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How to install setup rust server on Linux Ubuntu Mac Windows

Here we discuss How to install setup rust server on Linux Ubuntu Mac Windows. Rust is a server-side programming language (Backend), It was launched on July 7, 2010, by Graydon Ho are. Its official website is Rust is a multi-paradigm system programming language and it is highly used for Memory safety and security. According to our research Rust programming language, 9-13% using as server-side language and Rust developer package/salary is $130-150k per annum.

Thousands of companies, large and small, use corrosion in production for a variety of tasks. Those functions include command-line, web services, DevOps, embedded devices, audio, and video analysis and transcoding, cryptocurrency, bioinformatics, search engines, IoT applications, ML/AI, and key parts of the Firefox web browser.

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How to install How to install setup rust server on Linux Ubuntu Mac Windows

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setup rust server
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What are the features of Rust?

  1. Rust as serverside build powerful web application
  2. For Embedded programming it best choice for that.
  3. Best choice for created command-line tools for the cross-platform.
  4. Response time is quite faster than other languages
  5. Compilation is faster

How to install setup rust server on Linux or Mac


$ sudo apt-get install curl 


yum install curl   [On CentOS/RHEL]

Run this command:

curl -sSf | sh

Provide a path to Rust:

source $HOME/.cargo/env

Check Version:

rustc --version


rustc 1.XX.XX

Install Build for Rust essential

sudo apt install build-essential

Create format file name:

Add Hello, world! code:

fn main() {
println!("Hello, world!");

And Run this file with:



Hello, world!

How to install setup rust server on Windows

Download Rust EXE file and install the Rust, Click here

How to Install Rust for Mac or How to Setup Rust for Mac

$ brew install rustupCopy

Setup package manager:

$ rustup-initCopy

Check Version:

$ rustc --version


As we see on benchmark if Rust with another programming language like Java, NodeJS, Python and Go. Rust is given a quite good performance. We are also worked on some opensource as well as privte projects

The FAQ: setup rust server (I’m not against any language these are my own opinions):

a. Why Rust is less popular than another language?

Rust is quite a new language launch in 2010, so the programmer quite not choose this language. Also, this reason affects its community support.

b. Is Rust faster than another language?

Yes, Rust is syntactically similar to C++. So it’s faster than others.

c. Which framework do I choose for Rust Web development?

There many good frameworks around and if we learn a new language we need to choose the best framework.

We are in coresumo like rocket framework, which is one of the most popular rust frameworks. Need more details on this, comment below.

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