What Makes iOS Applications More Popular Than Android

What Makes iOS Applications More Popular Than Android

Here we discuss What Makes iOS Applications More Popular Than Android. There are several reasons for the Android platform being a more sought-after platform than the Apple platform. If this is true, ask yourself what makes users stick with iPhones and iPads that run the iOS. Apple users love the overall functionality and security features that iOS offers. This is what makes Apple unique, and the tradition of dependability follows along with iOS applications.

You may say it’s all to do with the brand or the status. However, vanity has got nothing to do with it. Several things make iOS a far better option than Android, and here let us elaborate on them.

What Makes iOS Applications More Popular Than Android

1. Contactless payments.

Google Pay works well. However, it is quite convoluted. In most smartphones, it isn’t even pre-installed. Nowadays, it feels safe the service is not getting much attention, even from Google itself. On the other hand, Apple Pay seems like a relatively more polished option in comparison with other such apps and services. The service works without a hitch across Apple’s smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, etc. Even credit card companies and banks support and prefer Apple Pay over most such services.

2. Resale value.

Although the Apple iOS is not as affordable as most Android phones, it does have a market advantage over most of its competitors. iOS devices have a far better value than Android products, even after prolonged usage. It is simply for this reason that you get a far better resale value for your device when you wish to switch or upgrade to a better version. Since Apple devices are popular, it is only natural that this sale is much faster than most other Android handheld devices. This is another reason why iOS applications are more popular than Android.

3. Vehicle features.

Many users will have tried the Android Auto, and the Apple CarPlay have always said that they keep going back to the latter. Some have even mentioned that they carry an iPhone just to use CarPlay. The Apple alternative always has the icons arranged neatly. You may even move around the icons to show that your favorite apps are easily accessible, just like the iOS on a phone or tablet. Although some things have been rearranged, the user experience remains more or less similar to the other devices of Apple. This is what makes iOS Applications more popular than Android.

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4. Strong integration.

In recent times integration is something where both iOS and Android have become almost equal. Google has become much better at integrating its services across devices, making Android a strong competitor to the iOS platform. However, Apple products have been strongly integrated with FaceTime, iMessage, and even iCloud. Google services have a learning curve. Also, they don’t feel as intuitive as the iOS services.

5. Super simple.

Although Google has been getting better at making Android a more intuitive platform, it is still a little confusing, making it far less enticing. The settings are endless, and it cannot be fully customized, random icon placements and displays cannot be controlled, there is an inconsistency between phone makers since Android doesn’t look the same on every device. All this leads to a more complex learning curve for the user. Apple’s simplicity is what makes iOS a more appealing option for users.

6. Apple air tags.

iOS has proven itself to be far better than Android regarding Bluetooth tracking. iOS devices have far better coverage wherever you are. Android services are customized by different companies to better suit their own devices rather than the entire Android Market. This is where Apple and its iOS create a huge difference. Although Apple air tags can be tracked only by Apple devices, it is easier for Apple devices to track these Apple air tags more easily. Usually, this is the effect of proximity between these Apple air tags and other Apple devices, which is quite common most of the time.

7. Fantastic support.

Apple care is more expensive than any of its Android counterparts. However, claims for iOS devices are easier. Usually, it takes less than an hour to walk out of an Apple store with a new device in your hand. Also, Apple’s retail stores have a signature look and a very different approach to customer support. Their open-plan design is what will attract you more. All this has led many other competitors to copy the look and feel of Apple stores and support.

8. Security.

Although Google security updates have become more consistent recently, the iOS security measures have always been very strong. Even now, iOS security gets the upper hand for Apple. iOS provides updates for all devices and a closed ecosystem, thereby making it more difficult to access. The iOS App Store is also far stricter than any Android App Store. Attackers need to sweat it out when they target any iOS user full stop.

9. Regular and timely updates.

iOS does a far better job than Android when updating its software. All you need is for your iOS device to qualify to get the latest update. As soon as it’s launched, it gets installed on your phone. Of course, this may mean that your device is old and cannot handle the resource-intensive iOS versions. However, in most such cases, your device is significantly older. Most of the time, these updates run on most Apple iOS devices. This is one of the important things that makes iOS Applications more popular than Android.

10. Better performance.

It is no secret that iOS is generally faster and smoother than any Android version. Whether processors used by Apple are better than the ones used by Android phones is a completely different discussion altogether. The iOS platform is optimized to work seamlessly over the comparatively fewer devices that Apple makes. The OEMs are expected to optimize the Android software to run seamlessly over the respective hardware, but they do poorly. Apple is always upgrading to perform far better.

Conclusion: What Makes iOS Applications More Popular Than Android

Although we keep wishing that iOS should do a lot more things than we want them to do, we have to agree that Apple does many things correctly. The above discussion proves why iOS applications are more popular than Android counterparts. Even developers always have Apple high on their priority lists, and this is why they roll out updates faster and more consistently for Apple devices.

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