What is article duplication? How to get rid of this problem and what tools are required for that?

How to Get Rid Article Duplication Plagiarism Checkers

In this article we will discuss How to Get Rid Article Duplication Plagiarism Checkers. Article duplication is a challenge that search engines like Bing, Google etc. often face. Similar article content occurs at different website URLs and search engines don’t understand which URL to display in the results pages this a result of duplicate content or article duplication.

How to Get Rid Article Duplication Plagiarism Checkers

This can affect a website’s ranking and also the issue only gets worse as people connect to various versions of the very same content. This article will assist you in comprehending the different causes of duplicate material and determining a solution for each.



What is article duplication?

Any article content that is published on various website URLs across the internet is referred to as duplicate content. Since several URLs display the same article content the search engines are unable to determine which URL should rank better in the search engine results. As a consequence, they will place both website URLs on lower preference and give other webpages precedence.

Fortunately, this problem isn’t frightening and the cab was prevented. It’s really very simple to prevent article content duplication now that you have a full idea of what it is. Here’s how to prevent article content duplication and some tools to ease your work helping you avoid this taboo.

Article Duplication at its heart is an ethical problem. When a writer submits duplicate content, he or she is committing fraud with the intention of profiting from it. This is valid if you’re submitting a school paper in the hopes of receiving a “A” but not working as a professional writer for a living.

As an article or content writer one must avoid article content duplication at all costs because it jeopardises your credibility and integrity. It could cost you significant loss of professional references and potential career development opportunities, in addition to losing the confidence of your mentors and peers.


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Rewriting a source’s ideas or knowledge into your own terms without altering its context is known as paraphrasing. However, if done carelessly or incorrectly, paraphrasing can lead to article duplication or in other terms plagiarism. It’s a bit of a game to successfully paraphrase without plagiarising the content. Try and avoid including too many identical phrases, terms or words from the source when rewording and formatting your article. The trick is to do it without changing the idea’s context and rewriting the same content in other words. You should include a reference to the source since you are still using someone else’s idea.



Instead of repeating the source’s thoughts or phrases of others , think about what you might bring to the discussion. Consider what one-of-a-kind insight or point you might add to your writing that is completely your own. Remember that if you’re using a source’s ideas or vocabulary to make a point, you’ll always need to follow the rules above to prevent plagiarising. It’s easy to reuse a few of your previous terms if you’re working on the same subject for several assignments—this is known as “self-plagiarism.” If the author or your mentor didn’t give you the right to recreate your old work, the chance of self-plagiarism would be just as great.


How to Get Rid Article Duplication Plagiarism Checkers

Some words or sentences can stay with you so well while researching a subject that you unintentionally use them in your writings without a citation. If you’re unsure, an online plagiarism checker will help you spot these errors before you submit your work.

There are many plagiarism checkers available online, including one from Small SEO Tools. Grammarly also includes a free plagiarism checker that checks your text for plagiarised material. These tools will tell you whether bits of your content are plagiarised, and some will even highlight the problematic words or sentences and tell you where the text came from.


When referencing an idea or phrase that isn’t your own, include a reference in your writing that includes the source’s full name, the date it was written, and every other citation elements that the style guide requires.


How to Get Rid Article Duplication Plagiarism Checkers

If you use a source’s words verbatim in your prose, one of the most basic and obvious ways to prevent plagiarism is to surround the text with quotation marks to indicate that the words aren’t your own. A direct quote should have a source citation so that readers can see where the quote came from.

These tips will help you prevent article duplication or the duplication of your published content and are well worth the effort. Learning how to prevent article duplication, in addition to being more conscious about what constitutes plagiarism, requires regular practice.

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