install django in anaconda

How to Install Django on Anaconda

Firstly In this we talk about How to Install Django on anaconda and install django? When I started using Anaconda, it was quite impressive. And also Python Framework Django is quite famous after this year.

What is Anaconda?

Anaconda is a complete package of python frameworks and also its library all in one place. Anaconda is the standard platform for Python data science, leading in open source innovation for machine learning. Develop, manage, collaborate, and also govern at scale with our enterprise platform.

Python is the most powerful language at today and also it covers almost all platform/channels install django example are below:

  • Web development
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine learn
  • IoT
  • Robotic
  • Artificial intelligence
  • other

How to Install Django on Anaconda – Windows, Mac, and also Ubuntu Linux

1. Install Anaconda on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Firstly download the anaconda on you linux machine – Click here to download anaconda
  2. Go to Download folder and also open terminal or locate that folder where you download above file
  3. Type this command NOTE: For everyone file name will difference make sure you use same name

bash ~/Downloads/

After verify your version

conda init

2. Install Anaconda on Mac

  1. Download the file macOS installer
  2. Locate the folder and Double-click the downloaded file and also click continue to start the installation.
  3. Click the Install button to install Anaconda in your ~/opt directory (recommended).

3. Install Anaconda on Windows 10

Follow the video or below instructions

How to install Django in anaconda 2021 conda install Django Make Anaconda Django Environment Python

Anaconda offers almost all library support and platform support to Python and also it is using the world wide.

How to install Django on Anaconda on Windows 10?

Step 1. Install Anaconda to your machine, Click here

NOTE: While installing Anaconda check this “Add anaconda to my path environment variable”

If you know what you are doing feel free to uncheck, but my recommendation to check this box

coresumo anaconda instructions

How to install Django on Anaconda?

Step 2. Once this step is done open your command prompt (CMD) or our recommendation install Pycharm IDE for the terminal.

Step 3. paste this command and hit enter: for install django

conda install -c anaconda django 

Step 4. Check the Django version by

python -m django --version 

Step 5. Create a Django project

django-admin startproject mysite

Step 6. Run the Django server

python runserver 

Step 6. You will see the following item

Starting development server at

Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

Visit the URL of the above link nad to stop the server hit: Control+c 😉

For more detail please visit official Django documentation for more details.

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How to Install Django on anaconda
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If you guys facing any issues, please comment below, We will definitely help you for the same. You follow my open-source API’s and another project from here Github

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