What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress

What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions on What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress. So, today is the day I’m going to answer your question on how you are going to post an article on WordPress.

Wondering whether I am going to be useful for you or not. If I wasn’t then my article wouldn’t rank or also you wouldn’t have reached my article.

perfect way to post an article on WordPress

So, let me help you guys and show you the best and simple way to post an article on WordPress. In today date, many people have been started to write their own blogs and articles.

Whether they post related to travel blog, food blog, and etc. But, they don’t know how to use all the options of the WordPress plugins, SEO Yoast, and all.

So, today I am going to be a helpful person for them and will take them to all WordPress tutorials to make their life easier.
Lots of people want to learn how to create a perfect post using the WordPress feature.

Some might don’t need help, it might be easy for them. But there are people who are struggling with it. Also, the people who think that they are experts sometimes find out the hidden features that they never knew.

So, stick with me till the end to learn all about adding posts to optimizing them on WordPress. Starting with the beginner level with the default editor on What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress.

How to create a new post on WordPress using the default editor?

perfect way to post an article on WordPress

Gutenberg a new modern block-based editor was introduced by WordPress in the year 2018.
Besides, it’s an easy and simple editor. It comes with many backend features for its user. So, let me take you to its features and explain to you in more detail.

Adding Content and Content Blocks.

It comes with the block on the top for writing the title. It comes with a clean and easy interface.
To start with adding content, you need to first add a block. For adding a new block you’ll find many options on the screen. Select the one and add a new block. Also, you can add a new block by using the keyboard shortcut keys. The shortcut to add a new block is by typing the / to search and then add a new block.
All the content you want to write will come into this block. The block comes from all the common content of your blog or article. It includes galleries, widgets, paragraphs, images, columns, and a lot more that.

How to add images, videos, and media to your blog.

What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress.

For adding an image to your blog you need to add the image block. Then select the image to upload or just select the one which you want to add.
If you want to add text and image together, you get an option for adding text and image side by side. Just click on the “Media & Text”. With this you can add an image next to your text.
Also, WordPress gives you an additional option of a gallery block. You can add images in rows and columns in this gallery block. It will come with a grid layout.
Now coming on adding a video to your blog. For this WordPress give you an option of an embedded block for all popular providers.
Just find out the video which you want to add from youtube, copy its URL link, and paste it in the paragraph block.

Now the WordPress will automatically convert your link into the video that’s how easy it is.
Thinking of why don’t just add video directly to your blog. This is because this will slow down your blog loading speed. Also, if your blog is not optimized well then the SEO will not recommend your blog.
So, refer first to uploading on the platforms like youtube. This will not only optimize your blog but will also get you some extra views to your blogs from youtube. You can do this by redirecting the YouTube viewers to your blog.
So, try not to add a direct video to your blog.

Adding Categories and Tags to your blog.

WordPress provides you with an option to add categories and tags. By adding category this will help you to divide your blogs into the section. This also helps the user to find the blog they are searching for.

And SEO recommends adding the categories to your blog it’s good for it.
Also, adding a tag will help you target the people with the keywords.

How to add a feature image to a blog?

A feature image is what represents your content. It is considered to be the main image of your article. So, it’s good to add it to your blog to make it perfect. They will be displayed on the home page of the news, blog website, and magazines.
Let me tell you where you are going to find out the featured image option. You will find it on the right-side column of the post setting. Also, you don’t need to worry because almost all WordPress theme has the option of the feature image.
To add the image, click on the Set Feature Image, then you will get an option of whether to upload from the recent one. Choose one of them which you want, then after choosing and set it.

Also, I want to make you clear guys that the feature image is not the cover image. They are totally different from each other.

Adding Article Summary (Excerpts).

Excerpts are known as the article summary. You will find that most of the WordPress themes will itself put the excerpts from the first few line of your blog.
But, the excerpts put automatically by the WordPress theme are not always good or even SEO friendly. So, try putting the excerpts manually.
You can do so by adding the lines you want in the block provided by the excerpts.

Changing Blog Post URL Slug or Permalink

WordPress will use your blog title as the URL by default. It is recommended to be SEO friendly that will help find you out by the user.
But, some users will think of changing it. Rather make it more SEO friendly or SEO friendly. So, there are actually two ways to do that.
You can change it by clicking on Permalink present on the right side of, the post setting. Also, you can change it by clicking on the title, clicking on it you will find an option to change the permalink and then you can change it.

Changing Author

If you are like running a WordPress site with more than one user. You can change the Author for the WordPress site.
The option for changing the Author will be present on the right column named Status and Visibility.

How to turn On/ Off comments?

WordPress will provide you with an in-built commenting system where the user can put comments on your blog.
But, if you want to turn off comments on the individual post by clicking on the discuss tab in the right column of the post setting.
You and your blog can also get notified when you link them to an article. To do that you have to allow pingbacks and trackback.
But, I would suggest you to mostly not use that option. The reason is, it is mainly used for spam.

Options that will be added by a WordPress Plugin.

With most of the popular plugins in WordPress, you will be getting an additional option to the blog edit screen.
For example Contact Forums, WPforms in the form of extra blocks, and meta boxes.
Some plugins also provide you with an all-in-one SEO tool. They will provide you with one with the toolbar at the top, and the other in the form of a meta box.

Edit Screen Option

You can whether choose to show or hide panels. You can do it from the edit screen. Let me give you a guide on you will do that. You will see a three-dot appearing on the top right corner of the screen, and after that click on the option, button appearing on the downside.
Clicking on that there will be a pop on the screen where you can check and uncheck the panels.

Other options for post-editing.

You will find many other options on the post edit screen. They are mainly for editing the appearance of your blog and for the editor itself.
After clicking on the three-dot menu, you will see many of the options.

Some of them are the top toolbar to move the toolbar at the top, spotlight mode, full-screen mode, visual editor/code editor. mana all reusable blocks, keyboard shortcuts, copy all content, and etc.
Next to it is the option to show or hide the block and document sets.
Coming on the top left corner the first button you will see is a block navigation button. This will allow jumping directly on the blog you want.

Next to it is an information button that will show you the information of your blog like word count, paragraph, blocks, and heading.
After that, there is an option to undo your changes or redo your changes.
Next to it is an option to insert the block to the post editor.
So, after going through this you might have concluded that the default editor from WordPress is powerful and efficient to start with. Also, I have not mentioned all of the settings. So, explore more on your own.

What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress.

Now let me discuss with you What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress. WordPress edit screen is divided into two parts. One is the left part where you will write content for your blog. And on the right side, you will find the option to save a draft or publish the article. So, let me take you to the right column where you are going to find the publishing blog.

The first option you are going to find out is Save Draft. This option allows you to save your blog post like you want to go outside for a while and don’t want to lose the data, here this option will help you save all the changes.

The second option you are going to find out is a preview. This option shows you how your post is going to look.

Then comes the final option to publish the article. After, this your blog with go live.

You will also get the option to whether set your article public, private, or even password protected. This option will help you manage the visibility of your blog. So, you can also schedule the timing of posting an article if you don’t want to publish the article currently.

You can also choose to choose the position of your blog in your post list. If you want can adjust them at the top. Also, the pending option available will help you save the post for the latter. You can check out that your post is pending. As it will display to you that the post you have left is pending.

If you want to delete a post. Press on the button move to trash. This will help you move posts in the trash and WordPress will keep them in the trash for 30 days. So, if you change your mind and want to recover it you can do that.

So, finally guys we are done with the tips on What is a perfect way to post an article on WordPress. Let me know in the comment section how helpful did you find this article and also share this article with your friend. Also, put the like button on the post.

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