What is Scholarship Link Building

Most unique technique Scholarship Link Building

Here we discuss What is Scholarship Link Building? Most unique technique Scholarship Link Building. Schools, colleges, and universities are among the most prestigious institutions on the planet. Google has a positive opinion of these websites, describing them as dependable, reliable sources of information and bestowing high authority on them. This, of course, has a major impact on any outbound traffic from their websites.


A .gov domain indicates a government website, while a.edu domain may be use by any academic institution in the United States. Other nations have their own.gov and.edu domains, such as.ac.uk (United Kingdom),.ac.id (Indonesia), and.edu.au (Australia) (Australia).

When it comes to link building, you’re constantly trying to connect yourself with websites that Google favors. As a result, the scholarship link building approach was create.

How it help on Promotion?

Scholarship link building is creating a page on your website to promote a scholarship or bursary fund and encouraging learning institutions with.edu domains to connect to it from their scholarship portals.

For instance, if your website is about lawyers, you might set up a scholarship page that promises to cover a portion of a student’s legal degree.

When your scholarship page is up and running, you may contact different educational institutions with.edu domains and propose that they link to your scholarship page on their website.

Scholarship link building efforts have grown in popularity in recent years. However, the game has changed, and academic institutions are becoming more aware of this strategy.

Some may defend this approach by claiming that it is an excellent method to develop or build goodwill in the surrounding area.

However, as anticipated, scholarship link building takes time and money, but the reward is well worth your effort.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that this approach has been around for a long, it is often ignore and dismiss as dead.

However, several other SEO firms continue to include it as one of their most essential link building services.

There are a few significant considerations to make for anybody else considering implementing this possibly successful SEO boosting technique, which we shall discuss throughout this article.

So, we’re here to persuade you that this approach is still alive and well, and that it’s still worth your time and effort.

How does Scholarship Link Building function?

Scholarship Link Building

One may advertise a scholarship on a number of websites, and it will ultimately be pick up by colleges, towns, counties, and other government websites. When they post a link to your scholarship, you get an inbound link to your website, which boosts your internet visibility and helps your SEO.

This is mainly due to the quality of links — in the eyes of search engines,.edu and.gov links have more weight than regular.com or other top-level domain connections. This is the primary reason why so many companies and organizations provide scholarships. Their primary aim is not to assist students in need; rather, they seek to increase the number of connections to their websites.

Is it secure to use scholarships for link building?

Definitely. They have been utilize for link building for over a decade and are one of the more reputable methods of link development. The issue is that, although the aim is good, some businesses misuse this link building strategy and overdo it to the point that Google begins to ignore such connections.

Most company owners are unaware that every website has a backlink portfolio that contains all of the links pointing to it. The portfolio should contain the following items:

  • Dofollow links
  • Links from aggregator websites 
  • Social media links 
  • Nofollow links and
  • .edu websites, among others

When a website has an odd ratio of these backlinks, Google marks it as unnatural and investigates further.

Edu links will alert Google that you are conducting a link building program, which they do not approve of.

The Advantages of Scholarship Link Building

You get a tonne of free and high-quality material to post on your website

Many scholarship sites require applicants to submit an industry-related essay as part of their application. This manner, you’ll be able to identify a deserving scholarship recipient while also generating a plethora of fresh written material for your website. This will therefore assist to improve your overall SEO approach.

 It contributes to the improvement of your local SEO

The majority of educational institutions that choose to include a link on their website are typically local. When browsing for “.edu” connections, you are generally looking for universities in your area, thus being connect to institutions near your organization may assist improve your search position for local results. In addition, since your connection request is target locally rather than on a larger audience, institutions will be more tempted to accept it.

It improves your social reputation

Consider it this way: you will be assisting many people from underprivileged backgrounds in achieving their goals.

One can see how this would be a huge PR opportunity for your company. Although bearing the expense of a scholarship may seem intimidating, like with many other things, it is helpful to look at the broader picture and evaluate where this act would put you.

And, if done properly, it may develop into a full-fledged digital marketing campaign to highlight your support for education.

Is scholarship for link building still relevant in 2021?

A recent case study was conduct in the fourth quarter of 2018 to determine the impact of this approach. So, despite Google’s recommendations, a rogue set out to test whether this approach was still effective.

As a result, he created his scholarship page and conducted some research. He had 200 schools and connections to follow up with at the conclusion of this.

The experimenter here chose to send out 200 cold emails rather to put in the time and effort that might have resulted in greater outcomes.

He received 24 replies in all, with 12 of those 24 providing links to their scholarship website.

Due to saturation, the response rate has decreased, but it is still a respectable 6%.

Therefore, sure, it is still helpful in 2021 since even 6% may go a long way.

