Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

In this article we will discuss Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA. Firstly, Corporate law includes subjects related to business like capitalist possession, transferable shares and Mergers and Acquisitions. Corporate lawyers advise businesses for a combined experience of over many years of expertise. Also corporate law is that body of law handling the rights, relations, conduct of persons, companies, organisations and businesses. Corporate law offers many opportunities for anyone with flair for detail and also critical thinking. 

Check out these Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

1. Mark R. Figueiredo

Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

He represents firm owners in reference to their legal requirements. It comprises business development, corporate governance, corporate funding, buy–sell documents, stock option agreements, commercial contracts, intellectual property agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and general business counseling. 

He has published various articles in the San Jose Business Journal and also in the Silicon Valley Business Ink. Mark has additionally been a recurring guest on The Start Up Show on KLIV.

2. Eric A. Gravink 

Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

Serving a diverse range of clients throughout the greater San Jose metro and also surrounding areas, Mr. Gravink provides invaluable counsel and support to those who have legal needs involving any of the following:

  • Commercial real estate litigation and transactions
  • Corporate law
  • Business litigation

His clients range from outstanding property developers and holding firms to individual house owners, dealers and other real estate experts, in addition to judges, attorneys, accountants and well reputed public figures.

3. Bob Camors

Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

A revered attorney for over 33 years,  Bob Camors has successfully delineated clients and also businesses in various complicated legal issues. Also he is AV Preeminent* peer review-rated through Martindale-Hubbell, the best rating. He is represented as the main attorney in various trials and difficult civil cases.

Bob Camors built Law Offices of Bob Camors drawing attention on certain fields of business, corporate and also intellectual property litigation that include:

  • Business disputes and lawsuits
  • Contract disputes and lawsuits
  • Unfair business practices and unfair competition
  • Commercial disputes
  • Construction and contractor disputes
  • Commercial landlord-tenant, unlawful detainer and lease disputes
  • Business fraud

4. J. James Li

Top 5 Best Corporate Lawyers

His clients include individuals and businesses with a broad range of policies, including homeowners, renters, commercial property and liability, car and other vehicle owners and drivers, directors & officers liability, and also more.

He acknowledges what is at stake and offers his clients with solid recommendation and illustration that is grounded in integrity, large legal data, business-savvy cost-effectiveness and goal-oriented results.

5. Daniel J. Bergeson

Corporate Lawyers in San Jose USA

Mr. Bergeson’s experience includes all sides of a business trial follow focusing on securities and intellectual property litigation. Firstly, He has in-depth expertise in defensive securities cause and by-products lawsuits. Also he has solved several investigations on behalf of legal proceedings committees and audit committees. He has delineated officers and administrators in internal investigations and also SEC interviews.

Daniel J. Bergeson was chosen by Best Lawyers as “2013 San Jose Lawyer of the Year for Litigation – Intellectual Property.”  He is continuously ranked among Silicon Valley’s Top Attorneys in San Jose Magazine, and also has been marked as one of the Best Attorneys within the Bay Space by Bay Area Lawyer Magazine. 

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