What trending technologies came in 2015 to 2021? iob 2021 2023

Trending Technology iob

In this article we will discuss Trending Technology Came 2015 iob 2021 2025.

How do you define technology? 

Technology refers to a collection of tools and also machines that are accustom to solve complex life problems. Technology can be define as the study of the man made world.

Trending Technology Came 2015 iob 2021 2025

Technology upgradation brings us greater scale of comfort and joy.

Here is a list of technological advances from 2015 to 2021.

2015: Amazon Echo

The most trending tech gadget of 2015 is Amazon Echo. It serves the dual purpose of being an assistant and speaker as well. Alexa can be your personal assistant too. Alexa can do various tasks like play music, get traffic and weather updates, smart light switches and also driving assistant apps. It can access audio streams from anywhere along with answering general interest questions.

2016: Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift One of the first VR headsets to prove that Virtual Reality could be an enjoyable experience. It is a gaming device that requires a gaming pc to run it. It can be a sensory overload to binge on high-intensity VR. Rift features an integrated audio system  designed to make one feel that they are somewhere else- providing you with a way of  space and also depth.

2017: Artificial intelligence (AI)

 The biggest Technology trends of 2017 was the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). It improved customer service experience.  It is the emulation of human intelligence in computers that have been train to think and also behave like humans. The aim of AI is to create a machine that has problem solving ability and also ability to act like humans. 

2018: Blockchain

Blockchain allows digital assets to be move electronically between counter parties as Transactions takes place on a shared digital public database. The record is maintain on a regular basis. The record is verified by all the computers involve in a chain of transactions and also helps in avoiding fraud. Also for business, blockchain holds the promise of technological transparency like Google, IBM, Disney, Apple has taken keen interest in this technology. 

2019: 5G

5G is the fifth generation Technology standard for broadband cellular networks, giving rise to new possibilities with unlimited boundaries. It aims to provide the ultimate experience for VR and also AR. 5G will expand the mobile ecosystem into new realms, with speed upto 100 times than that of 4G. 5G Technology is the new door to science and also communication.

2020: IoT

Firstly the Internet of Things are the billions of physical devices that are connect to the internet, around the globe. The number of IoT devices are more than 50 billion in 2020. Also, The basic elements of IoT are devices that gather data, All IoT devices have an IP address. It explains the chain of physical objects that are embedd with sensors, software’s. 

2021: IoB 

The Internet of Behaviour is a relatively emerging concept extended from IoT. IoB is us to understand data collected from user’s online activity and also meet their needs and preferences. Also IoB is gaining momentum, it is predict that by 2023, the individual activities of 40% of the global population will be track digitally to influence their behavior. 

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