3 Ways Setup guide How to install C# .net framework on Ubuntu Linux:

Top 3 – How to install C# Csharp Dot net ubuntu linux setup

In this article, Top 3 -install C# Csharp Dot net ubuntu linux setup, What are common features of Csharp and 3 ways to install or setup Csharp .net or Csharp on Linux Ubuntu.

Windows’ most popular language is Csharp and it is mostly used in development of Desktop applications as well as a Web application. Another language like Java, Ruby, Python, etc support the desktop application but Windows, C# is most popular language for desktop application development.

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages (2004/2020)

Common features of C# language:

  • Most popular language on desktop application
  • Community support is very good
  • It’s an object-oriented language
  • Easy adaptable for Java developer
  • Support garbage collection, automatic memory management
  • A good language for game developers

3 Ways to setup or install Csharp .net (Dot Net) framework on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Online cloud solution workspaces
  2. Using Virtual Machine solution
  3. Using Wine App


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install C# Csharp Dot net ubuntu linux setup
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Let get started one by one

1. Online cloud solution workspaces

There are many ways you can code online through a cloud solution. This most the simple best solution for install or setup a C# .net framework online.

Below are the most popular online IDE solution for C# .net framework

1. Visual Studio Online which is powered by Microsoft Azure

install C# Csharp Dot net ubuntu linux setup


2. Cloud9 IDE powered by Amazon web service



3. Repl.it online IDE

install C# Csharp Dot net ubuntu linux setup

2. Using Virtual Machine solution

Using Virtual machine install on to the system, we can easily run windows and its software on Linux or Ubuntu

There two most popular Virtual machine is

  1. VirtualBox powered by Oracle (Free or premium both)
  2. Vmware machine

Our recommendation to install Csharp (C#) Dot .net framework on Ubuntu Linux is using a Virtual machine. It’s free and good for practice.

How to install VirtualBox?

Not event Untntu system its support multiple Linux system like Redhat, CentOS, Blackbox, Kali Linux, etc. Click here for guides’ official Virtualbox documentation.

Those whose faceing the issue, please comment below, We will personally send you a video for the same.



Using Wine App

What exactly Wine is?

Other solution to install C# .net on Linux Ubuntu is Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, example Linux, macOS, & BSD. 

  • Wine latest version is 5.0 which is a stable version
  • Wine 5.1 version which is in development.

The major disadvantage of Wine is it’s slow to download the OS, which is not good for the developer.

Download and configuration document ion is below:


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