However, don’t be afraid to use this strategy to get backlinks through a scholarship link building effort in 2021.

Are The BackLinks DoFollow?

If a person first conceived of the concept of establishing connections with scholarships around ten years ago, university departments most likely did not know any better than to send DoFollow links to everyone who wrote them an email.

This method resulted in a lot of SEOs making a lot of money, thus it became a public service to some and a hidden weapon to others.

However, as we see it now, SEO is becoming more prominent and readily available to the general public, so many departments with websites are likely more familiar with some fundamental SEO.

They are also likely to be aware of Google recommendations indicating that you should avoid followable links to low-quality or irrelevant sites. Or, at the very least, they should be aware.

What effect would these links have on your SEO?

Scholarship Link Building

One may not be aware of this, but External backlinks are includ in 99.2 percent of all top Google results.

You understand the importance of backlinks in fighting competitive keywords. However, you must not overlook the context and anchor tests.

The position of your link on the page is very important. The higher it is, the more valuable it is.

In-content links also outperform roundup/sidebar/directory type links. And whether or not the page is related to the link is important.

As may be observe, most scholarly connections are of the directory/round-up kind. In the worst-case scenario, this may result in a penalty for your website.

In the end, this is a clear indication of “link schemes,” and it violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Furthermore, the domain authority and reputation of prominent college websites are likely to mitigate some of these effects.

However, for a few of the more obscure institutions, the connections may be discard or ignored entirely by Google’s post-Penguin 4.0 algorithm.

Finally, since Google has ceased penalizing sites and pages for having low-quality connections, one cannot believe that Penguin 4.0 had no effect on these kinds of links.

Can you Obtain links from reputable universities and colleges?

As can be see, the majority of these efforts seem to be aim at smaller institutions. These are often community colleges, foreign or religiously based institutions, and so forth.

You’re undoubtedly wondering whether you’ll be able to get very high authority backlinks from reputable colleges in 2021.

 The majority of renowned institutions have changed their approach to external scholarships on their website.

So, according to this study, not only can you obtain backlinks, but you can also get backlinks from extremely high-profile institutions with a lot of domain authority to spare.

The scholarship link building concept and method

What is Scholarship Link Building?

Initially, you must establish your objectives. Your scholarship, like any other marketing effort, should have a goal or end goal that explains the means.

So, apart from the cool “.edu” referring domains, what are your secondary objectives for the scholarship?

These objectives will determine the format of your scholarship applications as well as the scope of your engagement. Your objectives may include written material, video content, brand recognition, and so on.

Next, you should make your scholarship public. This includes putting up your scholarship documents and publishing them on your website.

This involves having a scholarship landing page that describes the scholarship in depth and gives a broad summary of the entry criteria, prizes involved, and submission date, among other things.

You should also provide a link to the legal element of the scholarship on the landing page. This refers to the clear and easy-to-understand submission requirements document that has been approve by your legal staff.

Finally, you should start compiling your list. List generation for this technique is more simpler than for other types of link building.

Many colleges make it simple to find their financial assistance website. So, all you have to do is compile a list of all the schools in your targeted region. You should contact traditional scholarship sites.

The next step is to draft your outreach email.

In this stage, you must keep your emails brief and to the point. While doing so, be cert-ain that you provide all of the information need by financial aid offices in order for your scholarship to be post.

Eventually, you’ll need to do outreach, which will include creating links and adding additional columns for school information, contact information, outreach notes, and link metrics. After that, choose your winners and advertise for a few more links.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks?

What is Scholarship Link Building?

So, the advantages of this method include, but are not limit to, the fact that it generates a lot of traffic, that it can be utilize to enhance awareness and credibility, and that it leads to a higher ranking in Google search engine results.

  • It also aids in the quicker indexing of your page by Google.
  • Ultimately, successful link development generates high-quality traffic.

Now for the drawbacks.

We can’t tell you it’s all fun and games since there will be hard moments and hurdles to overcome.

  • The drawbacks include the fact that it takes time, reciprocal links may steal your traffic, and you can be punish by Google if you do not utilize it correctly.
  • It may also result in inbound links from low-ranking sites, which will have a negative impact on your results.
  • Finally, it is prohibit if done excessively.

Even if scholarship connection building has drawbacks, we think the rewards far exceed the drawbacks. As a result, we still suggest that you board that train.


While we agree that this approach requires a lot of trial and error, we believe that following a step-by-step plan of action while launching your campaign will provide the greatest results.

As the article concludes, scholarly link creation is less expensive than purchasing connections outright. It also requires much less blood, sweat, and tears than a more difficult method such as the skyscraper technique.

Many companies even claim that the connections will see insignificant and will not be pick up in the rankings at all. But, as there will be, we respectfully disagree.

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