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How to hiring a software developer for your start-ups?

Here we discuss hiring a software developer or hire developer for startup These indeed are exciting times for businesses. The latest technologies now empower even new ventures and enterprises to spread in a quick time. The result is so many start-up companies are coming up. If you are one such entrepreneur looking to make it big with your new start-up company, the opportunities are endless. But with it, the challenges are many as well. Having a good business idea is excellent. But to ensure that you make the most of the opportunities associated with it, you need to ensure a lot of things are taken good care of.

Amongst the many first and foremost, you need to hire the best team. 

You need to hire the best team.

Owing to cost constraints, it is seen that new start-up companies are often a one-person show. But if you are to grow big, you will not be able to handle everything alone. You have to build a solid team to ensure your business goals are achieved in the shortest time. Given the many opportunities the online space offers, having a dominant presence is imperative for any start-up company. However, to do that, you need the best hiring a software developer to help your cause. But doing this is one of the biggest challenges for them. 

Why is it challenging to hire the best software professionals for start-ups?

Even though we need to hire a software developer, it is a rather challenging task, especially for those already doing well in their web development career. For a more stable career, you will realize that software developers seek to pursue their careers with more renowned brands and companies with a good market reputation. Here they feel their benefits and employment conditions are more stable.

Thus, hiring a developer for a start-up is by no means an easy job, and you have to work towards it considering many parameters. At the same time, you need not fret, and you should feel encouraged to find many early start-ups that have been able to recruit some of the best professionals in the business. Indeed, working for a fresh start-up is always an element of risk. After all, a lot is at stake for them. You will, however, be happy to know that some of these professionals are more adventurous and seek to work for fresh start-ups. Therefore, it has the ability of a start-up company to provide a much better opportunity for growth. In the process, if these software professionals are provided with the right opportunities for career growth, that might be just the perfect tool to enable you to hire a developer for a start-up. 

New start-ups are now resorting to new strategies for hiring

We now live when everything changes rather quickly, and the same goes for hiring a software developer by new start-up companies. 

It is now being seen that many fresh start-up companies are now resorting to alternative forms of recruitment for their developer hiring. One alternative hiring process is outsourcing the hiring process to third-party agencies. If you are wondering whether some of the big names in business have done it, the answer is yes, they have.

Amongst the more popular brand names which have done it recently are Slack and Whatsapp. These are the companies that outsourced their development early on.

The latest hiring trends in IT

It is also fascinating to note that as of 2018, as much as 37 % of small businesses outsourced their business processes. 

If you look, you will find that studies show that as much as 60% of the total outsourced personnel comprises IT professionals, including developers. The data reveals the tremendous scope of the demand for hiring IT professionals through outsourcing. As a new start-up company looking to hire the best IT professionals, outsourcing is undoubtedly a great avenue to opt for. Thus, if you, too, as a new start-up company looking to hire a software developer with good IT knowledge, outsourcing can be something you can indeed look at, as is so many of the current start-ups.

Though outsourcing can be the perfect solution for your objective of hiring the best developers for your new start-up business, you need to have specific goals for the hiring process, even if they are outsourced. 

Challenges you will face while hiring.

1. Financial challenges

You might have got started up with your unique business idea. But once you do so, you will find all the big players entering the fray. Of course, it would help if you competed against the big brands. They have the financial power to hire the best in the field. On the other hand, you will realize that as a start-up business, you have financial constraints, especially immediately after you get started up.

To attract new developers, you need to be able to pay them the best salary and incentives. As a new start-up company, it can indeed be a challenge for you.

2. Lack of talent at a local level

To begin with, the business of the start-up companies is limited to a particular geographical area. The result is they are often restricted to a small geographical area. They have to scout for talent only within a limited area where only a handful of talents may be available. On the other hand, the big brands, in most cases, have operations spread across several locations. It means they can tap from talents available across various locations. But these start-up companies have to compete against these big brands, and they are handicapped. 

Thus, it accounts for a serious challenge when hiring a software developer by a start-up company. However, it is a common problem that needs to be overcome by start-up companies. 

3. Retention challenges 

As a start-up company, you might have been able to initially recruit and hire some of the best talents in the industry. But even after this is done, there is no guarantee that the team you have hired will stay with you. There is cut-throat competition now. Thus, your competitors will always try to snatch away your best employees. The problem is that your competitors are likely big companies with colossal money power. So, they have the financial strength to offer the best pay packages, which can often be difficult to resist.

So, the next big challenge which many start-ups have to face is that of retaining their employees. Again, there is always a constant threat from the competitors on this front. Losing your valuable employees can severely setback your new start-up business. In line with this, you need to have the best employee retention strategies, which should include keeping them always motivated with the best incentives.

4. Hiring issues

Unlike well-established brands, it is seen that new start-up companies often lack the credibility that big brands have. On the other hand, the new developers are looking for more stable and well-established brands to work for to strengthen their careers. Besides, when there is an urgent requirement of any software developer, the start-up companies often do not have the luxury of having an HR department, so everything has to be done only by a few individuals in the company. All of these pose significant challenges when they are looking to hire a software developer. 

5. Building a strong team

As mentioned, having a successful start-up company is more about a team game than achieving everything yourself. So, the best way to do it is by building your best team to take care of all your business needs. The software developers are the best to take care of your online needs. We have already mentioned the primary challenges that start-up companies face while hiring a software developer. But at the same time, you must take care of specific points. Let us see these considerations when hiring a developer for start-up companies.

