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What is the P2P website e-commerce distributed application architecture

Firstly we will dsicuss What is the P2P website e-commerce distributed application architecture. P2P stands for peer to peer. P2P is the concept of computer networks where each network is connect via the internet.

In a simple way, the P2P website is nothing but a network distract application architecture to reduce the workload on the website and  peer to peer e-commerce

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How P2P website work?
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Peer to peer p2p website uses distributed application architecture that partition the workload into peers. For instance: there is a total of 2 pizza, one person can cut one pizza in 10 seconds, it will take 20 seconds to cut those 2 pizza. If that work is divide into 2 people then 10 seconds will take to cut those 2 pizza. This is how peer to peer p2p websites reduce their workload by peer workload. Peers are equally privilege, equipotent participants in the application. So it calls peer to peer in a short p2p website (p2p e commerce).

What distributed application architecture?

P2P uses distributed application architecture for peering. Microservices architecture also uses same kind of concept by diving working small-small services. Like Amazon using 2 pizza rules so they can easily manage their product like peer to peer ecommerce. 

P2P website list?

There moreover thousands website is make of p2p website architecture protocol.
Eg. DeviantArt, Reddit, skype

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