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How to Listen to Podcasts for Free on Any Device

How to Listen to Podcasts for Free on Any Device
Greetings readers! Today we would dive into the details of podcast, and how to listen to them for free on various devices. As we are all aware of the increasing popularity of the podcasts, several apps have emerged out in the past few years which provide the users with free services to listen to their favorite podcasters. Let us take a look at them, one by one and how one can access the same on different devices like Android phones, Apple products or on Microsoft Windows.

Listening to podcasts on an iPhone, iPod or iPad

iPhone, iPod, or iPads already come equipped with the Apple Podcast app. (If you’re looking for it, the icon is purple with two white circles surrounding a figure.) And it is absolutely free for use, the app allows you to browse, sample, and subscribe to podcasts. Once subscribed, new episodes get download automatically onto your device.

If, for whatever reason, the app isn’t on your Apple device, you can find the same on the App Store and download it for free.

Listening Podcasts on Android phones

Various android devices are already installed with the Google Podcast app, which functions quite similar to that of the Apple Podcast app. The icon of Google Podcast app features a multi-colored diamond with a white background color.

However there are also various other popular options out there like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher. Many of these apps are supported by both Apple and Android devices, and most of them are free. (These offer various kinds of services amongst which the most poplular one is the basic free plan. )

There are also podcast platforms devoted to particular genres. Laughable, for instance, features comedic content.

Listening to podcasts on the web

No smartphone or a tablet? Don’t you worry you can still listen podcast because all you really need is an Internet connection.

Most of the apps listed above also have their own websites where you can download and listen to podcasts for free. However, various organizations, along with virtually all the major news outlets, they offer podcasts too. All you need to do is go visit your favourite publication or a public figure’s website. Mostly, you’ll find they have podcasts that’s just fits fine with your interest and choice of genre.

So now having discussed various ways of listening to the podcast, let us take a look at some of these platforms one by one to have a better idea.

1. Apple Podcast

Another user friendly feature is that it’s easy to navigate podcasts based on different genres and Apple-curated collections. It’s easier to find shows for a specific interest or see recommendations for new and latest titles. Thus making people like podcast and listen to them in a much more audience friendly manner.

  • Selection: Over 1 million shows
  • Price: Free, $1 and up for individual show subscriptions
  • Devices: iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.0 or later
  • Exclusive podcasts: Yes


2. Google Podcasts

How to listen to Podcasts

Google Podcasts is a free service with convenient features that make it easy for users to discover more about the podcast they listen to. Ithelps you find the best shows for you tastes with a homepage that directs you to popular podcasts based on genres and what’s trending. 

Here you would find many of the same shows hosted similar to that of Apple Podcasts and its user interface which is very intriguing to newbies and experienced listeners in the similar fashion. Similar to other podcast apps, one can subscribe to shows and download them for listening offline. If you want to listen to a number of different podcasts in a certain order, you can create your own queue and listen accordingly. 

The “Explore topics” section is another very unique feature found on Google Podcasts which is present on the episode’s page. This section directly links you to Google search results for keywords based on the podcast you’re listening to. 

  • Selection: Not specified
  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Web browser, iOS devices, and Android devices
  • Exclusive podcasts: No


3. Spotify

How to listen to Podcast

But if someone is really bothered by this, there are a number of plans for ad-free listening which you can choose from, starting with Spotify Premium for one account at $10 a month. It’s important to note that you can only download podcasts with Spotify if you have Premium. The app’s podcast homepage features curated collections and genres, including spotlights on some of its original podcasts you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Selection: 2.2 million podcasts
  • Price: Free (with ads), $10 a month (ad-free)
  • Devices: Web browser, iOS, Android, media players, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more
  • Exclusive podcasts: Yes


4. Audible

It is an audiobook-centric app but it also features several original podcasts.

Audible is famous for its selection of audiobooks, however this app (which is backed by Amazon) also provides a number of podcasts, that includes Audible Original shows. The “Podcasts” category has loads of content based on comedy, relationships, tech, and much more.

Once you pick a show, you are free to explore the reviews from listeners and decide whether this is the type of podcast you would listen to or not. These reviews include star ratings for the host’s performance, the story, and the overall podcast. This helps make Audible one of the most user-friendly platforms for listener reviews.

When playing a podcast, you can skip ahead or go back by 30 seconds, connect to Bluetooth, and change the speed from 0.5x to 3.5x. You can also see how much time is left, switch to CarPlay for a minimalist interface, and select episodes via a list at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Selection: 100,000 podcasts
  • Price: Free, $8 a month (Audible Plus catalog), $15 a month (Audible Premium Plus)
  • Devices: Web player, iOS, Android, Windows 10 tablets, Fire tablets, and more
  • Exclusive podcasts: Yes


5. Stitcher

Another similar platform is Stitcher. It comes up with a selection of original podcasts and a wide range of playback options. Unlike Spotify and Audible, Stitcher puts its focus squarely on podcasts. Its layout is also one of the sleekest and most straightforward across podcast apps as the UI is specifically designed with focusing on podcast streaming.

Once you sign in, you can check Stitcher‘s top picks of the week along with curated collections of playlists celebrating the likes of women, Black Americans, Independent artists, and more. Stitcher‘s homepage also includes an assortment of podcasts from different genres.

There’s a number of Stitcher original shows, as well, including “Dark Arenas,” “Going Deep,” “The Resurr-Erection,” “Unspooled: Screen Test,” “MASCOTS,” and a podcast by “Reading Rainbow” host LeVar Burton. That said, some shows and episodes are exclusive to Stitcher’s ad-free Premium plan.

  • Selection: Over 260,000 podcasts
  • Price: Free (with ads), $5 a month/$35 a year (ad-free)
  • Devices: Web player, iOS devices, Android devices, and more
  • Exclusives podcasts: Yes

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