Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

Here we will discuss Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks. Guest blogging is a simple concept: you provide material to someone else’s website in return for exposure and an external link. Guest blogging has grown to become one of the greatest SEO strategies for any website, from small blogs to big businesses.

It helps both parties, and your network of other bloggers enables you to make new connections that may come in handy in the future. It may also help you indirectly increase your visibility on social media networks.

Finding the appropriate website or blog, on the other hand, is a difficult job. Getting the ideal blog may be difficult with so many websites or blogs accessible on the market.

Here is a list that we have painstakingly prepared for you. We have selected unique blogs and websites for guest blogging that will come in useful anytime you decide to write a guest post.

Below is list Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

BrandUFO – 100% approval within 4 days and Also you can create DOFOLLOW Backlinks

Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

Here you can Write Anonymous Guest Post. This site having DR is more over 40+ and you are able to write any topic such as Entertainment, Tech, Sports, Business, Tips, Healthcare, Fashion, Stock etc.

Note: Make sure you will not post any content related to Porn, Viagra, sex, child abuse, race, etc. If the content is relate to that topic, your content will be delete.



CoSchedule is an excellent platform for guest blogging, with over one million unique visitors each month, over 800,000 email subscribers, and 100,000+ total social media friends and followers. They market every guest blog post they publish as if it was write by a member of their own staff. You can be certain that your material will be re-ad and will contribute to your authority as a recognize brand in the field.

Business Insider 

File:Business InsiderWikipedia

Business Insider covers a wide range of subjects, including technology and entrepreneurship.

They have also earned a reputation for being a trustworthy resource to which individuals from various sectors may turn for guidance.

While attempting to post here, ensure that you can provide expert-level assistance.



Copyblogger is a go-to resource for learning about online content marketing. A significant part of their goal is to make everything on their website and blog useful, current, and well-written.

Of course, your writing must meet or surpass these criteria in order for them to consider posting it on their site.



MarketingProfs was establish especially for individuals who work in marketing, therefore you must have a lot of knowledge in this field to succeed with a guest post.

This website welcomes both opinion columns and “how-to” articles, and it also publishes research summaries that condense the most essential aspects from polls, studies, and surveys for visitors to rapidly digest. An emphasis on particular tools, suggestions, and practical takeaways, as with most sites of this kind, is excellent.

Individuals, small groups, and large corporations may all benefit from MarketingProfs training programs, online events, conferences, and other free resources. They’ve been meticulously design to inspire you to increase productivity, generate successful marketing, and increase income. Companies such as Infosys, Penn Mutual, Navigant, and Kaplan rely on MarketingProfs to offer learning programs for their in-house marketing staff.

Global Grass Hopper


They are very friendly to travel bloggers. You will be give the chance to post your trip experiences on their blog for free. You may contribute information about your travels, gorgeous locations, luxury or one-of-a-kind hotel experiences, and much more. If it piques your interest, contact their editorial team; you’ll adore it.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is choosy about guest articles.

They only publish well-researched, comprehensive material that is well-written, and they have no intention of allowing guest articles to tarnish their current reputation.

So, if you do submit here, be patient and realize that if you are unfamiliar to them, you will need to demonstrate your writing skills and topic matter knowledge.

Social Media Examiner focuses only on social media and creative content. They write unique articles on how small and medium-sized companies, as well as busy marketers, may utilize social media and associated third-party technologies. Their articles include platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope, and Snapchat, as well as tools like dashboard solutions and those that monitor data or generate pictures, among other things.

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger offers regular news updates as well as practical advice for web designers and developers. It is a valuable resource that many people utilize, and it may help your company produce some good leads.

inc is a website dedicate to providing practical advice, services, and resources to small companies.

On their website, you’ll discover informative interviews with industry leaders as well as useful business articles. They even have a print magazine that is extensively distribute across the United States.

They only provide extremely basic instructions to contributors, however they do welcome ideas.



GoAbroad was establish to bridge the gap between students interest in studying abroad and companies who provide overseas programs. However, as the travel industry has advanced and access to opportunities to see the world has grown, their mission has evolved into much more than simply bridging the gap between travelers and organizations: they have created and changed over the past two decades to meet the ever-changing requirements of travelers, placing themselves as the resource for meaningful travel around the world.



Medium is a fantastic location to guest blog if you are interest in technology or science. This website covers a wide range of topics, from neurology to cryptocurrencies. You will have a high possibility of generating traffic to your site with over 120 million readers.



Mashable, which was found in 2005. It is the most trusted source of news in the digital and social media, technology, and online industries. With over 40 million monthly visits, it is the most famous news site, including breaking online news, trend analysis, website and service evaluations, and social networking tools and recommendations. Mashable’s audience includes early adopters,  public relations,  brands and businesses, technology,  journalists, social media enthusiasts, Web 2.0 enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, marketing, and advertising agencies.