What to consider when hiring a developer for a start-up?

Staying within the budget

As a new start-up company, you will know your cash flow is the very lifeline of your business. In line with this, even when hiring software developers for your new business, you must keep this vital point in mind. So, if you have bootstrapped your own business or built it through the finding of outside investors, you will know you are solely responsible and need to be very meticulous about the funds and expenses. Also, You also need to ensure the recruitment you do is proper so that the funds invested are best utilized. You have to limit your budget for hiring. 

And you have no choice but to make the selection strict, which is vital in the entire recruitment process. 

But with the stricter selection process, you can expect you will have the best software professionals working for you. You can therefore expect them to deliver the best results as is always expected from them. Of course, since your recruitment budget is low, you might be able to hire a small team. Still, they should be able to deliver better productivity, enabling you to have the desired results for your new start-up business. Thus, you can still expect to achieve your start-up business goals even with a limited recruitment budget.  

When hiring developers for start-up companies outsourcing the process serves many benefits. Let us see what the main benefits are by availing outsourcing for hiring for start-up companies. 

Availability of tech talent

Once, as a start-up company, you outsource the hiring process, there are many benefits that you can reap from it. As mentioned earlier, start-up companies often have their operations restricted to a limited geographical area, which is why they can only access a limited pool of talent for their hiring needs. The good thing about outsourcing the hiring process is they can access a large talent pool from different locations. Once you outsource, you can also consider hiring developers from remote locations. Once you do this, you are saved from the long-term commitment of permanent hiring. It is undoubtedly a great benefit of outsourcing the hiring process. 

Faster Recruitment

As the owner of a new start-up business, you will realize from time to time there is an urgent requirement for software developers to take care of specific business issues. In such a case, hiring a software developer has to be done very quickly. If you follow the traditional hiring methods, owing to the many limitations of being a start-up company, the process is slow. Here again, outsourcing the hiring process is the quickest way to fill up the vacant positions quickly. These providers of hiring services are experts in the field and have a ready database of prospective candidates you can consider hiring. The result is the process is much faster and more efficient too. 

You have greater flexibility.

Along with other benefits, outsourcing the hiring process also offers excellent flexibility. Remote outsourcing ensures you can hire from any location. It gives you a more comprehensive range of candidates you can choose from. It means greater flexibility. Also, based on your hiring needs, you can decide on the remuneration for prospective candidates. Based on your workload, which may, at times, you can decide on the terms of employment and hire only for a limited period. 

Everything is put together. Therefore, your recruitment process can be made much more flexible. It is another benefit of outsourcing the hiring process. 

Utilize the hiring budget in the best way

Recruitment is often done permanently by companies. Though they have their distinct benefits, at the same time, it also has their drawbacks. First, they can add a significant load to your hiring budget. If you hire a software developer for a start-up company, you can make it more flexible if you hire by outsourcing it. You can decide on the terms of employment based on your specific requirements. It means you are saved from paying the many benefits that must be paid to the company’s permanent employees. When there is stiff competition, cutting down recruitment costs can mean an excellent boost to profitability. 

Thus, if you are a start-up company looking to recruit developers, outsourcing the process can mean you can have your hiring budget utilized in the best way. As a result, it is inducing many start-up companies to opt for the option of outsourcing the recruitment process, along with other business functions.

Have a more experienced workforce

Once you have your recruitment process outsourced, you will realize that you have access to a vast pool of the best industry talents, including software developers. In addition, it means you can hire the best people in the industry; they are the ones who have a rich experience in the field and thus are true experts in their field. So, by outsourcing, you have the scope of building a robust and experienced workforce, even though they may be hired only temporarily. 

Hiring through outsourcing-Steps involved

Till now, we have seen that having the best software developers is a crucial need of new start-up companies, but the process is very challenging owing to the many challenges. To resolve this problem, outsourcing the hiring process can be a great solution in some instances. But just that you outsource the process by itself will in no way guarantee success. You have to work towards it. For this, you, as a start-up company, need to follow some specific steps. Let us see what they are.

Identify your business needs.

If one is looking to hire a developer for a start-up company, the first and foremost thing they need to do is identify the exact purpose of their hiring. Once this is identified, you can explain to the outsourcing agency your specific hiring needs, and then the process will be much more effective in achieving better results. 

Determine the exact employment model

Before hiring a software developer or, for that matter, hiring anyone, you need to have a specific employment model of yours to hire your employees. It might be an outsourcing hiring model. But this needs to be defined well, so there is no confusion later in the hiring process. We have already discussed the benefits associated with the outsourcing model for your hiring. Some, you need to study what will work best for you and then finalize the process which needs to be followed.

Verify the expertise

Though the benefits are many in the outsourcing the hiring process, at the same time, knowing the prospective employee well is always valuable. So, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that the expertise claimed by the prospective employee is verified from reliable sources so that you are not let down later.

Conclusion: hiring a software developer

To conclude, we can say that the challenges facing hiring for a new start-up company are many. At the same time this is a vital process to ensure the start-up company can survive the killer competition on the internet. The process is no child’s play and needs due attention. We however hope the tips mentioned here will help you hire a software developer more efficiently and quickly.

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