How to install or Setup Scala on Window/Linux ( Ubuntu )/Mac

How to install Scala on Ubuntu Linux or Install scala on Mac or Windows 10 or Setup Scala 3.0

Today’s article we gonna discuss Scala. Language Scala is a very powerful programming language. Scala is currently supported by various big brands like IBMTwitterSAPVerizon and us 🙂 etc. 

The Scala is a general programming language and combines object-oriented programming language with functional programming. It combines Java and Javascript.

Scala programming language runs on JVM, Javascript and native with LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) it an LLVM Compiler Infrastructure. Scala is quite trending on the Blockchain project more.

In this article we gonna discuss about Scala, What are the features of Scala 3.0 and How to install Scala on Ubuntu Linux or Mac or Windows 10

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Who are using Scala?

who is using scala

who is using scala

who is using scala

who is using scala


latest version Scala

2.13.1 of Scala which is released on Sep 2019


What is the Scala 3.0 release date?

  • release date 2.13.1 which is released on Sep 2019
  • 2.13.2 version release date is Feb 2020 which is not sure
  • Scala 2.14 version release date is 2020, They will officially announce the same.
  • Release date Scala 3.0 or Scala 3 version release date not final yet but they definitely announce this in 2020.


What are the Features of Scala, below are Scala features:

  1. Modern programming language and its influence by Java, Ruby, Erlang etc. so what coolness of Java, Ruby or Erlang all these Scala lang have.
  2. Like other programming language scala is also an object-oriented programming language
  3. It runs on LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
  4. It runs on the combination of JVM, JavaScript, and LLVM
  5. Like C and Rust language Scala is also statically typed language.
  6. Scala allows other programming language library, these features are very smooth
  7. Scala works smoothly with the old Java Library that was developed 15-25 years old programmer written.
  8. Supports multiple IDE such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, VScode, Atom, IDE For Eclipse, GNU Emacs, Vim, Sublime Text, etc
  9. Adaptable language for Java Developers
  10. It executes Java code


Scala performance and Scala benchmark

Read this article for Scala benchmark and difference with Other language Click here


How to install Scala on Ubuntu Linux or Install Scala on Mac or Windows 10 or Setup Scala 3.0


How to Install Scala on Ubuntu Linux or How to Setup Scala on Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt-get install scalaCopy
scala -version

How to Install Scala on Mac or How to Setup Scala on Mac

brew updateCopy
brew install scala

How to Install scala on windows 10 or How to Setup scala on windows 10

To download Scala .exe file Click here


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