Top 10 Startups Going To Public In 2020 UK

Top 10 Startups Launched To Public In UK

In this article we will discuss, Top 10 Startups Launched To Public In UK. Businesses starting over but new beginnings aren’t always scary. Entrepreneurships sounds exciting to most people until it’s time to do the work! What most people don’t realize is that their journey of startup will easily be one of the hardest things they have ever done. 

Your days will be longer before they are shorter. The work will be heavier before it gets lighter. The business will move slower before it moves quicker. And the people that survive are the ones who learn to love the journey and embrace the process. 

Check out these startups launched Top 10 Startups Launched To Public In UK

1. One Trust

Top 10 Startups Going To Public In 2020 UK

It plans business software developed to assist users manage security, privacy and third-party risk. OneTrust Privacy Management Software helps firms keep records of how they collect and keep information. OneTrust Preference Choice is for marketers; it helps them to be clear in their engagement efforts and offer choices to their clients. OneTrust Vendorpedia helps to find any third parties and vendors, mitigating risk for owners by evaluating how safe they are to work with. The company is headquartered in the United States and the UK. 

2. Cazoo


Cazoo operates a digital platform from which users can buy used cars. They are the new main sponsor of the Players Championship, Tour Championship and World Grand Prix on the World Snooker Tour. Cazoo’s new technology allows customers to inspect a car from every angle on the inside and outside. Customers are able to buy their car entirely online and get it delivered to their door. Cars are fully cleaned and being dropped off, maintaining social distancing. 

3. Graphcore

Top 10 Startups Going To Public In 2020 UK

Firstly, It has developed a processor optimised for machine-learning tasks, and technology to facilitate artificial intelligence and machine learning applications both in servers and in the cloud. It also offers an open source machine learning structural framework in C++ and Python. It has offices located in the UK, the United States and Asia. 

4. Synk


It is a security firm that targets on evaluating and fixing vulnerabilities and license obligations in open source dependencies and also container images. It empowers software-driven firms with developer-first tooling and security depth to ensure safety and also security into their on-going development method. 


One of Europe's fastest-growing fintech's opening new offices in UK |  Pilcher London

This latest technology permits firms to process their payments online in multiple currencies, and also simplifies an antecedently prolonged process. The company now has 13 establishments around the world, in locations including the UK, Singapore  and also Silicon Valley. Its payments platform covers 150 currencies and domestic processing in nearly 50 countries.

6. Zopa

Top 10 Startups Going To Public In 2020 UK

Zopa bank aims to meet customers’ needs in areas where traditional banks fall down.  Investors in Zopa have their money spread across individual borrowers; one single borrower will never see more than 1% of one investors’ money. Zopa also enforces direct debit repayment and asks borrowers to sign a legal contract to mitigate risk. 

7. Revolut 

Revolut - The Wealth Mosaic

Revolut is a digital bank. It provides a number of banking and financial services through its digital platform, including prepaid debit cards, currency exchange, and also peer-to-peer payments. It allows customers to pay and withdraw money in more than 120 currencies, including 26 directly from its mobile app. 

8. iwoca

Top 10 Startups Going To Public In 2020 UK

He provides small businesses with a faster, more flexible alternative to banking finance, as their new technology quickly and also easily approves loans. It’s latest funding round was completed in February 2020. This year, iwoca launched iwocaPay to support small businesses impacted by lengthy and delayed payments from suppliers due to COVID-19. 

9. CMR Surgical

It is a producer of medical equipment for medical surgery. Their lead product, a surgical robot system, targets at improving patient outcomes by integrating into existing surgical workflows and minimizing the physical and also mental effort required from surgeons. Their motive is to provide the best quality of care for their patients. 

10. Truphone

Top 10 Startups Going To Public In 2020 UK

A global mobile network supplier, Truphone is a telecommunications firm operative in mobile infrastructure and also SIM technology. It connects quite a hundred ninety countries through its mobile network and permits multiple international numbers on a single SIM card, alongside services in mobile recording and also Internet-of-Things – IoT – solutions. 

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