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Welcome to Coresumo Technology today we’re going to talk about the WordPress Free Themes Lite Weight SEO Friendly To Buy picked for you. So, let’s not waste time and began with it.


wordpress free themes

Genesis must be the most well- known WordPress theme fabrics and for good reason. The large number of high- quality child themes available for the frame has helped make it a great success. But, for those in the request for an especially SEO-friendly WordPress theme. It also has lots of attributes that help make it a top choice.

Thanks to its fast lading times, clean and responsive law, and simple but stoner-friendly runner layouts. A website erected upon this frame stands a great chance of ranking well in the hunt machines. And also offering a positive stoner experience to your callers. This also includes him in the list of wordpress free themes.

While you won’t be overwhelmed by a huge point list as is the case with some other WordPress themes. With the Genesis Framework you get all the rudiments in one easy-to- use package.

11.Essence Pro

wordpress free themes

Essence Pro is an SEO-friendly theme for WordPress websites covering health, heartiness, and life motifs.

The dereliction design of the Essence Pro homepage layout has lots of space for you to display inspiring images to your callers. And also panels that enable you to promote your featured blog posts. This includes a wharf runner template to help you promote an offer to your followership. As well as multitudinous different blog and runner layouts. This includes him in the list of wordpress free themes.

As this theme was erected to take full advantage of the rearmost interpretation of the WordPress editor. You can use the blocks of the new interface to add a range of layout and content rudiments to your posts and runners. While Essence Pro doesn’t come with a drag-and- drop runner builder plugin. It does work with all the stylish tools of this type to help you customize your website and its content.


wordpress free themes

SociallyViral is an emotional-looking theme that has been erected to help your website. And its content get as numerous social shares as possible.

As hunt machines like Google are said to use the fashion ability of a website. On the social networks to determine where to rank that point in their rosters. Planting a fast- lading theme that can increase social shares is a great way to ameliorate. The overall SEO standing of your website.

With a clean layout that focuses on content donation, alongside the addition of seductive share buttons. You can fluently let hunt machines know how popular your website is, thanks to all the social shares it generates. The hand you may also like’ section displayed at the end of each post will help keep your compendiums. On your point for as long as possible, dwindling brio rates and perfecting time on- point criteria. This includes him in the list of wordpress free themes.

SociallyViral is a fast- lading featherlight theme that’s ideal for frequent bills looking to influence social networks. For maximum exposure and all the SEO benefits that delivers.


wordpress free themes

GeneratePress is a popular option when it comes to general- purpose themes that are SEO-friendly.

One way that this theme can make your website further SEO-friendly is its small footmark. Thanks to its clean and minimum codebase, GeneratePress should load veritably snappily in its dereliction state. For redundant SEO points, the HTML of GeneratePress has been validated and everything is availability-ready.

GeneratePress also provides a set of seductive templates that can help you speed up the process of launching your new website. The templates can be edited with the Beaver Builder and Elementor tools, both of which are available in free performances. As well as customizing your point at the runner position with these plugins, you can also epitomize its overall appearance. Through the settings, changing the sources, colors, and layout structure of your point is veritably straight forward. This includes him in the list of wordpress free themes.

GeneratePress and its templates are largely mobile-friendly, too, helping to earn you redundant SEO comity. While also delivering a positive stoner experience for your callers. You can snappily produce a separate mobile title for your website that makes your point easier to browse on smartphones. As well as disabling specific rudiments that might be a interference to those penetrating your point on lower screen bias.


wordpress free themes

X has come one of the best- dealing WordPress themes at the popular ThemeForest business.

The X theme package includes over a dozen decoration WordPress plugins created by the X platoon. To insure they work seamlessly with your website. As you can choose which of these fresh features to spark on your website. You can be sure there’s no gratuitous law running to decelerate your point down. This helps ameliorate those each-important lading times for a lesser overall SEO score and better hunt machine rankings.

Other SEO conditions X checks off the list include clean law, the use of semantic HTML5 luxury. And lots of features and rudiments for bettered click-through rates and a reduced brio rate. This includes him in the list of wordpress free themes.

Still, without harming the SEO- benevolence of your website. X is a great choice that’s only getting better with time. If you want a truly multipurpose WordPress theme that’s packed with features and possibilities.


wordpress free themes

Schema ticks all the boxes when it comes to shopping for an ultra SEO-friendly WordPress theme. As point speed is so important for using SEO to get a good ranking in the hunt machines. It’s great to know that Schema was one of the quickest lading options. In our recent test to find the fastest WordPress themes.

Other credentials that make Schema one of the utmost SEO-friendly themes include full support for rich particles. That help make it clear to search machines what motifs your content covers and where they should rank it. You’ll also find the capability to display reviews and conditions information. In the hunt machine results runners, and of course clean and quality law.

On top of all that, with the Schema theme. You also get a great- looking design that works just as well on a large screen desktop examiner. As it does on a smartphone display. The erected-in review system, lots of customization options. And a library of short codes ready for use all help to make this a veritably emotional theme.

With two main configurations to choose from. Schema is a protean WordPress theme that takes care of all your SEO- related worries. Helping you to get further business to your website.


