How to install macOS Mojave on Unsupported Macos

How to install macOS Mojave on Unsupported MacOS

We will discuss How to install macOS Mojave on Unsupported MacOS. You will need a flash drive that is at least 16 GB in size and a copy of the patch tool in order to do this process.

How to install macOS Mojave on Unsupported MacOS

  • To Download Patch on this link
  • Once the patch tool has finished downloading, open it the .dmg file and wait for it to mount.

Insert your 16 GB or higher USB drive into your Mac.

  • Open Disk Utility
  • Erase the USB Drive and format it into macOS Extended (Journaled) format. The name of the drive does not matter.


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These following steps are only necessary if you do not have a copy of the Mojave installer application.

  • Click “Tools” and then click “Download macOS Mojave” in the dropdown menu when it appears.
  • Click continue, and then select where you will save the installer.
  • Once the Mojave installer has finished downloading, select the Mojave icon in the macOS Mojave Patcher window.
  • Select your Mojave installer and click open
  • Now, select your volume by clicking the dropdown menu under the picture of a hard drive. You want to select the name of your USB drive.
  • Click start operation. This may take a while to complete based on your drive speed.

Once this process has been completed, Restart the mac. and Press the power button on your Mac and hold down the option key on the keyboard.

  • Use the arrow keys to move the outlined box over to the yellow box with the USB logo on it. Press enter when you have highlighted that box.

Open disk utility by going to utilities in the menu bar and clicking disk utility.

  • Click on your HDD/SSHD/SSD in the sidebar menu and click erase at the top of the window.
  • Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and name your HDD/SSHD/SSD
  • Once you have successfully erased your drive, click the words “disk utility” in the menubar. then Click close and Disk Utility should close.
  1. To Click continue at this menu
  • Then Click your HDD/SSHD/SSD that you want Mojave to be installed onto. Click continue after selecting your drive.
  • Mojave is being installed onto your Mac.

Once the installer is done installing, shut down your computer.

  • repeate 4 step.
  1. This time, instead of installing Mojave again we need to install the necessary patches for Mojave to run properly.
  • Click macOS Post Install in either the side menu or from the dropdown menu in utilities.

Select your type of Mac in the dropdown menu.

  • The patch tool automatically detects your Mac model and shows what you have here. If you are unsure at all which Mac you have, select the model listed here.
  1. Click reboot after all of the patches are completed.

Complete guide if you require please comment below

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