Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic Website

Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic Website

We will discuss – top 10 feature Google analytics grow traffic. What are top 10 feature Google analytics? How this can help to grow traffic?

What is Google Analytics?

Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic

Google Analytics is among the best search engine optimization analysis and also monitoring tools on the market, providing you with information on how to improve your website for increased search traffic. It provides you with accurate information about your website users and their activities on your site. You’ll be able to monitor what people do on your website after they click a link in an email you sent them and also even beyond.

What are Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic

1. Get Detailed Insights

Setting up a Google Search Console account for your site is a simple way to see how it performs in Google Search. The findings you’ll find there, though, aren’t as detailed as those in Google Analytics. 

Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic

To get more accurate information about your search traffic, you can connect your Search Console account to Google Analytics.

2. Keyword Intent

The trick to better search engine optimization is to understand the intent of your website users. Before you start looking for keywords for your site or implementing some other SEO tricks to optimise your website, take a moment to evaluate if your website is drawing the correct traffic and delivering what your visitors want.

In a nutshell, you must consider keyword intent and also facilitate your guests in achieving their goals if you wish to draw the right visitors to your website and generate sales and revenue.

3. Profile Filter

As you now know that the Queries report in Google Analytics is the easiest way to see how well your website performs for specific keywords in Google Search, you can use it to see how well your website performs for those keywords. However, you’ll often discover that many queries are clustered together as (other). There are queries that are made less often or contain confidential or personal details, according to Google Analytics.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach for totally unlocking (other) keyword data in Google Analytics, having a profile filter will help you understand where the traffic is heading and if you need to dig further into other techniques. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to use this filter on historic data; it’ll only work on new visits.

4. Keyword Planner

If you want to increase the visibility of your product in Google Search, also you’ll need to figure out about different keywords users use to look for it. After that, you can customise your website with those keywords in order to drive more traffic.

Grow Traffic

The best keyword analysis tool is Google Keyword Planner, which will help you come up with potential keyword ideas. And Also Google Keyword Planner helps to identify new keywords that are closely connected to your existing ones to broaden keyword ideas that you want to rank with.

Also Don’t be afraid to exclude keywords that fall beyond a certain search volume threshold. This allows you to concentrate on a small number of keywords that are important to your business.

5. Referral Traffic

If your site has begun to receive referral traffic, you can keep an eye on those connections for future link-building opportunities.

If you see that someone has connected to a certain blog post, you can contact the blogger and also ask if they will be willing to connect to your product page as well. Alternatively, you might inquire about having your connection included in a weekly compilation post to gain even further visibility.

6. Landing Pages

You should also look at the landing pages, which are the first pages that the users see after clicking on a Google search result, to see if they have any issues that prevent them from moving on to other pages.

Analysing the landing pages study will show you exactly how your users interact with your website and also navigate through it. Holding an eye on engagement metrics will help you improve your search results now that engagement signals are ranking variables.

7. Site Speed Report

Firstly, Your website’s speed is a critical element that can greatly affect your business online. In their algorithms, also Google has started to prioritise page speed. The pace at which your website loads will have an impact on how the users view your brand.

Top 10 Feature Google Analytics speed test

8. Content Overview Repot

People come to your website or blog because of the information it contains. They’ll keep coming back for more if the material solves their questions, meets their needs, or even assists them.

As a result, it’s critical to determine which content is generating the most traffic. You can do this with Google Analytics Content Overview Study. Use it to discover the best-performing content and also spot trends.

9. Custom Alerts

It’s very likely that the search traffic will fluctuate often as Google tries to refine their algorithms. If your website has been affected by a recent algorithm upgrade, it’s always best to update before it’s too late, so you can take specific steps to correct the change as soon as possible.

Users can set up custom alerts in Google Analytics that will notify you when a big improvement like an algorithm change occurs in Google.

10. Mobile User Experience

The amount of traffic coming from desktop and the mobile platform is rapidly growing. 

Top 10 Feature Google

When planning a traffic policy, you can’t forget about smartphone devices. Using Google Analytics’ mobile report to learn more about the website’s mobile experience.

What are Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic

Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic

Above Top 10 Feature Google Analytics Grow Traffic

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