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How to install PHP on MAC OS or Machine

How to install PHP on MAC OS or Machine

What is PHP?

Its a programming language, PHP was officially launched in 1994 and designed by legendary programmer Rasmus Lerdorf and his team.

In this article We will discussed about installation guide, How to install PHP on Mac OS machine or setup PHP on Mac OS machine . Recent new PHP upcoming version 8.4 release date is initial months of 2021. Current version of PHP 7.4  which release on 28 Nov 2019 and supported till 2022. And about version PHP 8.0 it will support until 2024.


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How to install PHP on Mac OS or machine

There are two method to install PHP on Ubuntu machine

Method 1. How to install PHP on Mac OS or machine with MySQL
Method 2. Install PHP, MySQL and Apache server via package on Mac OS or machine

Method 1. Install PHP, Mysql and apache server on Mac OS via package

Click here to download the mac package.


Method 2. Install PHP on Mac OS manually

Click here to download the mac manually


Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages (2004/2020)

What is the best PHP technology stack for building enterprise applications?

Need details article for this: Pick best PHP Technology Stack for enterprise application or tech stack


Server Side Technology Stack

1. Programming Language: PHP 7.4 (Latest version)

Backend Framework: Laravel (Better community support) or Codeigniter too

Database storage: MySQL Database

Right Key-value storage: Redis

Python Technology Stack redis logo

Web server: NGINX

NGINX-logo-Python Technology Stack

Hosting provider: Amazon web service (AWS)

NGINX-logo-Python Technology Stack Amazon_Web_Services_logo_AWS

DevOps Tools: Jenkins

Container tools: Docker

Version control: Github

API testing tool: Postman tool

Python Technology Stack postman

Client-Side Technology Stack

Frontend Programming Language: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Python Technology Stack html css js

Frontend Framework: ReactJS

Python Technology Stack reactjs

Automation Framework: Selenium

selenium_logo Python Technology Stack


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Newcomers and other programmers still think, PHP is not a good language. But this is not true.


  1. More over 60% website are using PHP as backend
  2. Big brands like Wikipedia, Facebook, Hootsuite using PHP even NASA using it.
  3. Nothing is perfect every language has its own capability just like human fingers. They are not all the same.
  4. Every backend language have their own features:


  • Speed: NodeJS
  • Faster development: Ruby
  • Secure: Java
  • High performance: C, C++, Rust
  • Data analysis: Python
  • All in one: PHP

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