Top 10 steps to rank your website on top of Google Search Results

10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

In this article we will discuss 10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

Below is 10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

1. Keyword Strategy

10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

The first move is to formulate an effective Google search engine optimisation plan. Many campaigns struggle before they ever get started because businesses and optimisers focus on keywords which are too large such keywords don’t drive sufficient traffic and are too challenging to bid for. Your target keyword list can begin long and then be narrowed down using analytics to find the right keywords for your company and websites to compete on.

2. Quality Links and Backlinks

For even better results try to Incorporate any high quality inbound links into your Google SEO approach. As other websites connect back to your website as a related reference in support of their content, inbound links are established. Obtaining links from manufacturer pages, retailer sites, and authoritative business sites will significantly improve the website’s search engine usefulness.

Although Google’s Penguin update penalised sites with a weak backlink policy, the Hummingbird update emphasised the importance of content ties and their effect on rankings. 

3. Blogs & Articles

Guest blog posts and articles are a great way to get your name out there on the top of Google search rankings. Guest posts are designed to benefit everybody. By contributing to their forum instead of your own, you get to introduce yourself to a whole different audience. The host site gets a decent piece of quality material, the users get yet another piece of knowledge important to their preferences, and you get to reveal your website to a whole new audience. By including a correctly positioned hyperlink back to your website, you receive a high-quality inbound link that will help your website rank higher in search engines.

4. Strategical Keyword Placement

10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

The effectiveness and traffic to a blog or post, as well as the overall traffic of a website, is dependent on strategic keyword positioning. It’s no longer enough to fill posts or blogs with relevant keywords at random and hope for better ranking in the search engine results as Google get more refined at analysis.

5. Optimize for Mobile Browsing

Phones and tablets are now more used by people rather than computers and notebooks, and also handheld applications are used for the bulk of local queries. As a consequence, Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly.

10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

Responsive design is suitable since it adapts to any screen size while maintaining flexibility. If you don’t have a sensitive website, there are several changes you can make to ensure that a smartphone device has the best experience possible.

6. Meta Descriptions (Top 10 steps rank website top Google Search Results)

A powerful meta description has the potential to improve your organic search results on Google click-through volume. This means that a higher percentage of people who visit your link in the search results can click through and also visit your other pages of the website, this simply means more traffic on the website.

Top 10 steps rank website top Google Search Results

7. Long Content

Longer content has been seen in studies to assist with Google search ranking. Per article one should aim for a word count of about 2000 words, with a minimal of 1000 words. This will eventually result in long-tail traffic, increasing the visibility of your website. 

Longer material not only aids in the inclusion of more keywords, but it also places a natural focus on detail. Longer text raises the credibility of an article, which ensures Google would consider it as more valid than a smaller and condensed text. Since long tail keywords are already associated with search habits, a longer text increases your article’s blogs and website’s ranking higher than others.

8. Google Business Listing

While the Google Business listing will assist with exposure, it can really go so far in terms of ranking. Optimize your Google company page for optimum exposure rather than making an unadorned listing and assuming it pops up for one or two results. The more material you have in your Google My Business listing, the further likely it is to appear on the first page of search results. Full Google My Business listings get 7X more clicks on average than incomplete listings.

9. Image Optimisation

Be sure that the file names for the images on the website contain the target keyword. Your focus keyword should also appear in the alternate text of your image. This would boost the article’s performance and give Google a better view of the article’s relevance.  Images are an integral part of every website because they make sites more visually striking while also providing useful information. improve as a result of optimising your photographs. In addition, Google image search would give the image another high ranking.

10 steps rank number 1 on google Search Results

Adobe Photoshop or GIMP can be used to optimise photos for your website. The bigger the images are in size, the slower the site will load. You can adjust the resolution without losing picture quality entirely, which will make your web interesting and also smooth.

10. Fix Broken Links

The broken link-building strategy entails locating broken ties on websites related to your industry. The main goal is to substitute the broken link with a live one that points to your content.  The substitute link content must be descriptive and beneficial to the target audience.

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