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What is the webmaster of Google or Bing? How to submit website on Google and Bing webmaster

What is the webmaster of Google or Bing? How to submit website on Google and Bing webmaster?

Google has given us a manageable tool called Google webmaster tool to understand how it sees your site, what problems might be hitting your traffic and how you can improve the site for better rankings and results. As we see the internet is a crowded place, this is where the search engines become easy to handle. 

What is the webmaster of Google or Bing? How to submit website on Google and Bing webmaster

Google and Bing webmaster tool helps in the first steps to define market strategies, assessing acceptance and performance of marketing strategies in the online environment. It is an indicated tool to monitor your website performance. Google webmasters rebrands as Google Search Central.

Google webmaster guidelines

  • Make a website or landing pages for customers, not search engines. 
  • Never deceive your users.
  • Make sure not to deceive search engines with any unhealthy tricks
  • Think about how to make your website unique and valuable. 

Bing has its own webmaster which provides a wider scope to rank on its search engine under its own algorithms.

Bing webmaster tool permits website verification through google search console. Bing does reach out to webmasters with search issues. Bing webmaster tools provide competitive link data. A new feature is named ” similar sites” and it lets you compare your site’s backlinks to another site.

Bing webmaster guidelines

  • Keep page titles clear and relevant.
  • Page speed is vital, beside a positive, useful user expertise.
  • Use ALT attributes to describe images.
  • Social influence and social shares are positive signals helpful for organic run.
  • Links are regarded as an indication of recognition and bing reward links that have grown organically.

How to submit your website to google

XML sitemap lists a website’s important pages. It makes sure that Google can find them all, conjointly serving it to know your website structure.

  1. Locate your XML sitemap. 
  1. Add your sitemap to Google search console.

By opening Google search console, move to index and choose sitemaps. Paste your sitemap URL and hit submit. 

You can check if your site has successfully submitted and indexed by using the search command “site:”  Simply type site:

You can use it either on the homepage or internal pages of your site.

How to submit your website to bing

While submitting your site to bing, it automatically gets submitted to Yahoo additionally as a result bing feeds Yahoo’s internet  search index.

If you have already created your account in bing webmaster tools you can simply go to Submit URLs in the Configure My Site section to submit your site to Bing.

If not, follow these steps to submit your website to bing. 

  1. Open the Submit Your Site to Bing form.
  2. Type within the address of your website’s home page or the precise page you would like crawled.
  3. Enter the CAPTCHA text you see displayed, then choose to Submit.

Other way to submit side map on Google

  1. Visit here
  2. Enter your website URL
  3. Download your sitemap file
  4. Upload on your hosting / root folder
  5. Create Robot.txt file and upload on to the / root folder on hosting

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