Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

Here we discuss Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website. Each year, the whims of a fickle audience, the entrance of new players, and changing worldwide trends cause a reshuffle in the most significant scoreboard on social media.

With over 3.8 billion social media users, it’s very probable that a portion of your primary audience is among them. It is definitely worth spending time and money in creating and maintaining a social media presence, as well as putting your business in front of this huge audience.

The more visitors you drive to your website, the better your chances of boosting conversions. It should be a top goal to drive relevant visitors to your website. You may do it in a number of ways. Today, having a presence on social media platforms is critical for merchants and eCommerce companies.

Many businesses overlook the social aspect of social media. It all comes down to interacting with and engaging your audience. The more aggressively you engage with your audience on social media, the more probable it is that they will click over to your website.

Choosing which social network your business will concentrate its marketing efforts on is a critical choice that should not be made on an impulse.

Below Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website



Facebook is  the world’s most popular social media platform. It is unquestionably the world champ of social media networks.

Facebook is the social media behemoth that not only demonstrated to the world what the internet can be, but also profoundly altered how people connect with one another.

As of February 2021, Facebook has 2.74 billion active members, a figure that is growing at a rate of approximately 500,000 new users each day, or six new users per second. Facebook business Pages are used by over 65 million companies. Additionally, Facebook advertising is experienced by almost six million companies.

As the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook is a safe medium for any company seeking to accelerate sales via ecommerce marketing.

Despite its enormous popularity, Facebook is not the world’s most searched website. Surprisingly, its 25.5 billion monthly visitors are surpassed by YouTube’s 34.6 billion and completely surpassed by Google’s 92.5 billion.

However, if your primary audience is above the age of 30, consider creating a presence on Facebook and publishing industry-related news, amusing (short-form) videos, graphics, and other visually appealing content.

Take into account using Facebook groups to assemble your clients or community in one location online. Facebook groups, unlike Facebook business pages, aren’t for advertising, although they may be helpful for generating debate.



This social media platform is an incredible place to build an online presence. You may also utilise the social networking site for customer service, advertising, and other purposes. Moreover, Twitter’s advanced search is excellent for market research.

There are additional business-specific solutions available, such as Twitter analytics.

Excellent for customer service and direct engagement with audiences. Because of the prominence of hashtags, it is ideal for hashtag campaigns and contests.

Twitter is the most widely used social media marketing platform for businesses.

Twitter advertisements are excellent for targeting and digging down into your targeted audience group. After you’ve decided on a region and language, you may add keywords, handles, and preferences.

Describe your marketing goals, such as increasing brand recognition, gaining new followers, or driving traffic to your website.

Although Twitter’s monthly active user counts have been constant around 300 million for some time, a staggering 40% of those users are active on the site several times each day, implying that if your audience utilises the platform, they’re likely heavily active.

This social networking platform is still popular among tech-savvy users and is especially active in B2B sectors such as business, marketing, and politics today.



Since Instagram’s inception in 2010, the practise of posting pictures has grown in popularity. It’s an excellent platform for selling, collaborating with influencers, and engaging audiences. It now hosts Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV — a new tool for long-form video content.

Instagram’s demographic caters mainly to users under the age of 35, accounting for 71% of the app’s customer base. Almost 80% of Instagram accounts follow a company, which is a strong indicator of intent that marketers may rely on.

Despite having comparable functionality and interaction mechanisms, Instagram posts get a 23 percent greater engagement rate than pictures shared on Facebook.

With 140 million subscribers each, the United States and India are the platform’s two largest national demographics.

Instagram, the social media platform for influencers, businesses, bloggers, small business owners, friends, and everyone in between, now has well over 1.22 billion worldwide active users.

Setting up and optimising an Instagram business profile is a good place to start for brands. This will provide you access to a slew of business-specific tools, such as Instagram Insights and Instagram Shopping.

Instagram’s development of “influencers” was one of its most lasting accomplishments of digital marketing. For better or worse, some users’ popularity gave their profiles an “aspirational” tilt, which quickly resulted in the creation of a whole new marketing channel that enabled ordinary people to monetize their celebrity.



LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for business-to-business marketing. A professional site that receives fewer daily visitors than other social networking platforms.

When it comes to B2B social media marketing lead generation, LinkedIn is one of the finest platforms. LinkedIn has approximately 575 million members, with over 260 million unique visitors. 40% of LinkedIn users who use the site on a monthly basis use it on a daily basis.



