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How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server

Welcome to Coresumo Technology today We’ve getting lots of comments of the people asking How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server. So, today we’ve bring you a solution for that.

Ubuntu is popular in universities and exploration groups because it combines all the features of Unix OS with a customizable graphical stoner interface.
Ubuntu also includes a number of software programs, for illustration, LibreOffice and Firefox. It’s also possible to run personal software on Ubuntu.
The GNU General Public License is use to certify numerous of Ubuntu’s software products. This also permits druggies to produce their own interpretation of programs by copying, changing, developing, and redistributing them.
Troll (GNU Network Object Model Environment, pronounced gah-NOHM), a graphical stoner interface (GUI), and also as a suite of desktop operations for Linux. Troll also is a desktop terrain for Linux that’s similar to the Windows desktop interface. It is design to make Linux accessible to people who aren’t programmers. Let’s discuss Ubuntu Features.

Ubuntu Features

Office software open- source operating systemWeb browsingEmailPhotosVideosGamingA whole world of appsBacked by CanonicalNo AntivirusHardware autoconfigurationSoftware RepositoriesMultiple desktopsssh customer.

Office Software

In Ubuntu, we’ve a software called LibreOffice, via which we can produce professional documents, spreadsheets, and donations. LibreOffice is an open- source office suite that’s compatible with Microsoft Office. That means we can open and modify lines similar as Word documents, PowerPoint, and Excel spreadsheets and partake them with other people fluently and snappily. Google croakers is also using directly from our desktop.

An Open-Source Operating System

In Ubuntu, our law openly participates during the development cycle. We are transparent about our plans for future releases, so as a inventor, tackle manufacturer, or OEM, we can start developing Ubuntu operations and systems right now.


Thunderbird, Mozilla’s notorious dispatch operations including with Ubuntu, so we’ll have quick access to our dispatch from our desktop. Dispatch works anyhow of the dispatch service we use, similar as Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, POP 3, or IMAP.

Web Browsing

Ubuntu and Firefox, both celebrated for their speed and security, make browsing the web a pleasure formerly more. Ubuntu now supports Chrome and other cybersurfers, which we can get via the Ubuntu Software Centre.


Ubuntu has a plethora of free apps to let you enjoy, edit, manage and partake the prints-whatever camera you use to take prints. With excellent support for cameras and phones, we will not bear any fresh motorists to get start.
In Ubuntu, we can fluently and snappily import, edit, organize and view our prints using Shotwell. We can also partake our favourite prints on any of the notorious websites and social media platforms.
Tools like Gimp and Krita, both accessible in the Ubuntu Software centre announcement we can use these tools to edit images or produce professional illustrations and designs.


On Ubuntu, we can watch HD vids in our cybersurfer or with the dereliction Movie Player, VLC, and OpenShot from the Snap Store. Use Shotcut or kdenlive to edit our vids, also watch them in Movie Player.


In Ubuntu, from Sudoku to first-person shooters, we’ve a number of games that will keep us engaged for hours. 
Choice from critically acclaimed titles like Dota2, Kerbal Space Program,Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Borderlands ThePre-Sequel.

A Whole World of Apps

Utmost of them are free to download and install with just a many clicks. For illustration, VLC player, Firefox, Chromium, Telegram, PyCharm, Skype, Spotify, Atom, Slack,etc.

Backed by Canonical

Canonical is a transnational software company that offers marketable, design, and engineering support to the design of Ubuntu. Hundreds of laptops and workstations have beenpre-installed with Ubuntu by Ubuntu’s tackle enablement platoon throughout the world.

No Antivirus

In the Windows terrain, security practices are extremely antithetical. Utmost of the same companies which write Windows software also make millions of bones furnishing hogging operations that guard Windows apps from security issues. Although Ubuntu isn’t malware defend, it’s as secure as it needs to be for utmost druggies right out of the box, indeed without the addition of any precious antivirus scanners.

Tackle Autoconfiguration

Another point of Ubuntu is tackle autoconfiguration. Utmost tackle motorists are formerly include in Ubuntu. Anybody who has installs a Windows general interpretation of Windows ( i.e., one that has not beenpre-configured by a PC seller to work with specific tackle) understands how accessible it isn’t to spend hours looking for motorists after the operating system has been install.

Software Depositories

It’s a tremendous advantage to install a number of operations from the depositories of Ubuntu in some clicks. Piecemeal from the fact that the software is free and safer .exe packages, which are download from arbitrary websites, installing programs from a centralized position is far more accessible.

Multiple Desktops

The virtual desktops are analogous to marked web browsing-we don’t understand how salutary they’re until we use them. There are colorful third- party tools for achieving the same capability on Windows, but many of them perform duly with Vista and advanced, in our experience.

ssh Client
Having an ssh customer bedded into the operating system is a significant advantage for us. There are several ssh guests for Windows, similar as Putty, but none of them comepre-installed in Windows, and indeed the finest of them is not as functional as troll- outstation. Let’s discuss the Advantages of Ubuntu.

Advantages of Ubuntu

How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server

Below are some essential advantages of Ubuntu
Ubuntu is free and an open-source operating system Ubuntu is more secureUbuntu runs without installation ubuntu supports window tiling Ubuntu is further resource-friendly. Ubuntu is a fully customizable well-round operating system for desktop computing with minimal tackle or system conditions. Let’s discuss the Disadvantages of Ubuntu

Disadvantages of Ubuntu

Below are some disadvantages of Ubuntu
Issues with Commercializationvs. open- sourcesoftware.Compatibility issues with software andhardware.There are other Linux operating systems that arebetter.Has a small number of uninteresting gametitles.Limited Functionality as a result of a small number of operations.

