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What is PHP 8? What new features are coming on that?

What is PHP 8? features in PHP 8 performance benchmark release date setup guide

What is PHP 8? What new features are coming on that?

PHP is a server-side scripting language and one of the simplest programming languages to understand and it is used to construct static and websites or applications. PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Pre-processor, which was formerly known as Personal Home Pages.

PHP 8 is now available! It was launched on the 26th of November, 2020. It’s a brand big version, which ensures it’ll have some breaking updates as well as a slew of new additions, functionality enhancements, and language deprecations. The JIT compiler is the most debated function of all of these. However, performance-enhancing features like JIT qualify to be highlighted, but syntactical enhancements are likely to have a greater impact on PHP practitioners, at least in the near run.

This correlates to PHP’s regular three-year term. Since PHP 7.1 support was removed, the replacement PHP 7.4 was available for around a year. PHP 7.2 functionality will also be phased out by the rest of 2020. Many PHP-based websites appear to rely on older models. While theoretically conceivable, it is not advised.

PHP benchmark details (PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2,PHP 7.3,PHP 7.4) and PHP 8.0 which is not officially announced but it showing result over here


Since PHP 8 is a big new version, old code can no longer be functional. The majority of the updates that may cause problems, though, were already resolved in the earlier versions 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. PHP 8.0 outperforms PHP 7.3/7.4. PHP is powered by nearly 65 percent of websites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress and many more on the list.

PHP 8 release date will somewhere 2021

Just-In-Time Compiler in PHP 8

PHP 8 has a range of improvements and enhancements mentioned below:

  • constructor property promotion
  • constructor
  • union types
  • match expression
  • named arguments
  • JIT
  • null-safe operator
  • error management
  • enhancements within the type system
  • superior performance
  • consistency
  • type safety and improved syntax


  • A new trailing coma in parameter lists RFC and closure
  • Variable Syntax Tweaks
  • Now considers name spaced names as one token
  • Throw is now another expression
  • Non-capturing catch
  • Allow ::class on other objects

If you have already maintained the code up to date, migrating to PHP 8 would be easy, even if the latest version is a big release with no backward compatibility updates. Keeping the website code up to date and upgrading to latest PHP versions has many advantages: new functions have greater variety, efficiency may be significantly improved, and protection loopholes are closed. 

PHP 8’s New Functionality

PHP 8 also includes support for union forms, which enable you to declare several types in your classes or claims. PHP also accepted two unique union forms prior to version 8: nullable and iterable. 

Types of unions 

Types that are mixed 

In PHP 8, a new pseudo-class, mixed, is added to the PHP type framework. This pseudo-type enables you to claim a property of several types without completely excluding type knowledge. 


The source code in a compiled language is translated to computer-readable code ahead of time. In contrast, interpreted languages translate the source code as it is implemented, which is even slower. PHP is an interpreted language, and many techniques have been used in the past to increase PHP efficiency. The implementation of the JIT compiler in PHP 8 is the most recent move in improving efficiency. 

method str contains 

The new str contains feature determines if a specified string includes another string.

Arguments Of Names 

Another new feature in PHP 8 is called arguments. You may now transfer an argument to a function depending on the name of the parameter with named arguments. This implies that the sequence in which the arguments are passed is meaningless, since the name would be used to evaluate the parameter. 

Expressions that complement 

The match phrase, which was implemented in PHP 8, is identical to the switch comment, but with a few enhancements: 

Since match evaluates to the expression’s outcome, you don’t need to recall to set any variable in each situation. 

There is no form bullying like in turn claims. 

Since an implicit break is inserted after each limb, you would not encounter fall through if you fail to instal one. 

In parameter lists, utilising trailing commas. 

This one is easy, but it is sure to please a lot of people! Parameter lists, including statement lists, can now be written without a trailing comma at the top. Another advantage is that it simplifies diffs when a parameter is applied. Just one line will be illustrated instead of two (adding a comma to the last parameter and the one with the current parameter). 

PHP is and will continue to be one of the foundational building blocks of web creation. PHP allows for stable and efficient software when paired with third-party frameworks. PHP frameworks are selected by developers based on their performance, security, advanced features, and degree of community support. With all of this in mind, it becomes simpler to test out forthcoming PHP functionality and create a web application in the same manner.

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