Pofo is a hunt machine optimization-friendly WordPress theme with a stunning design. Created for erecting nearly any type of website with WordPress. The 210pre-built point demonstrations of Pofo make it one of the most protean SEO-friendly WordPress themes available moment.

Still, you ’ll be please to learn that this theme includes a important drag-and- drop runner builder tool. If you can’t find the perfect rally for your website. Thanks to the decoration WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You can fluently acclimate the pre-built rally content or produce your own unique homepage and inner runner designs from scrape. All through a front- end drag-and- drop stoner interface.

Pofo has is also erect to take full advantage of the WordPress Customizer interface. Giving you full control over the visual settings for your website. Now you can acclimate the global settings that cover parcels like the sources, colors, layouts. And other options for your point at the touch of a button. Other useful features of the Pofo WordPress theme include great social media integration options, custom sidebars and contraptions. As well as under construction and conservation modes that can be use while you work on your new website design.


wordpress free themes

TheGem has been design with SEO in mind. And delivers everything demand to help your website rank in the hunt machines.

With a focus on fast lading times, mobile- benevolence, and secure law. TheGem clearly checks all the boxes when it comes to laying the foundations of an SEO-friendly website. The fact that your website will integrate with leading hunt machine optimization plugins like Yoast SEO. If you choose TheGem is another else point this theme has going for it.

With over 100 website demonstrations that are ready to be import into your WordPress point in just a many clicks. TheGem is ideal for a range of systems. From blogs and business homepages to eCommerce stores and hostel reserving websites. The pre-built website content from TheGem is ready for any challenge. The emotional selection of customization options and settings. Not to mention decoration web design plugins similar as WPBakery Page Builder. Makes it easy to add some of your personality and branding to TheGem demonstrations.

4.SEO Crawler

SEO Crawler is a largely customizable SEO-friendly WordPress theme with a professional design. Choose from six completely- feature website demonstrations, each of which can be import into your point in just a many clicks.

Thanks to the features of the GoodLayers runner builder tool, you can snappily produce custom designs for your content. The tool also includes a useful selection of modules and rudiments that fits into your designs and customized to fit in with the rest of your point.

SEO Crawler has lots of other features to help you produce a custom SEO-friendly website, including 19 unique title designs, a detailed set of theme settings and options, Google Sources integration, and nine different portfolio layouts. Thanks to this and the drag-and- drop runner builder, you can produce a bespoke website without having to edit any law.

As one of the stylish SEO-friendly WordPress themes, your website should load as snappily as possible with this theme. Your point will also be completely mobile-responsive to accommodate smartphone and tablet druggies, while also pleasing Google at the same time. SEO Crawler is compatible with Yoast SEO, the leading hunt machine optimization plugin for WordPress, helping you to do all you can to insure your website is well- rank on the results runner.


The7 is another point- pack multipurpose WordPress theme that still manages to deliver fast web runner lading times for increased SEO- benevolence.

With The7, you get two main design modes to choose from to apply to the appearance of your website. Both options are high quality and, combine with the in- depth customization options, give you plenitude of choice when it comes to bodying the way this theme is use on your website.

The7 also includes numerous of the most popular features and tools available in web design moment. This includes integration with the WPBakery runner builder tool, two decoration content slider plugins to make use of, restatement and multilingual readiness, and a large number of pre-built runner layout arrangements to choose from when setting up your website.

All these great features and options, combined with a fluid and 100 responsive layout, help to give you access to a veritably SEO-friendly theme without missing out on any of the rearmost trends in WordPress web design.


Divi is a best- dealing WordPress theme that have erect with SEO in mind. Divi comes with a growing selection of pre-built website packs that cover nearly every type of point imaginable.

Still, and you ’re also looking for a theme that’s pack with features and pre-built content, also Divi from Elegant Themes is hard to beat, If you want to insure that your website has every chance of being plant in hunt machines like Google. As this theme is regularly streamline, you get asurity that the design of your website will be optimized for hunt machines according to the rearmost SEO trends and guidelines.

Still, the important Divi Builder tool is integrate into this theme, If you need to customize the design of your point. You can just as fluently produce your own custom runner designs from scrape, including the capability to fit a wide range of customizable modules and rudiments into your content.

With pre-built templates that cover all types of systems, there’s a good chance you ’ll find a suitable design with Divi.


Astra is another SEO-friendly WordPress theme that uses to produce nearly any type of website.

Thanks to comity with some of the leading runner builder plugins for WordPress, as well as being erect to make full use of the WordPress editor, Astra is a largely customizable theme that really use for launch nearly any type of website. Among the available options are designs for creating eCommerce stores, online course platforms, and academy websites, plus numerous other more common systems similar as creative portfolios, business spots, and a wide range of blogs.

The templates have been create to work with the Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Elementor runner builder plugins. So while the pre-built templates do look good, they can each be fluently change to suit your branding or website pretensions.

You can also make numerous changes to the appearance of your point using the theme settings and options. So if you don’t want to edit the individual templates directly but, still like to insure that your website has the right overall look for your business or particular style, nearly everything can be acclimate when using this theme.

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