What’s PHP

How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server

Summary in this tutorial, you ’ll learn about PHP, how it works, what it can do, and its advantages.
Preface to PHP
PHP is a garçon- side and general- purpose scripting language that’s especially suit for web development.
PHP firstly stood for Personal Home Page. Still, now, it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. 
PHP is made by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It is presently maintains by the PHP Development Team.

PHP is a garçon- side language. When you open a website on your web cybersurfer, for illustration, https//www.phptutorial.net
The web cybersurfer sends an HTTP request to a web garçon wherephptutorial.net locates. The web garçon receives the request and responds with an HTML document.

In this illustration, the web cybersurfer is a customer while the web garçon is the garçon. The customer requests for a runner, and the garçon serves the request. PHP runs on the web garçon, processes the request, and returns the HTML document. Let’s discuss PHP is a general-purpose language.

PHP is a general-purpose language

When it comes to the purpose of the programming languages, there are two main types sphere-specific and general- purpose languages.
The sphere-specific languages are used within specific operation disciplines. For illustration, SQL is a sphere-specific language. It’s used substantially for querying data from relational databases. And SQL can not be used for other purposes.
On the other hand, PHP is a general- purpose language because PHP can develop colorful operations. Let’s discuss PHP is across-platform language.

PHP is across-platform language

You can use PHP with all leading web waiters similar as Nginx, OpenBSD, and Apache. Some pall surroundings also support PHP like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.
PHP is relatively flexible. It’s not just limited to processing HTML. PHP has erected-in support for generating PDF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG images.
One notable point of PHP is that it supports numerous databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, db2, Oracle Database, and MongoDB. Let’s discuss What can PHP do.

What can PHP do

PHP has two main operations
Garçon- side scripting – PHP is well- suited for developing dynamic websites and webapplications.Command- line scripting – like Python and Perl, you can run PHP script from the command line to perform executive tasks like transferring emails and generating PDF lines.
The tutorials on this website substantially concentrate on garçon- side scripting. The following illustrates how PHP works. Let’s discuss How PHP works.

How PHP works

First, the web cybersurfer sends an HTTP request to the web garçon,e.g.,index.php.Second, the PHP preprocessor that locates on the web garçon processes PHP law to induce the HTMLdocument.Third, the web garçon sends the HTML document back to the web cybersurfer. Let’s discuss the Advantages of PHP.

Advantages of PHP

How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server

Since PHP is designed for the web in the first place, it brings numerous advantages to web development. Simple – PHP is relatively easy to learn and getstarted.Fast – PHP websites generally run veritablyfast.Stable – PHP is stable since it has been in actuality for a longtime. It means that you do n’t have to pay a license figure to use PHP to develop softwareproducts.Community support – PHP has an active online community that helps you whenever you face an issue. Let’s discuss How to Upgrade PHP Version in Ubuntu.

How to Upgrade PHP Version in Ubuntu

PHP is a popular programming language used for web development. It regularly releases updates with new features and performance advancements. So you may need to upgrade to PHP7.4 or8.0, to mileage its new features and security advancements. Then are the way to upgrade PHP interpretation in Ubuntu. We’ll look at how to upgrade to PHP7.4 in Ubuntu18.04. You can use these way to upgrade PHP7.0 to PHP7.4 or PHP7.2 to PHP7.4.

Then’s how to upgrade to PHP7.4 in ubuntu18.04. There’s no way to directly upgrade your being PHP to PHP7.4. You need to install PHP7.4 and also change the system PHP to it. Let’s discuss how to Add PPA depository for PHP.

Add PPA depository for PHP

PHP7.4 is maintained by ondej/ php depository. Run the following command to add it to our list of sources.
$ sudo apt install software- parcels-common$ sudo add-apt- depository ppaondrej/ php

Update Ubuntu
Open a terminal and run the following commands to modernize Ubuntu packages.
$ Sudo apt- progeny update

Install PHP7.4
Install PHP7.4 with the following command
$ Sudo apt install php7.4

Check PHP interpretation
$ sudo php-v

Install PHP Extensions (Optional)

PHP extensions are generally used along with PHP. Install them with the following command.
$ sudo apt installphp7.4-commonphp7.4-mysqlphp7.4-xmlphp7.4-xmlrpcphp7.4- coilphp7.4-gdphp7.4-imagickphp7.4-cliphp7.4-devphp7.4-imapphp7.4-mbstringphp7.4-opcachephp7.4- cleanerphp7.4-zipphp7.4-intl-y

Enable PHP7.4 for Apache
Next you need to disable your old PHP ( say7.0) and enable new PHP7.4.
$ sudo a2dismod php7.0$ sudo a2enmod php7.4

Renew Apache Garçon
Renew Apache web garçon to apply changes
$ sudo service apache2 renew

That’s it. Your PHP interpretation will be streamlined to the rearmost interpretation. If you want to modernize to PHP8.0 in Ubuntu, follow the same way but replace7.4 with8.0 in every command.

So, let me know in the comment section how helpful is this article How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server. Also let us know which topic do you need us to talk on further. We’ll be covering all the topic our users will ask for. Don’t forget to like the post and also share with your friend to help them out How to upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu Linux server.

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