Snapchat is a social networking platform for multimedia communications. It is one of the most popular applications among 13-29-year-olds, with 73 percent of 18-24-year-olds using the platform.

In recent months, it has attracted over 300 million monthly users. The majority of Snapchat users use the app to post updates and connect with friends and family through vanishing pictures and brief video messages. Users are somewhat more likely to be females, with the majority using the app on a daily basis.

Many excellent businesses on Snapchat have utilised the social media platform to boost their following and revenues.

Snaps expire after 24 hours, making them ideal for companies looking to conduct limited-time deals and sneak peaks at new products — just keep the demographics in mind.

If you want to target a youthful audience and have a knack for producing bite-sized, entertaining video content, Snapchat should be your first priority.


Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine, with a whopping 2.29 billion registered users, behind only its parent firm, Google.

However, since ANYONE may watch YouTube videos, whether or not they are a registered member, this number may not be an accurate reflection of the platform’s actual traffic.

In terms of national demographics, just three nations account for more than 30 percent of total YouTube traffic.The United States provides the most, at 16.4 percent. India comes in second with 9.2 percent, while Japan takes third with 4.8 percent.

Your company might benefit from creating video tutorials or walkthroughs, visually-driven instructional material, product reviews, or interviews, then this social media network is a necessity for reaching their over 2 billion monthly visitors.

YouTube has a high proportion of people aged 15 to 34. Today, YouTube is brimming with high-quality video from independent artists and businesses looking to strengthen consumer connections.

As a consequence, this social media platform is a must-have for any company looking to leverage the potential of video marketing.


Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

In 2020, the image-sharing platform had a remarkable year of growth, acquiring more than 100 million new monthly active users between January and December. Having said that, it’s worth noting that Pinterest’s phenomenal rise in 2020 was mainly attributable to increasing foreign usage.

Valuable information for businesses seeking to market themselves on Pinterest is that the social media network is just now beginning to establish a name for itself outside of the United States.

Pinterest has one of the most concentrated female audiences of any social media platform, with over 320 million monthly users. Nearly 80% of their customers are female, with millennials constituting a sizable proportion.

Pinterest has grown in popularity as a social bookmarking platform for storing ideas and discovering creative inspiration in a variety of fields, including cuisine, DIY home projects, vacation ideas, interior design, business, and everything in between. With a mainly female readership, this social media site is often mentioned as an important element of the product discovery process.

According to Pinterest, 78% of consumers find brand content on Pinterest helpful. As a result, this is an excellent social media site to include into your content marketing plan.

If your audience comprises mostly adult women, and your company is connected to lifestyle, fashion, decorating, or DIY, you should prioritise Pinterest.


Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

Reddit, which was founded in 2005, is one of the oldest social networks on our list, as demonstrated by its striking resemblance to old-school discussion forums. This obviously hasn’t harmed the platform’s capacity to recruit new users, as Reddit has continuously sustained a year-on-year MAU increase of 30%.

Whatever your hobbies are and where your passions lay, you’re almost certain to discover a like-minded group eager to welcome, teach, and mock you.

Reddit now has over 2.2 million subreddits. These are mainly autonomous groups with little moderation and intervention from the platform itself.

Uniqueness and self-promotion are prioritised by Reddit users above community and cooperation. As a consequence, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of Reddit before using it to advertise your company.

The most straightforward method to begin utilising Reddit for business is to utilise Reddit advertising.


Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

Firstly, WhatsApp is a messaging platform owned by Facebook that has over 1.6 billion users in over 180 countries worldwide.

And also WhatsApp, like other popular social media platforms, began as a way for users to connect with family and friends. Today, however, this social networking site also offers commercial possibilities.

Indeed, it has its own specialised WhatsApp business app.

This software enables small companies to create a company profile on the platform, which can then be used to offer customer assistance, interact with customers, and even send consumers purchase updates.

As your company grows, you may upgrade to WhatsApp’s Business API to get access to additional tools and capabilities.

Conclusion: Popular New Social media to get traffic on a website

In all seriousness, learning as much as you can about a platform to improve traffic on your website before advertising your business on it is essential to social media marketing success.

Certain platforms are more suitable for one brand than another to increase traffic due to differences in functions and features. At the same time, various legacies and cultures draw diverse groups of audiences.

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