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How to install Java Spring Boot in Mac OS

here we will discuss how to install Java Spring Boot in Mac OS. Spring Boot is a Spring framework plugin that makes it easier to set up Spring applications from the start. It allows you to quickly develop a functional independent Spring application with only the most basic settings.

Java Spring Boot Initializr is a web tool that creates a Spring Boot project. You can select the essential setup for your projects, such as the build tool, language, Spring Boot framework version, and any dependencies. The Java Spring Boot Initializr project wizard in IntelliJ IDEA interfaces with the Spring Initializr API to allow you to generate and import your project directly from the IDE.

IntelliJ IDEA applies code formatting to created files by default. Open the IDE settings with Ctrl+Alt+S, select Languages & Frameworks Java Spring Boot, and deactivate the Reformat code option in the New Initializr Projects group if you want the files to stay formatted as they were generated by Spring Initializr.

On your Mac or Windows computer, follow the steps in this wikiHow to download and install Java Spring Boot. Java Spring Boot is a free coding (Java-like) environment that requires Java SDK v1.8 or higher.

Custom Configuration files.

Java Spring Boot Initializr generates a single default configuration file, which may or may not be adequate for development. You can use custom configuration files created in your project if you don’t want to use the default configuration file or if you want to run your code in multiple settings.

To allow appropriate highlighting and coding assistance, let IntelliJ IDEA know which files in your project are configuration files.

Spring Boot

Runtime Endpoints

Additional features in Spring Boot include HTTP endpoints and Java Management Extensions for monitoring and managing the state of your application in the production environment (JMX). See Spring Boot Actuator: Production-Ready Features for additional details.

Java Spring Boot

On your Mac or Windows computer, follow the steps in this wikiHow to download and install Spring. Spring is a free coding (Java-like) environment that requires Java SDK v1.8 or higher.

You can alternatively go to and select the proper file for your computer from the “Manual Downloads” section (.zip for Windows and .tar.gz for Mac)

Java Spring Boot

2.Select the proper file for download. For Mac, Linux, Windows, Visual Studio, and Theia, there are downloads available.

Java Spring Boot

3. Double-click the file you just downloaded. When a download is complete, many web browsers will display a notification, which you can click to open. If not, look in the Downloads folder for the file.

Spring Boot

4.Follow the directions on the screen. You only need to double-click the file to start it because it is self-extracting.

When you double-click the file, a “Unpacking” window will open.

Spring Boot

5. Double-click the unpacked folder’s application file. The.dmg or.exe file will be found in the “Release” folder, which is produced when the downloaded file self-extracts.

After extracting the file, you may run the program and begin constructing Spring Boot applications.

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