Kissmetrics Behavioral Analytics Integration | CallTrackingMetrics

Kissmetrics displays statistics and data that reflect a company’s performance. It assists companies in converting visitors into brand loyal consumers while tracking traffic.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management welcomes case studies, reports, white papers, and in-depth essays, as well as book reviews, interviews, and other forms of content that provide innovation ideas and methods. This enables them to provide their customers with high-quality publication.


SEO-Hacker, founded in 2010, is a firm that gives three types of services: a blog, an SEO school, and SEO services. The SEO Hacker Blog’s mission is to offer the world with the most up-to-date information in the SEO industry. SEO Hacker School helps individuals who want to study SEO by providing advice and lessons. SEO Hacker’s, on the other hand, offers top-tier SEO services to customers seeking a better ranking in search engines.

iTech Engine

iTech Engine is a technology site that covers computer tips and tricks, hacking techniques, Windows and MacOS tricks and tutorials, free software reviews, registry changes, Ubuntu hints, and also other related subjects. is a website dedicate to the publication of high-quality editorial content.

Inkwell Editorial was create to provide guidance on how to establish and grow a freelance writing company.

It includes information on how to manage customers and projects, SEO strategies, and also more.

Hostel Bookers

They want to encourage others to travel and share the ideas and secrets they’ve learned over the years. As a result, they encourage tales that are instructive, unique, and distinctive. Guest articles may take any form: a top ten list, a series of advice, a narrative about a vacation experience, a local neighborhood guide – whatever works best for your audience.

Sports Networker

Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks is the number one online resource for Sports Business Professionals searching for the most up-to-date information on how to advance their sports profession.  Sports Sales, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Networking, Sports Marketing, Sports Events, Sports Technology, Sports Business, Sports Social Media, and also How To Land A Job In Sports are among the subjects cover.


Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

When it comes to guest writing, another great choice is TechCrunch.

Keep in mind that most TechCrunch articles at least mention investing and financing. The magazine does solicit guest articles, and they explain what they are looking for as well as their monthly themes in the “Got a tip?” area of their website.

You have the option of pitching a single article or attempting to become a regular contributor. Recognize that one successful pitch and post is usually the quickest way to become a regular contributor, so if that’s your ultimate objective, you may want to start with one post.

Give them a taste of something great, and they’ll most likely want you to keep writing for them.

Famous Bloggers

Famous Bloggers is a multi-author blog and blogger social networking platform focused on the inputs of its writers. They are fast spreading across various social networks and have quickly become a well-know and also trustworthy face for even those who are just getting start in the blogosphere. So, if you have ideas that you believe in, call out to them, and they will assist you in making them a reality.

Bakwas Marketing

Their headquarters are in New Delhi. They do, however, have workers all around the globe. They are regard as the best digital marketing firm in Delhi, India, due to their extensive expertise in the field. SEO Services, search engine marketing, content marketing, and also social media optimization are some of the online marketing services they provide.

Bigger Pockets

They provide information, tools, and a community of over 2,000,000 users to help individuals avoid errors, learn important insights, discover partners, deals, and funding, and make the best investment choices possible. BiggerPockets connects real estate professionals, newbies, and also everyone in between to obtain the information they need to reach their full potential.


Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

The Ethix Group of Companies was establish in India with the noble aim of improving the lives of patients by discovering, developing, and also selling life-saving goods at affordable prices. On March 5, 2000, Ethix started as a modest marketing company advertising pharmaceutical goods, then on March 27, 2007, it began producing formulations such as Tablets, Capsules, and Oral Syrups. They extend their product range and research & development as part of their unrelenting commitment to improve patients’ lives.

Ayurveda Master

Ayurveda Master grew out of a long-running Yoga and Kalari practice facility that has been in operation for almost five decades. They are a collection of Ayurveda practitioners, yoga gurus, and academics who aim to spread the word about Ayurveda and Yoga while preserving its authentic and traditional flavor.


Colossal is a worldwide platform for contemporary art and also visual expression that investigates a broad variety of creative disciplines. It’s been call the “Internet’s Tate Modern.” They take pleasure in supporting the work of both emerging and established artists via a consistent commitment to making art accessible to everyone, with an archive of over 6,700 pieces written by seven writers.

Sonic Bids

Top Websites Article Guest Posting for Backlinks

Sonicbids is the most popular music employment board. Over 25,000 music industry professionals search Sonicbids every day seeking artists to book for live events, licensing possibilities, press features, and other opportunities. Simply by joining up and also generating a free EPK, your brand will be display in those search results. Sonicbids members have had the opportunity to play at famous festivals and venues all around the globe, as well as having their music use in major TV programs and commercials.

Final thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, guest blogging is not extinct. Guest blogging is one of the most effective methods of implementing your digital marketing plan.

It is very competitive today, and rightly so; no one wants to take chances on content from guest posters that might harm their page’s SEO.

However, if you take the time to produce your finest work and publish it in the appropriate places, you will benefit much from guest blogging and the symbiotic relationships you will form with other industry leaders.

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