be differences, so create your own sets and refresh them every few months.

How can you find hashtag generator for instagram?

Go onto Instagram and type keywords that relate to your content in the search bar (make sure you’re on the ‘tags’ tab). Then scroll down and find smaller hashtags that relate to content you’re creating and make a note of them.

How can you tell it’s working?

On your individual post analytics you’ll see a section that says; ‘from hashtags’, that’s how many people found your content through searching for one of the hashtags you used in your post.

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